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Chapter 189 – Great Wisdom Chen Yu


Accompanied by a roar, the Level 4 Behemoth that was over 50 meters tall waved its steel claws, sweeping away the ‘flies’ in front of it. Then, it stomped its feet on the ground, causing the nearby two buildings to collapse.


The Level 4 martial artist clutched his abdomen and swallowed the blood in his throat. He looked around, ready to find a way out.

But at this moment, his vision blurred, and he vaguely saw a black figure ‘riding on the clouds’ fly into the exotic beast’s open mouth…

“What’s that? A whoosh?”

“Brother Yu!” Duan Ye was really about to cry. He shouted at the top of his lungs, “Come out quickly!”

The Level 4 martial artist: “???”

He looked at the exotic beast, then turned to look at Duan Ye in the distance. The Level 4 martial artist was dumbfounded. “What happened?”

“My… My cla.s.smate went into the mouth of the exotic beast.”


“He said that he wanted to break it from the inside.”

“…” After being stunned for a long while, the martial artist couldn’t help but ask, “How many years has your cla.s.smate had a cerebral thrombosis?”

Duan Ye: “…”

After going into the mouth of the exotic beast, Chen Yu was swallowed smoothly into his esophagus and into its stomach pouch while his muscles squirmed.


Chen Yu reacted quickly. His longsword pierced into the thick stomach wall, and he was suspended in midair.

Hiss… Hiss…

His elbow, which was stuck to the stomach wall, was instantly corroded clean by the acid.

The skin next to him also felt a burning pain.

[Qi and Blood +331]

[Qi and Blood +325]

[Qi and Blood…]

“Now, it’s time to witness wisdom.”

In the extreme sealed environment, Chen Yu didn’t forget to make a pose. He held his longsword and urged his Qi, and his entire body began to spin slowly.

Pu pu —

Scarlet blood surged into the stomach wall that had been cut open.

“Martial Art — Imitating and Strengthening Bahuang Secret Art — Tornado Five!”

Sou sou sou Sou…

The sharp longsword turned into a circular saw. Chen Yu spun faster and faster like a demonic beast sword saint, turning the stomach sac of the exotic beast into a mess.

Tons of stomach acid poured out, mixing with the blood from the nearby tissues. Soon, the exotic beast felt an unbearable pain.

“Roar! Roar…”

Mournful roars came through the flesh.

Chen Yu turned even more energetically when he heard it.

“Hey, I’m in your stomach!”

With the support of the martial skill ‘Enlightenment’, his original speed had increased by 50%. Now that he was spinning rapidly, the destructive power was even more unimaginable.

In less than a minute, his position had been soaked in blood.

Then, without any hesitation, he used ‘s.p.a.ce movement’ and flashed to another place that was still considered ‘dry’ before continuing to spin.

‘I was really stupid before. With a divine skill like teleportation, I actually only thought of escaping, hurrying, and going through walls.’

As Chen Yu spun, he complained in his heart, ‘Going into the belly of an exotic beast to cause destruction, doesn’t it sound good… ?’

In the outside world.

Duan Ye and the Level 4 martial artist were dumbstruck as they looked at the mournful howls of the exotic beast.

“I’ve never seen it before…” The Level 4 martial artist gradually came back to his senses and shook his head in disbelief. “I’ve never seen such a fighting style before.”

“Gulp.” Duan Ye gulped.

The martial artist turned his head abruptly and looked at Duan Ye, saying excitedly, “This is simply a stroke of genius! A genius-like idea!”

Duan Ye: “…”

“Which school are you from?” the martial artist asked.

“Beijing… Beijing University.”

“No wonder.” The martial artist came to a realization. “Only a top-tier university like this can nurture such an unconventional genius. Drilling into the body of a mutated beast to launch an attack, it’s unheard of, unheard of…”

Duan Ye: “…”


After struggling for more than ten minutes, the exotic beast finally couldn’t hold on any longer and fell to the ground with a loud crash.

Following that, the spinning Chen Yu broke through the back of the exotic beast and flew into the sky. Furthermore, due to the speed of the spinning, his entire body flew higher and higher…

The Level 4 martial artist raised his head and looked at Chen Yu, who was gradually disappearing into the night sky. He exclaimed in shock, “So this is how it’s destroyed in the body… Genius! A true genius!”

