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Chapter 83

Face-Slapping the genius from another world (9)

Editor: chestnutwhale

Gao Zhuang looked at what Zhou Xu had in his hand. Though his motions were slow, in the end, he gritted his teeth and shoved the entire handful of leaves into his mouth.

Suddenly, there was a great pain in his body, but he didn’t know where the pain originated from, he only knew that the pain was tormenting his head, and it was as if his whole body was being cut by a knife while being embalmed in salt.

Slowly squatting down, Gao Zhuang resisted with great difficulty the tremendous pain, unable to utter a single word.

Zhou Xu also cut a sorry figure. However, compared to these two, it was less serious. This was also the benefit of his medical knowledge, otherwise, if it were anyone else, he might also be anxious whether his leg would stay like this from now on.

Drawing support from his hands’ strength, Zhou Xu leaned against the side of a tree, taking a deep breath, Zhou Xu coldly said: “Sorry, Gao Zhuang, I lied, I have no antidote at all.”

Ruan Shijin was covered with sweat, his face was pale from the pain, and blood leaked out from biting his lips. Exhausting his final bit of strength, Ruan Shijin said, “Zhou Xu… you actually trick…”

Of course, even if Ruan Shijin only said five very unclear words, as if he had no tongue, Zhou Xu could still faintly understand what he meant.

Zhou Xu sneered, this person who let Gao Zhuang use a poisoned arrow to shoot him who was resting with his eyes closed, was at this instant saying that he was being deceitful. He was really using the double standard too well. What was in his favor, no matter how despicable, was not deceitful, and what was against him, no matter how justified, was deceitful.

“There’s a saying in the School of the Military, there can never be too much deception in war, Ruan Shijin, you wouldn’t have never heard of this, would you?”

Feeling that his body had begun to slowly recover, Zhou Xu continued, “The poison you were poisoned with is called Cut tongue, you won’t die, but you’ll be mute from now on. Oh, right, this poison will make you wish for death, but when I’m better later, I can send you away.”

Ruan Shijin and Gao Zhuang curled their bodies, unable to say anything, while Zhou Xu could only wait for the toxin in his body to gradually disappear, otherwise he couldn’t move around.

As time pa.s.sed, Zhou Xu began to regret not bringing Yan He with him, if Yan He was there, this would never have happened. And if he knew about his injuries, he would look at him with a very stern look. Zhou Xu reckoned that Yan He might also turn really clingy in the future, just like in the many worlds he had experienced before. His lover always had this problem.

Zhou Xu lightly sighed, the corner of his mouth hooked up. He thought that this problem of his lover was actually quite good.

Suddenly, Zhou Xu heard a low growl. He had an ominous premonition.

There was a tiger in this forest, which was very vicious and fond of attacking humans. The key point was that this tiger’s speed and strength were too amazing, ordinary humans were no match for him at all.

In fact, this tiger didn’t like to eat people, unless they were really too hungry. However, this tiger was very angry, because as long as he considered this to be his territory, and there were other animals invading, even if it was a fight to the death, he would fight with the invading animals.

Gao Zhuang and Ruan Shijin who were hurting from head to toe also heard it. The two of them could only look at each other in despair, while Zhou Xu took Gao Zhuang’s knife and prepared to fight the tiger in a desperate attempt.

Another low roar entered his ears, this time it was closer than the last one.

Zhou Xu had already tightened his grip on the knife, his palms were all sweaty, after all, he still couldn’t move his legs at this moment.

The third tiger growl came, and Zhou Xu only saw a yellow and black shadow flying out five meters away, but there was another figure behind it that was even faster than it.

Before he could see what was going on, the tiger had already fallen to the ground, its wuwuwu whimpering sound seemingly coming from underground, showing a sense of desolation.

A short while later, the tiger had stopped moving, and Zhou Xu finally got a good look at the figure, it was Yan He.

Only after confirming that the tiger was indeed dead did Yan He walk to Zhou Xu’s side, his eyes full of worries, Yan He asked, “Zhou Xu, are you alright?”

“No, I’m not.”

“What’s wrong?”

Zhou Xu answered with a faint smile, “I’m going mad from missing you.”

Yan He stared blankly, his face didn’t change but his ears were clearly red.

Zhou Xu stretched out his two hands and said, “Pick me up.”

Yan He nodded and picked Zhou Xu up. He then looked at the two suffering people on the ground with confusion.

Knowing that he was confused, Zhou Xu said, “They tried to kill me so I fed them poison.”

After hearing this, he put Zhou Xu down again.

While Zhou Xu looked at him in confusion, Yan He walked up to Gao Zhuang and Ruan Shijin, and then in the blink of an eye, he had already drawn his knife and swung it down. Gao Zhuang and Ruan Shijin’s feet had been chopped off.

Painful wails cut through the silent forest. Zhou Xu didn’t understand why Yan He had given them such a blow and didn’t directly kill them.

“You didn’t give the order, I don’t have the right to kill them, but I do have the right to punish them.” Yan He said afterwards.

Leaving the two people who had been poisoned and were without legs, Yan He carried Zhou Xu back to the clan.

