WebNovel The Wife Of The Wealthy Family Is Fierce And Cute. Chapter 79 – If You Are Unconvinced, Let's PK; Otherwise, Get Lost

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Chapter 79: If You Are Unconvinced, Let’s PK; Otherwise, Get Lost

[Bai Ling]: “Something the matter?”

[Yangliu Yiyi] walked around [Bai Ling] and said with hostility: “I heard that you defeated many players of a higher level than you yesterday. I think those people deliberately went easy on you because you are a female account.”

Chu Luo pursed her lips and looked at this ridiculous player before typing quickly.

[Bai Ling]: “If you’re not convinced, let’s PK. Otherwise, get lost.”

[Yangliu Yiyi]: “How dare a level 50+ player challenge me!!!”

Message: “Player [Bai Ling] has challenged [Yangliu Yiyi] to a PK. Accept or Decline.”

This message was actually very ordinary, but [Yangliu Yiyi] was obviously very popular here. When she came to look for [Bai Ling], many people had come over to watch.

The moment [Bai Ling] issued the challenge, the surrounding people instantly started discussing.

[Brother Looking at Wine]: “This [Bai Ling] is crazy. She actually dared to challenge the [Jinling Gang] gang leader’s wife?”

[Purgatory]: “Who doesn’t know that [Yangliu Yiyi] and the gang leader of the [Jinling Gang] have become a couple in real life? Offending [Yangliu Yiyi] is akin to offending the entire [Jinling Gang].”

[XX You Pig]: “[Yangliu Yiyi] is more than 20 levels higher than [Bai Ling]. I think [Bai Ling] is courting death!”

It was obvious that [Yangliu Yiyi] didn’t take [Bai Ling] seriously, for she directly accepted the PK challenge.

The crowd was still gloating over [Bai Ling]’s misfortune and discussing how badly she would be dealt with. At this moment, a system notification came: “Congratulations to player [Bai Ling] for defeating [Yangliu Yiyi].”

Everyone: “…”

[Yangliu Yiyi] obviously didn’t think that she would be defeated by [Bai Ling]. She typed a few words in a row.

[Yangliu Yiyi]: “I’m so many levels higher than you. How can I be defeated by you?!”

[Yangliu Yiyi]: “You must have cheated!”

[Yangliu Yiyi]: “No way, let’s compete again!”

[Yangliu Yiyi]: “How dare you not reply when I’m talking to you!”

[Yangliu Yiyi]: “You catfish. You must have asked an expert to help you with the game!”

Chu Luo couldn’t be bothered to look at [Yangliu Yiyi]’s agitated rants. She took out a return talisman and left.

Her avatar had just arrived in the city when [Evil Dragon Crossing the River] sent her a message.

[Evil Dragon Crossing the River]: “Sister Bai, are you partic.i.p.ating in the gang war tonight?”

[Bai Ling]: “Yes.”

[Evil Dragon Crossing the River]: “What are your plans next? Shall we team up to do a mission?”

Chu Luo was about to answer when someone knocked on the door.

She put down the game console and opened the door.

It was one of Li Yan’s bodyguards who had been ordered to stay here, Zhang Jiang.

Zhang Jiang said to her, “Miss Chu, there’s a group of people near the residence. Do you want us to deal with them?”

“Who sent them?”

“The Wei family.”

Chu Luo thought for a while. She still had plans to return to the Wei residence and deal the final blow to Chu Ting and Wei Wei, so she definitely shouldn’t arouse the Wei family’s suspicions. Thus, she said, “No need.”

Zhang Jiang left after hearing that.

Chu Luo closed the door and walked to the window to open it and look outside.

From here, she could see the road outside the residence. The people in the old district tended to rest early. At this time, there were no longer any people or cars on the road. She had Phoenix sense the location of those people before closing the window.

She walked back to take the game console and prepared to continue. Unexpectedly, the screen showed a series of questions, like [Evil Dragon Crossing the River] asking if she was stuck.

[Bai Ling]: “I had something on just now.”

[Evil Dragon Crossing the River]: “Whew, you gave me a fright.”

[Evil Dragon Crossing the River]: “Sister Bai, let’s team up for a mission. Why don’t we stay up all night?”

[Bai Ling]: “No, I’ll rest at midnight.”

[Evil Dragon Crossing the River]: “Alright… But Sister Bai, you don’t look like you’re from the capital. Why don’t I take you around the famous ancient sites in the capital someday?”

Chu Luo suddenly remembered that one of her plans was to visit Imperial University. She asked, “Are you familiar with Imperial University?”

[Evil Dragon Crossing the River]: “Of course I’m familiar with it. My house is near Imperial University. I hang out there when I have nothing better to do.”

[Bai Ling]: “I plan to visit Imperial University.”

[Evil Dragon Crossing the River]: “I’ll be your guide. I guarantee that you will finish visiting the most famous colleges and attractions at Imperial University.”

Chu Luo thought for a while. It would be a little inconvenient over the next two days to do it as she was on her period, so she said, “Alright, I’ll look for you in two days.”

[Evil Dragon Crossing the River]: “Okay, okay.”

After saying that, the two of them teamed up to do a two-hour mission.

After the mission ended, Chu Luo went offline to sleep.