Duan Ye: “…”

After flying for an unknown length of time, Chen Yu finally remembered to slow down. Then, he slowly descended. After four minutes, he finally landed beside Duan Ye.

The Level 4 martial artist immediately rushed over and extended his hand enthusiastically to Chen Yu. “h.e.l.lo! My name is Zhuge Wu!”

“Thank you for inviting me.” Chen Yu elegantly shook the other party’s hand. “I just got off the plane. My name is Chen Yu.”

“As expected of a top student from Beijing University.” Zhuge Wu waved his hand forcefully. “You actually killed a Level 4 exotic beast with the strength of a Level 1! Impressive!”

“This is intelligence.” Chen Yu withdrew his hand and nodded his head. “If you don’t have enough strength, you can use your intelligence to make up for it.”

“That’s right, that’s right!” Zhuge Wu nodded repeatedly. “Using a spinning method to attack the body of the exotic beast. What a genius idea!”

“F*ck, not six.” Putting the sword back into the motherboard, Chen Yu swept his gaze across the entire scene in high spirits. “I’ve already taken care of this place. Next, it’s time to find the real murderer.”

“Murderer?” Zhuge Wu’s eyes flashed.

“That’s right.” Chen Yu nodded. “For Fair a.s.sociation to release the exotic beast at the same time, there must be a mastermind behind it. Can’t you see this?”

Duan Ye: “…”

“I can see that, but I don’t know who the mastermind is.”

“So.” Chen Yu smiled. “The wisdom of mortals ends here.”

Zhuge Wu cupped his hands in excitement. “My friend, please enlighten me!”

“Conan once said that the killer’s favorite thing after committing a murder is to return to the scene of the crime and admire his masterpiece.”

“There is such a thing.” Zhuge Wu seemed to be deep in thought. “But it doesn’t seem to be what Conan said…”

“So…” Chen Yu’s tone was forceful. “I’m certain that the murderer hasn’t run away!”

Duan Ye: “…”

“It makes sense! It makes so much sense!” Zhuge Wu suddenly understood. “Then… then who is he?”

“Next, it’s the deduction of wisdom.” Chen Yu spoke with confidence and a.s.surance. “The murderer can release exotic beasts, but he definitely can’t control them. Otherwise, he would be invincible under the heavens.”

Zhuge Wu: “Yes, yes.”

Chen Yu: “Therefore, if he wants to admire his masterpiece, he won’t be able to avoid being attacked by exotic beasts.”

Zhuge Wu: “Yes, yes.”

Chen Yu: “Then where is the safest place to hide?”

Zhuge Wu: “I don’t know.”

“Stupid.” Chen Yu was disappointed. “Isn’t the strongest place in the city the martial arts team organized by the government? With a few Level 6 experts leading the team and facing a Level 4 exotic beast at the highest, isn’t it just chopping vegetables?”

Zhuge Wu came to a realization. “That makes sense!”

Duan Ye couldn’t help but interject. “The murderer mixed in with the police team, are you serious…”

Chen Yu: “As the saying goes, the most dangerous place is the safest place. Besides me, who would have thought that a murderer who released the exotic beasts would kill the exotic beasts with everyone else?”


Zhuge Wu clapped his hands. “That makes so much sense! Ordinary people really wouldn’t have thought of this! Clear the clouds and see the clear sky!”

Duan Ye: “Is this your f*cking imagination?!”

“Shut up!”

Duan Ye: “…”

Zhuge Wu smiled apologetically. “Little brother, continue.”

“En.” Nodding his head, Chen Yu’s eyes flashed with the radiance of a wise man. “So, I’m certain that the murderer must be hiding in the martial arts team.”

“Then how do we find this person?”

“It’s very simple. The time of the outbreak of the exotic beast is 9:02. I informed the government in advance. And to release the exotic beast, the murderer must operate it personally. After he is released, he can join the martial arts team…”

Zhuge Wu raised his hand. “So, as long as we find the person who joined the martial arts team after 9:02, we will be able to find the murderer!”

“You’re a good student. You even learned to answer first.” Chen Yu nodded in satisfaction and didn’t forget to glance at Duan Ye. “Look at the one next to me. He’s still in a daze.”

Duan Ye: “…”

“Hehe, my friends all said that I’m a little stupid, but now it seems that I’m not that stupid. Little Brother, then let’s go now?” Zhuge Wu was eager to give it a try. “I must skin this person who’s behind the scenes!”

