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Chapter 236 – Global University Tournament (6)

“Brother Yu, where’s your volunteer card?” Duan Ye looked at the long line in front of him and said, “Use your ten points as a volunteer and you should be able to bring me and Yao Zi in.”


Chen Yu nodded and brought the two of them around the line to Gate 12. He showed his pa.s.s and said, “Beauty, I’m a volunteer. Can I bring two friends in?”

“Sure. But you’re too late.” The staff looked at Chen Yu’s pa.s.s. “There’s already too much to do inside. Hurry up and help.”

“No problem.”

They entered the Bird’s Nest Stadium.

Chen Yu and Duan Ye looked at each other and smiled. They immediately prepared to take off their pa.s.ses.

But before they could take them off, they were caught by the supervisor who suddenly appeared. “That volunteer! What are you doing?”

“Ah… Oh, my ID is crooked. I want to put it back on.”

“Bullsh*t! You b*stards, there are a total of 800 volunteers in the record, and now there are not even 500 of them! You slipped right in! Don’t you have any sense of responsibility?!” the supervisor spat angrily.

Chen Yu: “…”

Duan Ye: “Red-hot roar hahaha…”

“What are you laughing at? How did you get in?” The supervisor shifted his gaze to Duan Ye and Bahuang Yao.

“The beauty outside said that we can follow the volunteers in,” Duan Ye quickly explained.

“Isn’t that the back door?”

“This isn’t the back door,” Duan Ye retorted. “It’s the back door.”

“Don’t give me this c.r.a.p.” The supervisor took out a stack of forms from his pocket. “If you want to get in free of tickets and queue, you can’t enter for free. This is a sports event, and we’re short of athletes. Each of you can apply for three.”

“Is it okay to catch athletes at the Olympics?” Duan Ye was shocked.

“Don’t waste time. Hurry up and choose.” The supervisor handed two forms to Duan Ye and Bahuang Yao. “Each of you can get three spots for the preliminaries. If you don’t choose, get out.”

The three of them looked at each other. Chen Yu shrugged. “Choose. Take it as a warm-up. It’s just for fun.”

“You have to choose too!” The supervisor looked at Yu Chen again and handed out the forms. “Choose!”

“I’m a f*cking volunteer! I still have time to compete?!”

“At least choose one.” The supervisor frowned. “It’s a temporary sports event. The time is too tight, and the number of suitable applicants is not enough. All of you are students from top universities. You just need to do the pre-selection as a show.”

Hearing that, Chen Yu could only take the form. He glanced at it and randomly selected a ‘basketball’ event. “One, I’ve chosen it.”

“Three.” Duan Ye handed over the form. “I’ve also chosen it.”

“I… I’ve also chosen it.” Bahuang Yao was the last to hand it over.


The supervisor took it and looked through it one by one. When he saw the events that Duan Ye had signed up for, he was instantly enraged. “What the h.e.l.l did you fill out?”

Duan Ye tilted his head. “What’s wrong?”

“Gymnastics, synchronized swimming, and ice skating?!”

Duan Ye puffed out his chest. “Are these three not suitable for me?”

Chen Yu looked at him sideways. “You want to pick up girls, didn’t you?”

Duan Ye retorted, “Isn’t picking up girls also a sporting event?”

“Fill it up again!”

The supervisor roared and pushed Duan Ye’s form back. Then, he saw Bahuang Yao’s events. After a moment of silence, he became even angrier. “Weightlifting, sumo wrestling, and football?!”

Bahuang Yao stood where she was and shrank back from the roar. “…Yes.”

Chen Yu: “…”

“Fill them all up again!”

In the end, under the strong pressure of the supervisor, Duan Ye and Bahuang Yao were forced to modify their beloved events. They went to the compet.i.tor booth.

Chen Yu was also brought into the volunteer resting room to wait for the a.s.signment.

Walking into the resting room, he looked around, and sure enough, he did not find a trace of Ma Li.

Using his heel to think, he knew that the woman had sneaked away.


Letting out a sigh of relief, he casually found a seat and sat down. Chen Yu looked at the big screen hanging in the middle of the room.

On the screen was the live broadcast of the Bird’s Nest Stadium.

He could see that inside the stadium, which occupied an extremely large area, the attendance rate was close to half.

When the audience outside entered, the stadium was full.

“Most of them are local people.”

