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Chapter 65 Reunion

Scarlet Restaurant,Yin City.

The moment, Li Yue walked inside the restaurant, she immediately attracted the attention of most people dining inside the luxurious place. With her red tube dress that sparkled under the chandelier and white purse she was the center of attention. Li Yue followed the waiter towards her table. With her light make up and French twist, not many people would be able to recognize that usual plain Li Yue who had gone abroad was still abroad.

“Miss Li,” the waiter held his hand towards the table near the wall to ceiling gla.s.s wall that boasted the view of the Yin City. However, her eyes were not on the cityscape but were glued on Li Weiwei and Xia Jin. She never knew she was coming. She immediately smiled at the duo and approached the table.

“Sister.” Li Weiwei stood together with Xia Jin. The table was obviously for four people. It was square and huge and yet the two chose to occupy one side of the table. What madness was this? These were only Li Yue’s thoughts. She then held her hand with the intention of shaking their hands, however, Li Weiwei pulled her in a tight hug.

Was this really necessary? Li Yue didn’t remember when they had become this close.

After the hug, Xia Jin shook her hand with his usual gentle smile. From the information that she had gathered, Xia Jin had become a tyc.o.o.n while Li Weiwei was already an actress that loved to faceslap other people. She was actually one of the feared actresses of her generation because of her boldness and directness in handling schemes of Lu Xinyi who became a white lotus actress.

“How are you? You look dashing by the way.” Li Weiwei spoke. In contrast with Li Yue’s bold red dress, Li Weiwei was wearing a white dress that hugged her body.

“Thank you. I am very good. How about you two? I heard that you are getting married?” The engagement between the Xia and Li Family was not a secret. Li Yue remembered that this engagement had become stronger after Li Weiwei led a team of experts to find her four years ago. It was clearly a sign that this Li Weiwei was a kind soul who didn’t hesitate to find Li Yue in time of need.

After that incident, Li Weiwei’s popularity as a kind G.o.ddess exploded. With her history and kindness, the media soon got a hold of her story and didn’t hesitate to invite her to work with them. Li Weiwei started as a small actress. However, with the influence of Xia Jin and the Li Family, she soon became one of the most requested actresses of her generation.

Of course, this had nothing to do with Li Yue. She was merely observing this as she needed information to find out who would try and kill Xia Jin a few months from now.

“Two months from now…” Xia Jin answered. He gave a gentle look at Li Weiwei and smiled. “I will finally become her husband.”

“Stop it Jin.” Li Weiwei bashfully slapped her fiance. This made Li Yue smile. These two… They were so cute she wanted to slap them like a bug. What was their business showing off this sweetness to single people like her? “Oh! What do you think of this restaurant?” Li Weiwei said. “It took us months to book it. It is always full. Good thing, one of the producers I know was able to give me this opportunity to dine in with this place. Excellent interiors, right?”

“Well… it’s not too bad.” As the most expensive restaurant in the city, this place truly lived up to her expectations. With its high ceiling that was decorated with diamond like chandeliers, the place seemed to scream elegance yet it had a hint of gentleness to it.

“See? I told you she would like it.” Li Weiwei elbowed her fiance. “So… are you already married? Who is the lucky guy? Are you going to introduce him to mother and father?”

“Weiwei… let’s not overwhelm her. Why don’t we order some dishes first?” Xia Jin said before he called for the waiter. It didn’t take too long for them to place an order. Of course, Li Weiwei didn’t miss the opportunity to tell Li Yue about her experiences with Xia Jin. Under the pretense of catching up, Li Weiwei started talking about traveling the world with her fiance.

While Li Yue didn’t see the point of all this, she continued to listen and would answer questions that Li Weiwei would ask from time to time. She pretended to be interested and would always smile in front of the woman. After all, she was here for the job that Xia Jin wanted to give her… and she was already planning to charge them millions for that painting.

“Mr. Xia… Miss Li.” A cold voice suddenly interrupted their conversation. Li Yue turned her head towards the familiar voice and was surprised to see a familiar face in front of them. Mo Li.

“Mr. Mo.” Xia Jin and Li Weiwei immediately stood and shook Mo Li’s hands. “I’m not sure if you still remember Li Yue? Your cla.s.smate from before?” Xia Jin said. For the first time in two minutes, Mo Li finally looked at the woman in red who stood a few feet away from him.

“Of course. How could I forget?” He said, the coldness in his eyes seemed to intensified. Four years ago, this gaze would have made her nervous. However… she was no longer the naive woman from four years ago.

“Mr. Mo. It’s nice to see you again.” There was no trace of emotion in her gentle voice. Mo Li’s face seemed to freeze as he stared at her hand for a few seconds before finally shaking it. He then gave his attention back to Xia Jin and Li Weiwei.

“Then… can I join you? It would be nice to catch up with my high school cla.s.smates.” Mo Li said.

“I— I don’t know if that is going to be possible, Mr. Mo. You see… it took us a lot of months to book for this place and we only booked it for three people.” Li Weiwei said, embarra.s.sment apparent in her eyes.

“Oh. It’s alright.” A smirk slithered onto Mo Li’s arrogant face. “I own the place.”


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