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Chapter 62: Why Don’t You Seek Out Your Enemies for Practice?

The car arrived at the Li residence and stopped outside the Li residence’s training room.

When Chu Luo entered the training room, Li Yan was exercising his wrist. In front of him were several bodyguards.

These bodyguards were all standing motionlessly. It was obvious that their acupoints had been tapped.

Chu Luo approached Li Yan and glanced at the bodyguards before looking at him.




Chu Luo was silent for a few seconds before nodding. “I’m going back early today. Let’s end it at 2:30 in the afternoon.”


With people to practice on, Chu Luo could only set aside her thoughts and teach him.

Li Yan’s comprehension ability had already reached a heaven-defying level. In half a day, he learned everything Chu Luo taught him.

During lunch, Chu Luo had to admit, “With your learning progress, I think you’ll learn everything in less than ten days. You just need to practice more.”

Li Yan continued staring at her coldly.

Looking at his cold face, Chu Luo thought for a moment and suddenly came up with a plan. She said seriously, “Actually, if you want to grasp acupoint techniques as quickly as possible, it’s best to practice on your enemies. Why don’t you practice on them?”

Li Yan didn’t even look at her. After placing a piece of food in his bowl, he said indifferently, “I have many enemies. It’ll probably take me six months to a year to finish practicing on them.”

“…” Chu Luo: “Pfft…”

Li Yan glanced at her with displeasure, but after he looked away, a pensive glint flashed across his eyes.

After 2:30, Chu Luo was sent back to the Wei residence.

At this moment, the Wei residence had already been renovated. Amid the festive atmosphere, there was no lack of the romantic ambiance that young people liked.

From this, it could be seen how much the Wei family valued Wei Zihan and Miss Bai’s engagement.

The banquet hall was set up in the main hall of the villa. At this moment, the servants were moving in various items needed from the few trucks parked outside the door. The Wei family’s madams were even standing there, personally supervising and giving commands.

Chu Luo glanced outside the fence and turned around to walk to the back door. She commanded the paper effigy to walk out of the back door through the air. She raised her hand and the paper effigy disappeared. Then, she walked in.

As she walked into the garden, she saw Wei Wushuang and Wei Xueying walking over with large and small bags.

When Wei Xueying saw Chu Luo, she happily waved at her. “Luoluo, come here.”

Chu Luo walked over and Wei Xueying handed her all the bags in her hands. She said with a smile, “While I was shopping with Wushuang, I bought you some clothes and jewelry. Go and see if they suit you.”

Wei Wushuang also handed her the bags in her hand. “Take them quickly. We’re going to change into our gowns. The guests will be here soon.”

Chu Luo took the bags and looked down at the jewelry box in one of the bags. The invisible charm on it made her narrow her eyes but she didn’t show it on her face. She said, “Thank you.”

Then, she carried the bags and walked into the villa.

Chu Luo stopped when she reached the back door. Phoenix instantly transmitted their conversation to Chu Luo’s ears.

Wei Wushuang happened to say, “Why didn’t Uncle give those to Luoluo personally? He even told us not to tell her that they’re from him.”

Wei Xueying guessed, “It’s possible that Aunt and Uncle have been focusing all their efforts on Tingting recently. Luoluo is sulking, and Uncle is worried that Luoluo will lose her temper and not wear these clothes today. That’s why he did that.”

“Mm, that’s possible.” Wei Wushuang asked in confusion, “Then why didn’t you tell Luoluo that Brother Cui gave her one of the sets of jewelry?”

Wei Xueying smiled and said, “Brother Cui said that he and Luoluo had a misunderstanding at the golf course. He wanted to apologize, so he bought something for her. But he was worried that Luoluo wouldn’t accept it.”

Wei Wushuang said, “Since Luoluo doesn’t know that it was sent by Brother Cui, what’s the point in giving her that?”

Wei Xueying said, “You know how Brother Cui is. He’s gentle, considerate, and understanding. He gave Luoluo something out of kindness, but Luoluo doesn’t have to know. Besides, Brother Cui is attending Big Brother’s engagement party tonight. He’ll definitely apologize to Luoluo in person.”

Wei Wushuang said, “That’s true… But I’m curious about how Brother Cui and Luoluo had a misunderstanding.”

Wei Xueying replied, “Well, at the time, Jiayao and I wanted to save time, so we split up to look for that man.

“Brother Cui was worried about us and sent a few bodyguards to follow us. Unexpectedly, Luoluo realized that the bodyguards were following her and misunderstood.

“You know that Luoluo is timid, so she got a fright.”

Wei Wushuang: “I see. How about we help Brother Cui later?”

Wei Xueying: “That’s what I thought too.”

The two of them changed the topic.

Chu Luo looked at the thing in the bag and smirked coldly. “Don’t regret trying to use a charm on me.”

With that, she carried the bags and returned to her room.

At around four o’clock, guests gradually arrived at the Wei residence.

In a short while, there was an endless stream of guests. Various famous cars and luxury cars were parked in the Wei family parking lot. The influential people and socialites were gathered, and there were endless greetings and congratulations.

The room where Chu Luo stayed was actually very far from the living room, but it was at the side of the backyard. Thus, soon, envious and jealous voices drifted from outside the window.

“Oh my G.o.d, Brother Zihan is so romantic. He actually planted these Juliet Roses for Sister Qianyue.”

Chu Luo heard a sound outside and was about to close the window when there was a knock on the door behind her.

She walked over and opened the door to see Wei Xueying.

Wei Xueying had changed into a light purple low-cut evening gown and had on exquisite makeup, looking extremely beautiful.

The moment she saw Chu Luo’s attire, she exclaimed, “Luoluo, why haven’t you changed your clothes?”

Without waiting for Chu Luo to answer, she pushed her in. “Go and change your clothes quickly. There are a lot of people your age here. You can interact more with them. Maybe some of them might even be your schoolmates in the future.”

Chu Luo was pushed in, and she looked at Wei Xueying with her bright pitch-black eyes.

Wei Xueying thought that she was being shy, so she smiled and said, “If you feel shy about talking to those people, just sit there and listen to what everyone says. With Tingting around, you definitely won’t be bored.”

When Chu Luo heard this, a glint flickered across her eyes. She suddenly changed her mind and nodded at her. “Okay. You can go over first. I’ll come after I change my clothes.”

Wei Xueying was in a hurry to entertain her peers, so she nodded. “Okay. Then, hurry up. Big Brother and Sister Bai’s engagement party is going to start in 20 minutes.”


After Wei Xueying left, Chu Luo went to choose a lotus-colored dress to wear. She walked to the mirror and lifted her fringe to reveal her fair forehead.

She didn’t do anything with it. She put down her fringe and walked out of the door.


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