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Chapter 365- What’s Happening in Lingnan

Translator: TeamTWOEditor: Nora

Compared to Ouyang Shuo, Di Chen had a higher degree of control over the player population.

The various large families had a really skilled system used to control players. In truth, their families and teams all contained management geniuses. As a result, s.h.i.+fting those skills into the game was not difficult at all.

Hence, Di Chen did not need to behave like Ouyang Shuo and act so wary toward players. Di Chen did not need to fear betrayal and could just allow them to do whatever they wanted.

With Di Chen’s actions, it was not hard to predict the future course that Zhan Lang and the others would take. The Yanhuang Alliance had taken a hit during the Battle of Lianzhou. Naturally, they would try to find some way to make it up.

Following the multiple failures of the Yanhuang Alliance, the depth of their foundations and roots were slowly revealed.

For Ouyang Shuo, an unknown and mysterious Yanhuang Alliance was the scariest. Moreover, Ouyang Shuo did not know the number of trump cards the current Yanhuang Alliance possessed.

To acquire all of this intel, he would have to rely on the Black Snake Guards to investigate and find out.

As his position slowly rose, his views of the world was also changing. When facing player groups, Ouyang Shuo had grown more and more confident.

Naturally, Ouyang Shuo was wary and careful with the Lianzhou Prefecture being the main area of his territory. However, in regards to Qiongzhou Island, Ouyang Shuo could behave more open and daring.

Leading the three big guilds into Yazhou was the first step.

In the future, Ouyang Shuo would attract more players to live in Yazhou.

After all, it was not enough to develop Yazhou quickly if he only depended on migrants from Shanhai City. Yashan City was limited in growth. Additionally, due to Bing’er’s rank, the number of refugees they had were limited.

Outside of Yazhou, the vast land was waiting for Ouyang Shuo to reclaim and use.

Precious riches filled the land.

After talking to Wufu, Ouyang Shuo went to look for Song Wen.

Tianshuang County was located in Lingnan.

Ouyang Shuo had made some plan in regards to Lingnan. Hence, he needed to set up the traps beforehand.

Tianshuang County was undoubtedly a good choice.

After all, they all had similar interests and had familial connections. As a result, both sides had the basic trust.

“What thoughts does big brother have toward Lingnan?”

As a heavy economic province, Lingnan’s importance could not be underestimated. However, the four financial groups that the Song and Yuan Family represented were only strong in the financial field. The real people with power were not them.

With the Taiping Country temporarily fooling around in Guangxi, Lingnan had benefited greatly. Making use of this time, the lords in Lingnan had already started to form alliances.

Ouyang Shuo was not clear about the specific details.

He only remembered that in his last life, the four big financial groups did not have much fame in Lingnan. Instead, it was a guild known as South Alliance. Their leader was called Hefo, and he hailed from an aristocratic family.

Hearing Ouyang Shuo ask about Lingnan, Song Wen was shocked. At that moment, many thoughts flashed across his mind, and he was wondering why Ouyang Shuo asked that.

On the surface, he was calm and said, “I do have some knowledge about the situation in Lingnan.”

“Please tell!”

“The four financial groups are now split into two. The Zhou family is closer to us, while the Zhao Family is close to the Yuan family.”

Ouyang Shuo realized that the splitting up of the four financial groups had to do with him. Without his presence, the marriage plan between the Yuan and the Song family would have gone ahead. Now, however, the two parties had become enemies.

“The most scary point is not that. In Lingnan, there’s an alliance known as the South Alliance. To go against our Song Family, Yuan Ping has joined the South Alliance.”

As he spoke till this point, Song Wen’s heart was filled with sorrow.

It was apparent that their situation in Lingnan was not good. Because they belonged to the Shanhai Alliance, everyone would naturally gang up and go against them.

When Ouyang Shuo heard this, he laughed.

It seems like Yuan Ping still had not accepted defeat. He thought that joining the South Alliance would give him the ability to go against Ouyang Shuo.

Ouyang Shuo did not care much about this.

However, the current situation of Tianshuang County caused Ouyang Shuo to frown. His brother-in-law could be said to be cultured and well brought up, but he lacked the spirit of an overlord.

The current state of Tianshuang County had all to do with Song Wen not taking the initiative to attack.

Ouyang Shuo had several conversations with the Song Family. According to his impressions, they were very calculative and lacked humanity.

They treated the territory like a company, so how could it actually prosper?

This was also the reason why Di Chen could suppress Chun Shenjun.

Although Di Chen had made a series of errors that affected his prestige, he could still pick himself back up.

Chun Shenjun, on the other hand, could not. After the Battle of Lianzhou, it seems like he would need a long time before he could recover.