“Of course.” Chen Yu made an inviting gesture. “Please!”

“No, no, no. A wise man is a teacher. Please!”

“Of course.” Chen Yu walked at the front.

“Little Brother, aren’t you going to put away your martial technique?” Zhuge Wu looked at the flames on Chen Yu’s body and asked as he walked, “It’s such a waste of energy.”

“That won’t do.” Chen Yu shook his head. “This martial technique will keep me clear-headed.”

“Sir, you are indeed extraordinary!”

Looking at the two people who were gradually walking away, Duan Ye stood on the spot, at a loss.

What exactly had gone wrong?

Why did Chen Yu suddenly become abnormal…

After making several inquiries.

Chen Yu brought Zhuge Wu Yong and Duan Ye and finally found the regular army of the martial artist regiment that was currently engaged in a fierce battle with the exotic beasts.

At a glance, there were about 600 people.

Three Level 6 fighters and over 20 Level 5 fighters were leading the team. Wherever they pa.s.sed by, the exotic beasts would turn into a sea of blood.

Obviously, after cooperating with them yesterday, they had gained more experience.

Chen Yu’s wise eagle eyes swept over the entire battlefield and caught sight of Zhang Tie and Bahuang Yao. Therefore, he immediately chased after them.

“Xiao Tie, wait for me.”

“Xiao Tie?” Zhang Tie unconsciously thought that his mom had come. He hurriedly turned around and found Chen Yu and Duan Ye. He then became stunned, “You’re here?”

“Hmm.” Chen Yu nodded proudly as he followed the team. “You’re not injured, right?”

“No…” Zhang Tie looked at Chen Yu with a strange look, “Why do I feel that… Something is wrong with you?”

“Brother Tie!” Duan Ye immediately wailed, “Chen Yu has gone mad!”

Zhang Tie: “?”

Bahuang Yao: “?”

Chen Yu threw a contemptuous glance at Duan Ye. “He just can’t understand my current intelligence.”

“…” After being silent for a short while, Zhang Tie stretched out his hand and touched Chen Yu’s head. “Did you hurt your head?”

“Don’t touch me.” Waving his hand, Chen Yu raised his head and said, “There’s something more important.”

“What’s that?”

“I know who’s behind the release of the exotic beasts.”

After hearing Chen Yu’s words, not only Zhang Tie and Bahuang Yao were shocked, even the surrounding fighters also stopped moving and stared at Chen Yu.

Closely after that, this shock spread across the entire fighters’ regiment like a plague.

All the fighters from the police to Level 6 stopped moving forward and fixed their eyes on Chen Yu.


Duan Ye covered his face. “You will be beaten…”

“What… What did you say?” Zhang Tie was in disbelief. “Do you know who’s behind this?!”

“Of course.” Chen Yu nodded. “This person is in the regiment!”


All the fighters at present drew in a deep breath.

However, two people in a corner suddenly became fl.u.s.tered…


A Level 6 fighter at the front flashed in front of Chen Yu with bloodshot eyes. “Who is it?”

The two Level 6 fighters also ran over and looked Chen Yu up and down.

One of the women asked Zhang Tie, “Who’s that?”

“He’s Chen Yu, a student of my cla.s.s.” Zhang Tie nodded. “He was the one who found the exotic beasts first.”

“This young man also solved the case of the group death of fighters in our city.” A police officer in the crowd also opened his mouth.

“Oh.” The Level 6 woman understood what Zhang Tie meant. “That means he’s not a random person.”

“Thank you.” Chen Yu cupped his hands towards Zhang Tie indifferently, “That is just my former cleverness. I’m not as smart as I am now.”

“…” Duan Ye took a deep breath, took out his phone, and prepared to call 120.

“Who is it?” The Level 6 fighter with bloodshot eyes looked like he was going crazy. “Who is the mastermind!”

Chen Yu swept his gaze across the crowd. “May I ask who joined the team after 9:02, or 9:10.”

As he said this, more than a dozen people with good memories cast their gazes toward the young and old man in the corner.

Closely after that, all the others fixed their eyes on them.


Chen Yu snapped his fingers. “Go!”

Zhuge Wu instantly rushed forward with explosive Qi.

Zhang Tie was a bit hesitant; however, he also urged his Qi to circle around them to block their way.

“d.a.m.n it!” The young man roared, “There must be a traitor in the organization! Traitor!”


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