2:00 AM.

Chu Luo suddenly woke up.

At the same time, the Phoenix Seal on her wrist glowed red.

Phoenix’s voice sounded in her mind at the same time. “Mistress, someone wants to barge in.”

Chu Luo sat up, put on her clothes, and walked to the window. She quickly sensed the energy fluctuation outside.

Phoenix: “The person who came can control ghosts.”

“Heh!” Chu Luo sneered. “I didn’t expect there to be someone in this world who can control such things. Let me take a look.”

After saying that, she quickly opened the window and jumped out.

The person was obviously testing her. When she went out, that person quickly retreated.

Chu Luo stood outside the residence and sensed something for a while. She could no longer sense the energy fluctuation of that person who had left. Instead, she sensed something else. She walked to a corner and picked up a fist-sized green jade bottle.

Chu Luo held the neck of the jade bottle and looked at it. It seemed to have golden quicksand inside. With a shake of her hand, the quicksand flowed. It was especially beautiful.

However, anyone who knew what this was would also know how terrifying the thing inside was. Chu Luo looked at it for a while and smiled. “It’s really good stuff. If you want to gather baneful aura here, then let’s see if you have the ability.”

After saying that, she put the jade bottle away in the cloth bag and quickly walked to the side.

In a small alley beside the residence, the people sent by the Wei family were all circling around. These people had anxious and panicked expressions, looking like they wanted to escape but couldn’t.

Chu Luo walked over and raised her hand to tap rhythmically on the wall beside her. Then, she asked in a surprised tone, “What are you doing near my house?”

As soon as Chu Luo finished speaking, the invisible barrier disappeared. Those people still had panicked looks on their faces. When they saw that it was Chu Luo standing there, they looked at each other and a strange feeling surged within them.

“Miss Chu?”

Chu Luo tilted her head and looked at them with a displeased expression. “I didn’t sleep well to begin with. If you want to monitor me, lower your voices. Otherwise, I’ll get someone to capture all of you and beat you up.”

When the Wei family bodyguards heard this, their expressions changed several times.

One of them quickly said, “Miss Chu, you’re mistaken. We’re not here to monitor you. We’re here to protect you.”

“Oh, really?”

Chu Luo seemed to have accepted their explanation, but she was still unhappy. “I don’t need protection. You can go back. Also, tell my uncle that I won’t go back. I’m fine here.”

After saying that, she turned and walked towards the gate of her residence.

The bodyguards looked at each other as Chu Luo walked away.

After a while, someone said, “Why don’t we go back and report to the masters what happened tonight?”

After experiencing the spooky invisible barrier earlier, the others agreed without hesitation and went back together.

As for how the heads of the Wei family reacted after hearing the bodyguards’ report, that wasn’t Chu Luo’s concern.

For the next two days, Li Yan didn’t come over. Chu Luo didn’t go anywhere and stayed at home to play games.

In these two days, the name [Bai Ling] had gained the reputation of “monster” among all the players in the server. Anyone who had PKed her would swear that they would take a detour if they encountered her in the future.

Those who weren’t afraid of death and came to provoke [Bai Ling] were killed and sent back to the Novice Village.

Instantly, more people guessed that [Bai Ling] was a catfish.

Even Tang Zhiyun and the others felt that [Bai Ling] must be a female account created by a man.

Xie Minghai suggested, “Why don’t we get him to turn on the audio when we’re doing a mission? We can listen to whether he’s a man or a woman.”

Yu Lei disagreed. “What if this person turns on a voice changer? I don’t want to hear that kind of mechanical sound. It’s disgusting.”

This was one of the biggest pains of boys who studied computer science. They were especially sensitive to computer-generated sounds. They would know if a sound was from a real person or not once they heard it.

Tang Zhiyun agreed with Yu Lei and objected to turning on the audio. “I don’t think that’s a good idea. [Bai Ling] doesn’t talk much anyway. Maybe he won’t speak even if we turn on the audio.”

Xie Minghai refused to give up. “This person is really amazing at playing the game! Although his IP suddenly changed, I have a feeling that he must have simply hidden his IP. Why don’t we meet him?”

“Why should we meet him? Nah, not keen.” Yu Lei was not interested at all.

Xu Qingfeng also said, “Count me out too.”

“Hey! I say… The ‘Battle of Lightyears’ compet.i.tion is about to start in the empire. The team compet.i.tion requires at least six people. Since [Bai Ling] is so impressive, let’s meet him and see if we can make him our teammate.”

At this point, Xie Minghai suddenly became a little excited. “This kind of World Champions.h.i.+p only happens once every three years. We’ve been biding our time for three years. It’s time to take revenge on that traitor.

“Right now, we’re short of just one person. Although we have a backup candidate, none of them have [Bai Ling]’s domineering style.”

Xie Minghai’s words made the other three people fall silent.

Three years ago, when they partic.i.p.ated in the finals, they were stabbed in the back by another teammate. Not only did they lose the first place t.i.tle in the empire’s compet.i.tion, but their previous accounts were also banned because of that person’s scheme.

This pain had remained in the trio’s hearts for the past three years.

After a while, Tang Zhiyun said, “I will ask him when he comes online.”


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