It was only after returning to the clan that the elders realized that Gao Zhuang was the one who helped Ruan Shijin escape. He unexpectedly would swing a knife at the clan leader for a person who betrayed the clan, he totally deserved to be burned at the stake. But from what Zhou Xu said, the two of them were almost dead.

That forest was filled with all kinds of ferocious beasts at night, and the smell of blood was the biggest stimulant for them.

Zhou Xu could imagine Ruan Shijin and Gao Zhuang’s ending, because he had once died in that way.

Life was precious, love was likewise. At the moment, Zhou Xu was lying on Yan He’s bed, his heart very relaxed.

And just as he thought, Yan He began to stare at him with a condemning look.

In the end, Zhou Xu raised his hand in surrender, promising that he would take Yan He with him wherever he went unless there were special circ.u.mstances.

The houses of the Hedong clan were still being built in an orderly manner and the crops planted were starting to mature. In the meantime, Zhou Xu did something else, and that was to save the Lingshan clan from the control of the Hexi clan.

Bringing it up, the Hexi clan also didn’t want to take in the people from the Lingshan clan. From the start, they didn’t have enough food and besides, this was still summer, when winter came, it would probably be even more difficult. Thus when they left, the people from the Hexi clan actually felt relieved.

Originally, Zhou Xu had promised He Xiao to let them return to their territory if their clan leader was unwilling to merge with the Hedong tribe, but after a few elders of the Lingshan clan discussed together, they decided to stay.

Their clan was too small. Any clan would be able to wipe them out, and after experiencing what happened with the Hexi tribe, they had also thoroughly realized this. As such, they might as well merge with the Hedong clan so that they could still survive, otherwise, the Lingshan clan would end up disappearing into the long river of history.

Zhou Xu and the elders of the Hedong clan all agreed. This was the first time the Hedong clan had merged with another clan, but the merger was very good. There was no conflict between the two races, the key point was that the people of the Lingshan clan were very friendly in nature, so the people of the Hedong clan liked them as well.

After merging, Zhou Xu directly promoted He Xiao to an elder, and put her in charge of the clan’s agricultural problems. Zhou Xu also gave an order that all warriors, except for the construction team, must first follow He Xiao’s command, followed then by the hunting elder, Yan He’s command.

When giving this order, Zhou Xu subconsciously looked at Yan He. Finding that his expression was still calm, Zhou Xu knew in his heart that Yan He really cared about him and would support whatever decision he chose to make.

After merging with the Lingshan clan, it was the end of autumn. The wheat was ripe, the corn was also ripe, and there were also all kinds of beans, as well as vegetables that Zhou Xu had found.

In addition, due to He Xiao’s arrival, they had also found quite a few potatoes. In short, they really had a prosperous harvest this season.

He Xiao looked at all the wheat and was thoroughly stunned. She had not expected Zhou Xu to improve the wheat seeds at all. This kind of thing, how could an ordinary person accomplish it?

Zhou Xu, on the other hand, said with a slight smile, “The wheat seeds will need to be improved for a total of three rotations. Next year, we can plant two rotations, then after that, the wheat should be similar to the wheat of the modern world.”

“You’re too amazing.”

“However, can I leave the farming tools matter to you? During this period, I want to think about the matter of using steam power.”

“Steam machine?”

“En, a steam mill.”

“Zhou Xu, are you really a doctor? I feel like even calling you a G.o.d would be an understatement.”

The two of them spoke and joked around. Yan He just happened to come in and witness such a scene.

He Xiao suddenly felt a chill run down her back. When she looked up, sure enough, Yan He was standing at the door.

Sighing lightly, He Xiao said, “Your family’s vinegar jar arrived.”

Zhou Xu smiled and beckoned Yan He, who walked over. Zhou Xu hugged and kissed him, then said, “Of all the people in the world, I only like you the most.”

He Xiao covered her eyes and left, while Yan He’s earlobes reddenned again. Zhou Xu reached out his hand to pinch Yan He’s earlobes, and said with an enticing voice, “Tonight, how about I let you do it until you’re satisfied?”

Yan He looked down at Zhou Xu who was in his arms. This time, the corners of his mouth finally lifted, he said, “Okay.”

Actually, during this entire time, Zhou Xu had been living with Yan He. However, the two really hadn’t done it even once. It wasn’t because Zhou Xu didn’t want to, but rather because Yan He did not dare, he was afraid of hurting Zhou Xu. That ability of his always made him fearful and nervous. Even so, Zhou Xu really wanted to see that so-called scary s.e.xual ability of Yan He.

On that night, Zhou Xu finally knew, and was also thoroughly unconscious in Yan He’s bed. If one really wanted to say that Yan He’s ability was terrifying, then they could only refer to the fact that he could pleasure the person underneath him to death.

This was because that certain part of Yan He was completely different from an ordinary person. Not only could bend by itself, but it could also wiggle like a finger,completely be controlled.

Of course, on that certain thing of Yan He, there was a bright red mole.

The next day at noon, Zhou Xu woke up and as he gazed at the sleeping Yan He beside him., he suddenly had a flashback from the real world: he was lying in a starry s.p.a.ce, his body clothed in armor. It was as if he was floating, as if he were simply drifting along.

His head hurt a little. Zhou Xu couldn’t continue to think about it. Just as he woke up, he received a message: the Hexi clan members had come to steal food.

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