The ident.i.ty of being part of the Shanhai Alliance should not make others target you.

Instead, you should use it like a weapon.

In this aspect, Feng Qiuhuang had undoubtedly used the advantage of the alliance to its maximum. She created a territory alliance under the wing of the Shanhai Alliance known as the Shanhai Alliance—Phoenix Alliance.

With that, Fallen Phoenix City would shelter anyone who joined the Phoenix Alliance; this was the same as receiving the Shanhai Alliance’s protection.

Ouyang Shuo was highly supportive of her actions.

Ouyang Shuo hoped that while the members maintained the honor and strength of the Shanhai Alliance, they could build up influence in their own regions.

With their territory as a core, they would radiate their influence on the entire China region.

Only then could they build a solid base, planting deep roots and forming a huge network. Then, they could earnestly go up against the Yanhuang Alliance.

Compared to Feng Qiuhuang, Song Wen was disastrous.

Ouyang Shuo told Song Wen about Feng Qiuhuang’s actions and said, “Big brother does not have to worry. I do not believe that the territories are so dumb that they do not know how to choose between the Shanhai Alliance and the South Alliance.”

Ouyang Shuo made it very indirect, but in truth, he was reminding Song Wen that if he continued to lag behind, they would be isolated. Even their current ally, the Zhou Family, would go join the South Alliance.

When Song Wen heard this, he made an uncomfortable expression.

“Do not worry, I know what to do!”

Ouyang Shuo nodded. After all, he was his elder brother-in-law. Ouyang Shuo could not lecture him.

Of course, Ouyang Shuo definitely would not just leave Tianshuang County to die.

He promised that Shanhai City would support the development of Tianshuang County through the Four Seas Bank.

Ouyang Shuo wished for Song Wen to step up and s.h.i.+ne the name of the Shanhai Alliance, attracting players to go against the South Alliance.

He did not wish for Lingnan to fall under the control of other forces.

If the circ.u.mstances permitted, after stabilizing Yazhou, Shanhai City would employ their troops to a.s.sist Tianshuang County if Taiping Country did not attack Mulan Stronghold.

Their goal would be to take over the Leizhou area opposite that of Qiongzhou.

 Ouyang Shuo already saw Qiongzhou Island as a restricted territory, and he did not wish for other lords to use Leizhou as a stepping board to enter Qiongzhou.

After talking with Song Wen, Ouyang Shuo did not look for any other members to talk to.

At 5 PM, all the girls returned from Beihai City.

At night, Ouyang Shuo held a feast in the Lord’s Manor. During the feast, he arranged dancing and singing performances.

After dinner, he invited everyone to return to the back garden to join a campfire party.

His plan was to bring everyone closer. He hoped that everyone would not be just business partners but brothers and sisters. Not only would they look out for one another in the game, but also in the future planet Hope.

Out of all the members, especially for the lords, it was easy to grow depressed if they only talked to NPCs in the long-term. People like Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang that had friends around them were still okay.

People like Wufu and Xunlong Dianxue were very lonely. Hence, the two of them got close really quickly and became friends.

For a lord to reach the current level, they had to endure a huge amount of pressure.

Becoming a lord was not as glorious as outsiders thought.

The pressure they were under was something that adventure gamemode players could not imagine.

Even Gong Chengs.h.i.+, who looked pretty useless, was actually just trying to release the stress in his heart. If not, Jushou would not have done what he did to set an example.

As a result, Ouyang Shuo emphasized communication between members. Only relying on the alliance channel was not enough to aid his plan.

After all, the alliance channel was a public channel, so one could not talk about private stuff in it.

The moon hung high above; the night air felt warm and pure.

In the garden, a campfire was set up.

Nineteen teens sat in a circle, drinking and talking casually.

As she grew excited, Zi Luolan even started dancing olden dances over the campfire. One could not help but admire her s.e.xy dance moves.

The charm of the purple enchantress was released and no one could block it.

Everyone cheered out.


“Sister Zi, your dancing is so good!”


Gong Chengs.h.i.+ and Fat Lion, these two gross freaks, started to blow wolf whistles and roar out loudly.

Thanks to the actions of Zi Luolan, the atmosphere of the campfire party got warmer and warmer.

Making use of the chance, the only couple present naturally became the focus of everyone. Moon s.h.i.+ning over the river, under the coaxing of everyone, invited Hong Ying to dance.

She was also bold girl; she was not embarra.s.sed and outright accepted his invitation.

With that, the atmosphere reached its climax.

A bunch of young people surrounded the campfire, singing and dancing.

At that moment, they were not lords or guild leaders, they were just young teens chasing their dreams.

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