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Chapter 266: There’s Something in the Flower Tea

Qin Ya walked over and hooked her arm with hers, pulling her away.

Lan Lan wanted to struggle, but Qin Ya still had a smile on her face. However, her tone was obviously threatening. “Lan Lan, don’t move. I’m pregnant, and the doctor said that I have to be more careful in the first three months.”

When Lan Lan heard this, her expression changed. In the next second, she thought that it wouldn’t take long for the two of them to get the scissors and basket, so she could only follow her.

The moment the two of them left, though Qin Xin was still smiling, her words became even more impolite than Qin Meng’s. “Chu Luo, didn’t you elope with Li Yan’s shadow? Didn’t Li Yan punish you?”

“Xinxin, do you believe those words yourself?” Qin Meng continued, “I think it’s because Chu Luo is too beautiful. Li Yan hasn’t gotten tired of her yet, so he didn’t punish her.”

After Qin Meng finished speaking, she sized up Chu Luo’s entire body and her gaze finally landed on her face. She clicked her tongue and said, “You don’t say. With your figure and face, even I, a woman, am a little…”

“Pfft… Mengmeng, do you really think this face is hers?”

Qin Xiang, who was standing at the side and watching the show, finally couldn’t stand it anymore. She sneered. “Didn’t you see her photo a few months ago? That person was short and thin, and there’s such an ugly scar on her forehead. She’s like a different person from the current her.”

“Aren’t you Chu Luo?”

“She changed her face.”

“Ah! Chu Luo, you actually changed your face?”

Qin Meng deliberately raised her voice. Many people hadn’t gone far in the first place, but when they heard this, they looked over.

Chu Luo admired them calmly. She raised her hand to tuck her hair that was blown by the wind behind her ear and asked with a smile, “So what are you guys trying to say? Are you going to expose me or what?”

At this point, she narrowed her eyes and glanced at the three women. Her smile widened as she kindly reminded them:

“Since you all know about it, doesn’t Li Yan know? Since he knows everything, do you dare to complain to him?

“Also, didn’t I say just now? I’m using the products of the Phoenix Corporation. Did you selectively lose your memory, or do you want to deliberately damage my reputation?”

At this point, Chu Luo suddenly took a step towards the three of them.

The three of them felt their hearts skip a beat. To think, this person wasn’t afraid at all. Instead, she was fearless. Could it be that she really knew some sorcery?

The three of them suddenly recalled the tragic scene where they invited the two masters to deal with Li Yan’s shadow last time. They became even more certain that it was either Chu Luo had learned sorcery or that she knew people in this area.

At the thought of this, the three of them subconsciously took a step back. Their expressions turned ugly.

They planned to first go back and ask what to do next.

Coincidentally, Qin Ya walked over with Lan Lan.

Lan Lan was holding a flower basket with two scissors inside. She first glanced at the expressions of the three women from the Qin family before smiling at Chu Luo and saying, “Chu Luo, let’s go cut the flowers.”

Chu Luo looked at Lan Lan and nodded.

The two of them walked to the side.

After the two of them had walked away, Qin Ya stopped smiling and looked at the three of them. She asked, “What happened to you just now?”

Qin Xin quickly said, “It’s Sixth Sister. She said that Chu Luo changed her face and made Chu Luo unhappy.”

Qin Xiang snorted. “She changed her face to begin with. Do you really believe that a cosmetics product can make her so beautiful?”

Qin Meng criticized her directly. “Sixth Sister, our current goal is to find a way to embarra.s.s Chu Luo in front of Li Yan and make him hate her. You’re so direct that it made her vigilant against us. How are we going to continue with our plan?”

Qin Xiang looked a little displeased. “Was I the only one talking? You guys…”


Qin Ya shouted in a low voice, “Shut up, all of you! Is this the time for you to argue? Don’t forget that your success or failure tonight is directly related to the fate of our Qin family. Tamp down on your usual rich miss temper.”

“Aren’t we already restraining ourselves?” Qin Meng muttered. “If not for the Qin family, would I have to waste my breath on that poor person here?”

Most importantly, that woman’s mouth was too rude, so rude that Qing Meng couldn’t control her emotions.

Qin Xin was also a little aggrieved. “I didn’t like that devil to begin with. If I really married him, I’m afraid that I wouldn’t have the chance to enjoy being the wife of the richest man in the world before I would be frozen to death by his cold face.”

Qin Meng opened her mouth as if she had something to say, but in the end, she didn’t say what she wanted to say.

Qin Xiang also didn’t like Li Yan and despised him for being a cripple. Coupled with the fact that she already had a man she liked, if it weren’t for her family, the third branch, she would have long quit.

Qin Ya glanced at them and said with a dark expression, “Erase all thoughts. Tonight, one of you must seize the opportunity for me. Also… don’t you know that Grandpa said before that as long as anyone can get this huge amount of money to support our family, that person will be given priority for the spot of the family head?