“After all, it’s not easy to cross the sea during the apocalypse…”

Looking at the scene of fireworks and surging crowds on the screen, Chen Yu couldn’t help but think of the College Entrance Exam of Qingcheng City.

In terms of scale and attention, the Global University Tournament would definitely kill 100 College Entrance Exams of Qingcheng City.

However, Chen Yu was sensitive enough to sense that the people were not enthusiastic about the Global University Tournament from the bottom of their hearts.

Only the College Entrance Exam was the most important festival in people’s hearts…

Clap clap clap!

About ten minutes later, the supervisor walked into the resting room and clapped his hands hard to attract everyone’s attention. After that, he shouted, “The second batch of missions has been issued. Let’s get moving. Those that I’ve selected, come over.”

“You, you, you, you, you, and you…”

Chen Yu was among them.

“You guys go to the room next door and get the cameras. You’re in charge of recording the process of the compet.i.tion.”

“Aren’t there so many reporters?” Chen Yu raised his hand and asked.

“That was filmed by others. Don’t we have our own video data?”

“For such a big compet.i.tion, we can’t even find a group of professional photographers…” Chen Yu was powerless to complain.

“It’s just a show for ordinary people to watch. You guys just need to fool around.” The supervisor waved his hand impatiently. “Hurry up and go.”

Following the main group, Chen Yu went to the room next door and received a shoulder-mounted camera.

After playing with it for a while, he found that its performance was much better than a machine of the same size in his previous life.

Of course, it was also a lot heavier.

If one was not a martial artist, it would be very difficult for one to have the physical fitness to carry it.

“It’s all distributed. Is there anyone who doesn’t know how to use it?” Another person in charge also carried a camera and shouted, “Those who don’t know how to use it, quickly come and learn from me. Don’t f*cking not even know how to turn on the power when you’re on the field.”

The many fake photographers did not react at all.

“Alright, since you all know how to use it, then let’s go.” The person in charge waved his hand.

Carrying the heavy camera, Chen Yu walked briskly out of the room and entered the Bird’s Nest Stadium, which was as noisy as thunder.

Standing at the entrance, he looked at the loud gongs and drums, the sound of firecrackers, the waving of red flags, and the sea of people in the audience seats. Chen Yu’s heart was inexplicably excited.

This kind of big scene, which was beyond the imagination of ordinary people, was too rare in this post-apocalyptic world.

On the other hand, thinking that the hundreds of thousands of people present could die in the next Beast Tide, Chen Yu’s excitement slowly subsided.

“Your name is Chen Yu, right?”

Behind him, the person-in-charge who followed him patted Chen Yu’s camera and pointed at the track and field’s field. “The 100-meter, 200-meter, 800-meter, and 3,000-meter running events are yours. Pay attention to the smooth recording.”

“No problem.” Chen Yu made an ‘OK’ gesture.

“There’s a roller coaster beside the track. When the time comes, we’ll sit on it and film it.”

Chen Yu said, “That’s even more no problem.”

After bidding farewell to the person-in-charge, Chen Yu was like a lonely soldier. He carried the camera alone and went to the side of the track and field field track. He sat on the roller coaster.

Five minutes.

Ten minutes.

Twenty minutes later.

The time arrived at 12:25.

A tall soldier held a red flag in his left hand and a private rocket launcher in his right hand. Under the watchful eyes of hundreds of thousands of people and billions of people around the world, he walked solemnly to the center of the stadium.


He used force with his left hand and planted the red flag on the gra.s.s. The soldier knelt down on one knee and raised the private rocket launcher to aim at the sky.

The entire stadium was instantly silent.

Countless cameras were aimed at this scene.

Following that, on the rostrum where the big shots gathered, Bahuang Yi stood up with a calm expression. He turned on the microphone in front of him and read the script.

“Representatives, guests, friends, comrades.”

“Let us remember the pain of the past history.”

“Time, let us look forward to the prosperity of the future…”

“Blah, blah, blah…”

“Blah, blah, blah…”

“In this Global University Tournament, we must carry forward civilization, strengthen unity, encourage each other, exchange experiences, clarify goals, keep our feet on the ground, and muster our energy. We will organize this Global University Tournament into a conference of civilization, unity, peace, prosperity, and self-confidence. We will organize a grand ceremony of vowing to revitalize mankind and create glory again…”

“I, Bahuang Yi, announce on behalf of the entire nation…”

“This year’s Global University Tournament…”

Whoosh —

The moment Bahuang Yi’s voice stopped, the soldier in the middle of the lawn pulled the trigger.

