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Chapter 428- Four Side Chu Swansong

Translator: ryangohsfEditor: Nora

On the huge battlefield, only three hundred thousand troops remained.

In Xiang Yu’s tent, the various princes and lords had gathered once again.

“General Xiang, what should we do now?”

Xiang Yu sat in the commander seat. He kept silent and did not speak a word. Fan Zeng sat at the side; his eyebrows tightly locked.

The experience of being captured made Fan Zeng really sensitive. He felt that the eyes of the lords and princes looked at him with contempt and mocking.

In truth, why would they think that?

After a long while, one of the princes carefully said, “Why don’t we surrender?”

The air in the entire tent instantly froze like they had touched upon some kind of forbidden curse.


Xiang Yu raged. He slammed his palm onto the table, which caused the wine on it to fly everywhere.

“Even if I die fighting, I won’t surrender to those Qin thieves.”

Xiang Yu hollered; filled with arrogance.

All of the lords and princes froze. When they thought about his skills on the battlefield, their timid faces had already turneed ashen white.

“Whoever dares to surrender, I’ll kill them.”

Xiang Yu looked around; his eyes filled with killing intent.

Total silence.

The moment a king grew furious, blood would flow.

Even so, that would not stop the lords and princes from making their own plans.

They were not fools and would not act as hot blooded as Xiang Yu.

At the start of the uprising, their main goal was naturally to overturn the tyranny of the Qin Dynasty. When they gained power, their goal had changed to gaining more interests for themselves.

Seeing that there were no hopes of victory, their desires died out.

Their blood was warm but their hearts cold.

Although they displayed submission to Xiang Yu, in their hearts, they had already made their decisions.

Rather than wait and die, why not try to live?

In the end, this meeting ended unhappily as all of them could not reach a common consensus.

The moment they left, Xiang Yu was so furious he smashed the wine cups.

“A bunch of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!”

Fan Zeng sat at the side and coldly said, “General, did you see that?”

Xiang Yu did not reply, as his face slowly blackened.

“Their eyes already show the intention to back off. Without the Qin Army forcing them, they would have already surrendered.”

Fan Zeng’s voice contained an indescribable sadness and disappointment.

Xiang Yu still did not say anything. His gaze toward Fan Zeng was ice cold.

The entire tent had an awkward atmosphere.

When Fan Zeng saw such a response, his embarra.s.sment turned into anger, so he walked off.

After numerous days, the various troops could not hold on any longer and surrendered.

The grain in the camp could not last for even one more day. If they did not surrender, they were going to starve to death.

Even if they did not starve, how would a bunch of hungry soldiers survive against the Qin Army’s attack? Rather than wait for that, why not just surrender?

Relying solely on tens of thousands of troops, they could suppress two hundred thousand odd soldiers from the princes and lords. Xiang Yu’s threats were just empty words. In front of a huge army, an individual’s strength was nothing.

No matter how vicious he was, he could not lead the Chu Army to attack the princes and the lords.

Their surrender instead made the Qin Dynasty players unhappy. They wanted to use the last battle to obtain another bunch of battle contribution points.

Because of the battle map settings, the moment the NPCs surrendered, players could not kill them.

The army that surrendered were all handed over to Zhang Han to keep watch.

The lords could only scold out at the princes for being soft and weak.

How smart was Gaia? The moment the outcome was decided, it would not give the players chances to obtain easy rewards. The Battle of Changping had followed a similar ruleset.

The surrender of the Zhao Army signalled the end of the war. It did not give the players a chance to kill the prisoners.

After the various princes surrendered, even the Chu Army could not hold on anymore.

This army was mostly made up of troops taken from Song Yi; they were not his own army. Hence, at such a moment, they really did not want to listen to him.

As for his personal army, he only had the three thousand Jiangdong Warriors. However, after the numerous clashes, only two thousand remained.

What Xiang Yu found unacceptable was that along with the players leaving, the generals in his tent all left one by one to follow their new lords.

Ying Bu, Long Qie, Ji Bu, and Zhong Limei, all four of them left. Along with them, the last player army also left.

Of the entire uprising army, only Xiang Yu and his two thousand Jiangdong Warriors remained.


In the end, even Fan Zeng left Xiang Yu.

To save Fan Zeng, Xiang Yu even gave up their last chance at victory.

Ironically, even Fan Zeng left him in the end.

People were complicated and hard to predict.

He was besieged on all sides.

Quite ironically, the famous four side Chu Song would not actually happen right here.

The overlord Xiang Yu was on his last leg.

This was the final battle.

Xiang Yu definitely would not surrender.

There would only be a dead overlord and not one that surrendered.

After hearing the news, Ouyang Shuo led his forces to the main battlefield to witness the battle.