“To put it bluntly, if I weren’t married, you won’t even have such a chance!”

Qin Ya’s words were like a wake-up call to the three of them.

The three of them looked at each other and walked to the side together. As they walked, they made a call.

Chu Luo asked Phoenix to transmit their conversation to her ears word by word. When Qin Ya walked towards them, she took a pair of scissors and cut off a Persian chrysanthemum before placing it in a basket by her feet.

Thinking about how the women from the Qin family had designs on her man, she would be letting herself down if she didn’t help them court death. She even forwent doing any experiments tonight and came to watch a show.

At this moment, Lan Lan, who was standing at the side tr.i.m.m.i.n.g the flowers, saw Qin Ya walking over from the corner of her eye. She suddenly said to Chu Luo, “Chu Luo, you must have heard that my third aunt is indebted to Li Yan, right?”

Chu Luo responded casually, “Mm. What has this got to do with me?”

Lan Lan smiled and said, “It’s indeed unrelated, but Master Li has always had a good relations.h.i.+p with the Duanmu family. I just want to tell you that if you encounter anything, just look for the Duanmu family. They will definitely be very willing to help you.”

“Is that so?”

Chu Luo was still nonchalant.

Qin Ya, who walked over, smiled and continued, “Lan Lan, if someone didn’t know better, they would think that you were deliberately telling Chu Luo that Li Yan is indebted to Grandfather Duanmu and that Li Yan must repay the Duanmu family.”

Lan Lan didn’t expect Qin Ya to say that. The smile on her face froze for a moment. In the next second, she said, “Sister, you’re mistaken. Why would I mean that?”

“Haha, I might have misunderstood.”

Qin Ya walked to Chu Luo’s side and glanced at the basket at her feet. She smiled and said, “Looks like Sister Chu likes this kind of Persian chrysanthemum a lot. I see that you’ve been cutting it here.”

“Not really.”

After saying that, Chu Luo put away the scissors and said, “Compared to cutting flowers, I prefer to use flowers to make tea. Then, I’ll take a book and sit down to read it slowly.”

“Sister Chu is indeed the college entrance examination top scholar. How about this? Not far ahead, there’s a greenhouse where one can admire the flowers. Usually, we sisters like to go there to read books and admire the flowers. It’s just that the place isn’t big. If everyone goes there together, we definitely won’t be able to stay. Why don’t we go over there and take a seat? I’ll get someone to make flower tea.”

Before Chu Luo could speak, Lan Lan said first, “Really? I prefer flower tea too. Why don’t I go with you guys?”


Chu Luo glanced at the two of them and nodded.

The three of them walked over.

However, not long after she left, a bodyguard walked over and said to Lan Lan, “Miss, Third Master wants you to go to the living room.”

A strange glint flashed across Lan Lan’s eyes, but she still left with him.

Chu Luo looked at the “bodyguard” and smiled.

It looked like the Qin family had made ample preparations tonight. They even used sleight of hand tricks. She wondered where that “bodyguard” would take Lan Lan.

“Sister Chu, let’s go.”

Chu Luo followed Qin Ya towards the greenhouse.

When the two of them were about to reach the gla.s.s door, Qin Xiang followed them.

The three of them walked into the greenhouse and sat down.

Soon, a servant brought over the freshly brewed flower tea.

The flower tea hadn’t been poured into the cups.

Chu Luo watched as the servant placed three cups in front of the three of them and her nose twitched.

Of the three cups, only her cup was stained with a lot of good stuff.

Chu Luo moved her fingers and transferred the good stuff from her cup to the two cups opposite hers.

After the servant poured the brewed flower tea into the three cups, she retreated and stood by the gla.s.s door.

Qin Xiang picked up the flower tea in front of her and said apologetically, “Chu Luo, I apologize for what I said just now. I know it’s impolite for me to casually talk about your appearance. Just take it that I’m a little jealous of your beauty.”

With that, she took a sip of the flower tea.

Chu Luo graciously picked up the flower tea in front of her and took a sip under Qin Ya and Qin Xiang’s watchful gazes.

Qin Ya also picked up the flower tea and took a sip. She started to casually find a topic to chat with Chu Luo about.

The three of them hadn’t chatted for long when Qin Xiang suddenly used her hand to fan her face and muttered, “Could it be my imagination? Why do I feel a little hot?”

Qin Ya also took out a handkerchief to wipe the sweat on her nose and said, “Probably because we just drank tea.”

The two of them didn’t suspect anything. After saying that, they turned to look at Chu Luo.

When the two of them looked over, Chu Luo propped her forehead with her hand and said pretentiously, “I think I’m a little dizzy.”

Qin Xiang restrained herself from smiling. “Maybe the greenhouse isn’t well-ventilated. Why don’t you go to a guest room to rest, Sister Chu?”

When Chu Luo heard this, she suddenly remembered what happened in the US last time. She wondered if she should castrate the man herself or let Li Yan castrate him if another man dared to covet her again.


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