A rocket shot into the sky, and with a boom, it exploded into a mushroom cloud…

Bahuang Yi: “Officially, begins!”


The entire audience was in an uproar.

It was like a tsunami.

Hundreds of thousands of spectators waved their arms and realized the excitement in their hearts.

Chen Yu, who was on the roller coaster, had a dark expression on his face.

“As expected of the apocalypse.”

“Using a small nuclear bomb as a salvo is too awesome…”

After he finished speaking, Bahuang Yi and many big shots on the rostrum left the seats.

This kind of ‘fooling’ the commoners was just a sports event that provided them with time to prepare for the official compet.i.tion. No one was willing to waste time watching it.

However, the audience was in high spirits. They screamed, clapped, and shouted, welcoming groups of athletes to the stage.

Perhaps, only this kind of ‘Olympic Games’ could make them reminisce about the peaceful world in their memories…


The first sport to start was the 100-meter sprint of the track and field team.

Under the gaze of the crowd, the 10 mixed men and women walked to the track and squatted down to prepare.


In any case, they were all ‘fooling’. The officials didn’t even differentiate between the men and women groups…

They could just leave them on the field and run around blindly…

“Let’s get to work.”

Chen Yu picked up the camera, turned on the switch, and checked the status of the equipment. Then, he aimed the camera at the ten people on the runway.

Around him, many reporters and media teams also raised their cameras.

“Take your positions.”

A volunteer who acted as a referee raised a sniper rifle and perfunctorily pulled the trigger.


The ten athletes immediately shot off and rushed to the finish line.

But immediately after, the volunteer continued, “Get ready…”

The ten athletes immediately stopped and looked at the referee in confusion.

“Run!” The volunteer shouted, “Run!”

The ten athletes: “…”

“What are you waiting for? The gunshots are to alert you. I said run before I started running!”

The ten athletes: “…”

“Run! Run!” The volunteer raised his sniper rifle again and pulled the trigger repeatedly.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

“Run faster!”

Chen Yu: “…”

The athletes looked at each other for a few moments before they started running.

Squeak —

At the same time, the roller coaster under Chen Yu started to move and carried him to finish filming.

A few seconds later, the athletes crossed the line one after another.

Chen Yu also put down the camera and yawned.

This job was much easier than he had imagined.

“To be able to come to the scene personally, it’s pretty good…”

The 100-meter first group ended and the second group immediately went on stage.

The volunteer was still the referee. He raised his sniper rifle and shouted, “Everyone in position! Get ready!”


The sound of gunshots rang out, but the athletes did not move at all.

The volunteer frowned. “What are you doing? If I shoot, it means it’s starting. Run!”

Chen Yu: “…”

An athlete raised his hand. “Didn’t you say last time that gunshots don’t count?”

“Last time was last time, and this time is this time.” The volunteer was dissatisfied. “Which one of us is the referee?”

“F*ck you!”

Chen Yu, who was on the roller coaster, immediately jumped up and sent the volunteer flying more than ten meters with a flying kick. “Do you know how to be a referee? F*ck off!”

Then, he picked up the sniper rifle on the ground and sat back on the roller coaster. He said loudly, “Based on the sound of gunshots, take your positions. Get ready…”

The ten athletes bowed.


After the gunshot, the athletes suddenly dashed out.

With the gun in his left hand and the camera on his left shoulder, Chen Yu finished shooting again under the guidance of the roller coaster.

Chen Yu’s ‘professionalism’ won the praise of the supervisor.

Therefore, in the next groups, Chen Yu was both a photographer and a referee. He completed all the preliminaries and semi-finals of the 100m, 200m, 800m, and 3000m.

He was very efficient and gave the athletes almost no time to rest.

In such a ‘world-cla.s.s’ high-standard venue, a ‘village’ level professional sports meet was held. Chen Yu felt awkward no matter how he looked at it.

But the audience was very happy to see it.

Waving flags and shouting, jumping and cheering, it was a lot of fun.

The final of the running event began at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

Chen Yu followed the many athletes and went off to rest.

When it was 2 o’clock, when Chen Yu returned to the field, he found that his roller coaster had been dismantled.

The original position of the slide was occupied by the shotputters…

Chen Yu: “???”