The huge Qin Army rushed out of the city and formed up outside.

To express their respect, they sent their strongest force.

In terms of generals, Er’Lai, Zhang Liao, Qinqiong, and w.a.n.g He led the charge. For soldiers, they sent the palace Guards and the heavy armored mountain barbarians.

Only the palace Guards, who had formed an army spirit, dared to fight head on with the Jiangdong Warriors. As for the other player armies, they did not dare to face such a wild pack of monsters.

Even so, Ouyang Shuo still sent the mountain barbarians. The combination of sword and s.h.i.+eld would create a buffing effect.

This was the climax.

No warm up, no morale booster.

Both sides straight up slaughtered one another. They did not spare the enemy any mercy.

Silence, silence enveloped the entire valley.

Only the sound of metal striking metal reverberated through the air.

The surrounding millions of soldiers were totally silent. They quietly watched on as this historical battle unfolded.

No cheering.

Focus was their best respect.

This battle was fought all the way till the mountains and rivers changed colors, till the light faded from the skies.

As the sun set, Xiang Yu rode on his horse and looked around.

Horses torn apart, blood flowing like rivers.

Two thousand Jiandong Warriors, none of them would ever stand up again.

The invincible Jiangdong Warriors finally fell to the palace Guards.

The coordination between the mountain barbarians and the palace Guards that wielded their Tang Blades displayed the glory and honor of Shanhai City.

In this battle, one thousand palace Guards had died. They had similarly suffered heavy casualties.

Even so, the Qin Dynasty Camp lords looked at them with respect.

What kind of army was that?

The strength of the Jiangdong Warriors was something that all the lords knew about. Such a bunch of freaks actually fell to the palace Guards.

In Ouyang Shuo’s ear, a system notification sounded out.

“System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi, after countless battles, the palace Guards have formed an army spirit. After killing the Jiangdong Warriors, their killing intent has moulded them, and they have officially upgraded to divine martial Guards.”

The lucky 1,400 surviving palace Guards emitted a terrifying aura, and their killing aura spread across the battlefield.

Each and everyone of them had a red glow behind them, as a red cape appeared. Upon close inspection, the cape was one designed like Ouyang Shuo’s cape.

The cape had dragon patterns on both sides, making it look really threatening.

Name: Divine Martial Cape (Dark Gold Rank)

Stats: Raises morale by 40%, raises combat strength by 45%, increases movement speed by 25%

Specialty: Divine Martial (can revive once without any punishments)

Evaluation: The cape of the divine martial Guards. Limited to three thousand in number; it is the symbol of the Guards. Unique equipment, cannot be dropped, cannot be traded, cannot be removed, till death will they part.


Gaia had officially renamed the palace Guards, while placing a limit of three thousand. Each member would automatically receive a cape.

After equipping the Divine Martial Cape, their combat strength pretty much rose by half.

If they fought with the Jiangdong Warriors again, even without the mountain barbarians, they would also win.

The change of the divine martial Guards astonished all the lords present.

Even an idiot could tell that the palace Guards had obtained something good.

From this day on, the divine martial Guards would become the symbol of Ouyang Shuo.

In the whole world, there would only be one such army.

The divine martial Guards were not the only focal point.

Everyone turned to look at Xiang Yu.

Some lords were tempted and wanted to get the honor of killing him. However, they did not act because they feared the palace guards and the Shanhai Alliance.

Everyone knew that the Shanhai Alliance, or better put it, Shanhai City, was the greatest contributor.

After four battles, Ouyang Shuo’s prestige amongst the players had grown. At least now, no one would dare to challenge them.

Ouyang Shuo smacked his horse and arrived before Xiang Yu.

“Who are you, state your name, I won’t kill a nameless fellow.”

Even though Xiang Yu had fallen to such a state, his arrogance did not reduce. He noticed that Even Baiqi and Er’Lai respected and wors.h.i.+pped this young man.

Ouyang Shuo smiled, “I’m player Qiyue Wuyi. Greetings, General Xiang.”

Unexpectedly, his words did not contain any killing intent.

“Hen.” Xiang Yu did not believe that, ‘You want me to surrender? Impossible.”

Ouyang Shuo looked at Xiang Yu and shook his head and emotionlessly said, “Kill yourself then!”

The moment his words sounded out, the player lords were thrown into an uproar.

They did not understand why Ouyang Shuo would give up the reward for killing him.

They did not know that heroes pitied heroes.

Ouyang Shuo did not want to see an overlord of a generation die to someone useless.

When Xiang Yu heard these words, he kept silent and did not say anything.

After a long while he said, “Qiyue Wuyi? I will remember you, I owe you one.”

As he said that, he stabbed himself. Just like that, Xiang Yu died under his own sword.

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