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Chapter 54: In Place

And these secrets must also have something to do with “Death Show”.

Su Min watched Xu Jian fumble around here and there. He appeared to be looking for something and he didn’t seem scared.

Li Chi Yu said: “If we go out, he will definitely run. If he happens to be a long-distance running athlete, we won’t be able to catch him.”

He felt that they shouldn’t let this man run off.

According to Su Min’s words, there was definitely something wrong with this person. Perhaps he had made some secret deal with the evil boss.

Su Min said: “Lets split into three.”

They would separate as soon as they come out and approach him from three sides. With just one of him on the other end, it was impossible for him to run.

The most important thing was, how could a male and female protagonist not be able to catch a cannon fodder?

If they couldn’t then wouldn’t this horror movie just be about the male and female protagonists running for their lives until the very end? Just the thought of it was unlikely.

Xu Jian didn’t seem to have noticed their presence.

When Su Min went out, he took the left side and, because Le Ling was a girl, they made her take the centre and Li Chi Yu was responsible for the right.

Ahead of them, several small dirt mounds were hidden amongst the black fog.

When they were about to approach, Xu Jian just happened to turn around and meet Su Min’s eyes. After being stunned for a few seconds, he reacted strongly and started to run.

Su Min quickly chased after him

He didn’t expect Xu Jian to be so fast. Like a monkey, he ran and jumped everywhere. It didn’t take long for a large distance to form between them.

Su Min rarely exercised. He could be said to be very average at running.

Li Chi Yu couldn’t catch up. Seeing that there was just a few metres between himself and Xu Jian yet being unable to catch up, he was frustrated: “Why is he so fast?!”

Le Ling on the side threw a rock which hit Xu Jian directly on his back. He collapsed onto his knee.

But Xu Jian quickly recovered and once again increased the distance.

Seeing that Xu Jian was about to run out of their range of capture, Su Min quickly threw the weapon in his hand out.

That weapon was something he had pulled out earlier and fortunately he didn’t throw it out. At this moment, it had come in handy.

Xu Jian heard the noise. When he turned back, he saw the thrown stick coming his way, but he felt that it wouldn’t reach him.

He laughed loudly, “Dream on if you want to catch me. I used to be the first in the school for the 1.5km run.”

Su Min was made speechless by his provocation.

Li Chi Yu on the side shouted: “It’s bent! Bent!”

That stick that was thrown out had just changed its trajectory. Like there was no gravity acting on it, it smashed onto the back of Xu Jian’s head.

Xu Jian cried out in agony.

Su Min: “…………….”

What should he say?

Li Chi Yu was stunned: “It can work like that?”

What was that? He clearly saw that the thing thrown out was going to fall behind Xu Jian but the next minute it managed to hit the back of his head.

Su Min said: “……….Probably just luck.”

He didn’t want to tell Li Chi Yu that the reason it hit Xu Jian was because there was a ghost who caught it.It then chased after him with it raised above its head and then proceeded to smash it onto Xu Jian’s head.

Xu Jian cried in agony and fell to the ground.

Su Min looked at that disappearing ghost and felt complicated inside.

This was something that definitely wasn’t done by Chen Su. He was even a little suspicious that the ghost was one of Chen Su’s underling.

Le Ling glanced at Su Min.

Although Li Chi Yu felt that something wasn’t right, the result was good. He stepped forward and grabbed hold of Xu Jian.

Xu Jian struggled: “Let me go!”

Li Chi Yu said: “If you answer our questions, we will let you go.”

Xu Jian didn’t expect that Li Chi Yu, despite looking so young, was pretty strong and he couldn’t break free. He thought about it and could only agree with his request.

Su Min came over and picked up the stick.

Le Ling asked: “Why did you run after seeing us?”

Xu Jian said: “I thought you were going to take me back. I don’t want to go back and watch that kind of performance. I’m too scared.”

His explanation was very reasonable. It was logical. The only thing that wasn’t right was that his expression and his answer was completely different.

Su Min said: “Your girlfriend disappeared on the first night at the hotel, but you didn’t act any different the second day. Do you have anything to say about that?”

Xu Jian didn’t expect anyone to recognise him.

He thought no one would pay attention to who’s who in this kind of place and he had also arrived late at night. How could he have been seen?

Seeing Xu Jian’s expression, Su Min could tell that he had asked the right thing, “You already knew that something would happen to your girlfriend.”

Li Chi Yu was shocked by this question.

Xu Jian wanted to deny it but he saw the thing in his hand: “………I brought her here. What’s wrong with that? That has nothing to do with you. Her death also is none of your business.”

Su Min said: “…….I don’t want to care about it.”

He just wanted to know the answer.

Le Ling snorted and said: “If you don’t speak the truth, we’ll beat you. You’ll eventually spill once we’ve hit you enough.”

Before Xu Jian could answer, Le Ling smashed his face with a rock.

Li Chi Yu was startled. Why is his G.o.ddess so violent? Though he felt that using violence was probably the most effective method.

Le Ling didn’t deal a death blow. She just wanted to let him suffer.

The screaming Xu Jian wailed for a long them and finally, with his face covered in blood, he couldn’t help but cry out: “I’ll speak!”

Hearing this, Le Ling stopped.

Xu Jian flinched and said: “I just saw on the forum that if you fight in the corridor, you can be taken away.”