Looking at the shotput on the ground and then looking at the track less than a second away, Chen Yu was dumbfounded. He found the shotput judge and asked, “What?”

The shotput judge was also a volunteer. He turned around in confusion and asked, “What? What?”

“Why did you tear down my slide?”

“I didn’t think anyone would use it…”

“Bullsh*t! Why did your shotput team come to my side? And tear down my slide?”

“I had no choice.” The shotput judge spread his hands. “Our position was taken by the javelin throwers.”

Chen Yu: “What about the people who threw the javelins?”

The referee: “The long jumpers have taken it.”

Chen Yu: “What about the long jumpers?”

The referee: “The wrestlers have taken it. They seem to say that it doesn’t hurt to fall in the sand.”

Chen Yu: “…Are the long jumpers willing?”

The referee: “Even if they were willing, they wouldn’t be able to beat the wrestlers.”

Chen Yu: “…”

Chen Yu turned his head and looked at the ‘messy’ stadium in a daze. He felt like he was about to collapse. “d.a.m.n it, isn’t this too much of a joke?”

“Watch out! Shotput!” the referee suddenly shouted.

But it was too late.

When Chen Yu came back to his senses, a flying iron ball had already hit his lower abdomen.


[Injured: Reproductive Ability +43]

[Sperm Quality +26; Prostate Health +20; Qi and Blood +105]

Chen Yu: “…”

[Mental Strength +11]

“Buddy, are you okay?” The referee picked up the shot put and asked carefully.

Chen Yu was expressionless. “Take your athletes and get out.”

“But we…”

Chen Yu picked up the sniper rifle. “…”

“Okay, okay, okay. Let’s go.” The shotput judge was terrified. He walked up to the athletes and shouted, “Let’s go, Let’s go. We’ll occupy the badminton court…”

In many sports events, track and field was the recognized crown event.

The 100-meter dash in track and field was the pearl at the peak of the crown.

After entering the 100-meter final, even if the officials were perfunctory, they a.s.signed a live host to commentate.

All the gazes and all the cameras were focused on this.

“Okay–” The supporter tested the microphone and said loudly, “Welcome back to the 100m event. After an hour of intense battle, the final eight contestants stand out.”

“They are: * * contestant, Level 5 fighter.”

“* * * contestant, Level 5 fighter.”

“* * contestant, Level 6 fighter.”


“And the last * * contestant, Level 5 fighter.”

“Through the a.n.a.lysis of the strength on paper, Contestant Number 3 * * is undoubtedly the favorite to win the championship. Because with Level 6 strength, even if he doesn’t explode with strength, his physique is far superior to other contestants.”

“Alright! We can see that the judge and cameraman of this match has kicked off the roller skating track and raised the signal… Sniper rifle.”

“The match is about to begin! Let’s wait and see.”

The crowd of hundreds of thousands of people quieted down once again.

“Everyone, take your positions!” Chen Yu raised the sniper rifle. “Get ready…”

“Everyone, pay attention! The match is about to begin! In a battle of pure physique, strength, and speed, who will be able to win today’s championship?”


“The guns are fired! Good! Ten contestants rushed out of the track at lightning speed!”

“Number 8 fell and subconsciously used his strength to fight against the compet.i.tion! He withdrew from the compet.i.tion in advance…”

“As expected! The one leading at the start is indeed Number 3 * * ! The strength of a Level 6 gives him strong kinetic energy! The gap between him and the other contestants is getting bigger and bigger!”

“Oh! It turns out that he had reserved his strength in the previous compet.i.tion. He won! He must win! Because he is not alone at this moment. Behind him, there are thousands of Level 6 fighters!”

“How can a Level 6 lose to a Level 5 fighter?”

“My friends in the audience, cheer! He has faith and is about to rush… What? Someone actually caught up?!”

“So fast! He really caught up!”

“That person is carrying a camera?!”

“Oh my G.o.d! It’s the cameraman! The cameraman caught up and actually caught up to Contestant Number 3!”

“The other nine contestants are already dumbfounded!”

“Oh my G.o.d. Contestant Number 3 saw the cameraman from the corner of his eye and he was also dumbfounded.”

“So fast! He overtook him! overtook him! He crossed the line! He crossed the line! Ahhh!”

“He crossed the line successfully!”

“The champion! The champion is the cameraman!”

“5.33 seconds! A new record! A new world record has been set!”

“Let us congratulate this person… Hmm?”

“Why is he a cameraman?!”


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