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Chapter 348: Love It, Love It!

Seeing that Yu Tong didn’t speak for a long time, Chu Luo asked, “Aren’t there any Four Treasures of the Study[1] here?”

Yu Tong shook her head and nodded with mixed feelings. “Yes, it’s in the Calligraphy a.s.sociation office on the first floor.”

“Can I borrow it?”

“You can.”

Yu Tong finally put away the complicated feelings in her heart. She turned to look at the crowd and pointed at one of the boys. “Li Qiangdong, open the door.”

Li Qiangdong nodded, took out his key, and walked towards the room.

Chu Luo followed.

The others subconsciously followed.

Opening the door, there was an art table opposite the door. Beside it were a few wooden racks with ink, paper, and books.

Chu Luo walked in and looked at the shelf before looking at the Four Treasures of the Study.

Li Qiangdong subconsciously asked, “Chu Luo, these things are alright, right?”

“Just pa.s.sable.” After Chu Luo finished speaking, she took out a pen, ink, and inkstone and asked, “Are there any good Xuan paper?”

“Yes.” Li Qiangdong quickly walked to one of the cabinets and opened it. There were many Xuan papers neatly placed inside.

“What specifications do you want?”

Chu Luo told him the specifications and Li Qiangdong took it out for her.

After everything was prepared, Chu Luo glanced at the people surrounding her and directly ordered them to leave. “Other than Yu Tong, everyone else is to leave.”

The group of people who were chased out looked indignant, but no one was willing to leave. They all squeezed by the door and watched Chu Luo paint.

“Chu Luo’s att.i.tude is terrible. Isn’t she worried that we will vote for the president?”

“She’s so arrogant. Why do I feel more and more displeased the more I look at her? I really want someone to torture her.”

“Why don’t you torture her yourself?”

“Erm… I don’t have a habit of bullying the young.”

“Tsk! I think you’re the one who’s afraid of being tortured instead.”

After a while.

The group of people who were originally arguing suddenly stopped when Chu Luo started writing.

In the end, they could only crane their neck, widen their eyes, and hold their breath.

After a while, seeing the lively and vigorous words appear on the Xuan paper, everyone took a deep breath. Then, ignoring the fact that they had been chased out, they rushed in again.

Everyone looked at the words and exclaimed continuously.

“Heavens, these words look so elegant and beautiful!”

“Love it, love it!”

“Am I the only one who noticed what she wrote? Chu Luo actually wrote the words ‘Phoenix Skies Legend’!”

“Chu Luo, why did you write these words? However, the word ‘Phoenix Skies’ really feels like a phoenix soaring through the nine heavens. It’s amazing!”

“I really want to have a calligraphy piece by Chu Luo.”

“If Chu Luo is willing to write a calligraphy piece for me, I’ll vote for her immediately.”

“Me too.”

Yu Tong looked at the people who were infatuated with Chu Luo’s handwriting and mocked them in disdain, “Can you guys be more shameless? Why would Chu Luo write it for people who had just gossiped about her a moment ago?”

Everyone choked.

After a while, Zhang Yiran said with a pained expression, “I don’t have a choice either. The president and Chu Luo are like the palm of my hand. The palm of my hand is like the back of my hand. How can I part with them?”

“Pfft! I heard that you couldn’t bear to part with the president’s face.”

“Erm… My s.e.xual orientation is normal. Isn’t it normal to like the president’s face?”

“Pfft, pfft, pfft, pfft!”

Seeing that the two of them were about to argue, Chu Luo put away her paint brush and said, “Shut up, both of you.”

Everyone shut their mouths.

After the handwriting on the Xuan paper was dry, Chu Luo rolled it up and put it away. She said to Yu Tong, “When I’m free, I’ll give you a calligraphy painting.”


While Yu Tong was excited, the others were envious, jealous, and afraid to speak again. At this moment, Chu Luo walked out of the door with the piece of paper.

After the footsteps had gone far away, Yu Tong said smugly, “I’m simply too smart to have stood on Chu Luo’s side since a long time ago. I feel that having one of Chu Luo’s calligraphy paintings means having the entire world. Hahaha…”

Everyone: “Pfft!”

Chu Luo had just walked out of the Student Union building when she saw Xie Mingtao riding a bike over.


Xie Mingtao parked the bike beside Chu Luo and took the painting from her. He smiled happily. “After we frame this painting, we’ll wait for the opening day. Haha.”