He had never been here before. Everything that he knew about it came from the internet. Zhou Qing Qing was his superior. He had wanted to break up, so he invited her here.

He didn’t know if that information was true or false, but he decided to give it a try.

Unexpectedly, Zhou Qing Qing really did disappear that night. Despite panicking, Xu Jian was also very happy. Afterwards, he didn’t dare do anything rash.

Su Min again asked: “What are you looking for here?”

Xu Jian said: “No-nothing…….”

You could tell he wasn’t speaking the truth. Su Min was about to continue asking when he suddenly felt a rush of coldness.

As soon as he looked up, he saw darkness coming their way. It looked like the lingering black fog outside the hotel door.

Xu Jian also saw it. His pupils constricted: “Quick, hurry and let me go! I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die!”

With such a fierce reaction, Su Min also had a bad feeling. He said: “Let’s go.”

Le Ling stood up and pulled Li Chi Yu up too: “Walk ahead. There aren’t any there.”

Li Chi Yu was pulled along like a little chick.

As for Xu Jian, they no longer paid him any attention. They strode straight ahead as the fog behind them quickly rushed over.

Xu Jian’s eyes were filled with fear. He got up from the ground and ran.

But his legs were soft and, along with his panicked state, he only ran a bit before he tripped and fell. In the process, he twisted his ankle.

Like this, his movements slowed down.

The fog came very quickly. It reached Xu Jian in an instant and wrapped over him. From inside, you could hear an chilling cry: “No……..don’t………I don’t want to die!”

The voice came from above.

Su Min and the others hand already reached the front. After leaving the area covered by small mounds of dirt, the fog just remained in there and didn’t venture out.

Xu Jian’s voice was already gone.

Li Chi Yu: “He’s probably dead.”

He had experienced the strength of that awful thing. It was scary enough just looking at it and it was even more so when you come into contact.

Su Min looked at the fog. He felt that this place was very strange.

Li Chi Yu muttered with a frown: “I wonder how Jiang Taozhi is doing?”

This place was a little further away from the stage, but they could see the structure of it very clearly.

Su Min could tell that they have not reached the end of the movie yet.

The cinema still hasn’t given him any information about reaching the end and they had not yet learned of the secret behind the show.

The lights in the performance venue was quite dark. The dim green light looked like ghost fires floating in the dark while the red ones look like reptile eyes.

Su Min suddenly recalled the python monster from “Journey to the West.” Every time it came out, black fog would appear, and it would run off after taking its victims away. At the very end, all you could see was its two eyes that glowed like a lantern.

With so many red lights here, if it did belong to an animal then there would probably be countless animals crawling around.

Su Min couldn’t help but be scared by this thought of his.

He was quite afraid of snakes. If it really was the case, he would be disgusted to death.

Su Min stood outside and looked at the lights in the darkness. He suddenly asked: “Do you think the performance venue looks like a grave?”

Li Chi Yu said: “With you saying that, it really does look a little like it.

Not the graveyard ones but the burial mounds you see in the countryside. It looked like that.

Le Ling pointed ahead: “The place we pa.s.sed by was a cemetery.”

As the last of her words fell, the fog ahead dispersed slightly. Several dark shadows appeared amongst it and it swayed around the graves.

They had already lost their consciousness and could only move back and forth in daze.

Su Min suddenly thought of Xu Jian’s actions: “This place is a grave so what was Xu Jian looking for?”

But now they could no longer ask for the answer.

Li Chi Yu asked: “What’s the performance venue for? If it’s made of wood, can we just burn it directly?”

Le Ling said: “It’s not wood.”

Su Min narrowed his eyes and looked over, “It probably isn’t wood. Probably metal rods or something.”

After say that, he froze.

Su Min expressionlessly raised his own hand. The weapon that he had used to hit Xu Jian was still in his hand telling him the answer.

It wasn’t a stick. It was a bone.

The others also saw his action. Li Chi Yu was scared: “This…..isn’t this a human bone?”

Su Min nodded: “It should be.”

Afterall, it couldn’t be pig bones appearing in a horror movie. He had also seen models of it before. This was clearly a human bone.

It was no wonder he felt a little strange when he touched it. He just didn’t manage to connect the dots.

Su Min placed the bone down. He felt that the ghost that appeared earlier was probably the owner of this bone.

Now that he thought about it, fortunately that ghost wasn’t malicious towards him.

If he had taken a human bone out from the wall, then, without even needing to think about it, the entire tunnel was probably made from human bones.

Just the thought of him walking through a tunnel made from human bones made Su Min feel uncomfortable.

Looking at the performance venue again, he now had the answer.

He had suspected earlier that this place was probably made from metal rods, but he was now afraid that the entire place was probably made from human bones.

They had spent half a day watching a show inside a grave made from human bones.

Li Chi Yu quickly threw away the human bone in his hand, “Did we manage to successfully escape? Why haven’t anyone noticed us?”

Su Min said: “Do you think we will be able to escape so easily?”

Li Chi Yu thought about it and answered seriously: “………..No.”

People had died very miserably during those magic performances earlier so how could they left them go so easily?

Su Min warned him: “Maybe they have been watching us run around the whole time and is looking for a chance to deal a heavy blow.”

This meant that they were probably just running in place the entire time.

Li Chi Yu: “………You’re really scary.”


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