Chu Luo nodded.

Xie Minghai added, “Junior, I have something on. I’ll leave first.”


After asking Roundy to take out her skateboard, Chu Luo also left the Student Union office building.

She had just walked to the school path when she received a call from Professor Wu.

Chu Luo turned on her skateboard and went to the technology building at the School of Computer Science.

Professor Wu and a group of technicians were all there. When they saw Chu Luo, they first greeted and congratulated her.

Then, Professor Wu asked her, “Our research will resume tomorrow. How’s the experiment on your side?”

“Progress isn’t bad either.”

Professor Wu smiled. “Then I look forward to the open beta testing on New Year’s Day.”

Chu Luo smiled and nodded.

After Professor Wu finished speaking, he called Chu Luo to the side and asked in a low voice, “Little Chu, I heard that the funds of the Blazing Glory Corporation’s empire disappeared after the Qin family froze it. Will this affect the Blazing Glory Corporation?”

Chu Luo knew that Professor Wu was concerned about them and shook her head. “No.”

“That’s good. The moment this news was released, society panicked. The Blazing Glory Corporation has too great an impact on the empire.”

Professor Wu was relieved.

Then, he hesitated for a moment before saying, “Little Chu, Little Yao has been saying that there’s something around my apartment in school. For the past two days, we’ve been returning to the old district to stay every night. Little Yao also said that someone is following us.”

When Chu Luo heard this, her expression turned cold.

“I gave Sister Wu a talisman previously. As long as you’re in danger, I’ll rush over immediately. Get her to carry the talisman paper with her at all times and don’t take it off. If you encounter that kind of thing, it can also withstand until I come.”

“Okay, I know. Thank you, Little Chu. I’ll have to trouble you again.”

“Professor Wu, you don’t have to thank me. Don’t alert the enemy. I want to see who’s following you guys.”


After the two of them finished speaking, Chu Luo left the technology building.

Before she could walk out of the School of Computer Science, she was stopped by Neeson.

Neeson didn’t look well. It was obvious that the poison had flared up.

He looked at Chu Luo, his proud eyes filled with pain. “You promised to give me the antidote.”

Chu Luo took out a bottle and threw it to him. “One pill a day.”

“Is this the antidote?”

“Of course not. I’ll give you the antidote after you finish teaching me what you know.”

Neeson pursed his lips and looked at her. A few emotions flashed across his eyes. In the end, he lowered his eyes and said calmly, “I thought you’d forgotten to come and learn from me.”

Chu Luo was indeed busy these past few days. She thought for a while and said, “There are two hall cla.s.ses in the School of Engineering tomorrow. The rest are foreign language cla.s.ses. I’ll learn from you in the robot manufacturing room the entire day.”

Neeson looked up at her. “Okay.”

With that, he left.

Chu Luo returned to the villa at Imperial Sky Park.

As soon as she alighted from the car, the butler who welcomed her at the door said to her, “Miss Chu, Princess Anya was knocked down by a car this morning.”

Chu Luo stopped in her tracks.

“What happened?” After asking, she added, “Who knocked into her?”

“Qin Ming.”


“Where is she now?”

“At her villa.”

Chu Luo turned around and got into the car again. She said to the butler, “I’ll go see her.”

With that, she got the chauffeur to drive the car away.

The car stopped outside Anya’s brightly-lit villa. There were shadows moving inside.

Chu Luo alighted and the bodyguards by the door quickly let her in.

She asked, “Where is Anya?”

“The princess is in her bedroom.”

Chu Luo nodded and followed him towards the door of the villa.

When she reached the villa, she saw a few doctors and Anya’s bodyguards downstairs.

When Anya’s personal guard saw Chu Luo, she quickly greeted her, “h.e.l.lo, Miss Chu.”

“How’s Anya?”

“The princess has a mild concussion. Her right leg is injured and she has a few abrasions on her body. She has been lying in the bedroom for the entire day.”

At this point, she looked worried. “Ever since the doctor finished checking her injuries, she chased everyone out and ordered no one to enter. She didn’t even eat lunch and dinner.”

Chu Luo frowned and said, “Prepare dinner. Bring it up later.”

“Okay… Miss Chu, please wait.” The guard stopped her again and hesitated.


“The man who knocked down the princess today has been standing outside her bedroom door. He refuses to go away.”

Chu Luo nodded and walked upstairs.

[1] brush, ink, paper and ink stone


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