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Chapter 737 – Violent Conflict

Ji Feng asked with a smile, “What’s going on? Could it be that Shang Qiong was going to cause trouble? Or is there a fight between the workers? “

Since the call was from Guo Tao, it was obviously a matter of safety. Ji Feng could only think of two possibilities.

“No, boss, this time it seems a little troublesome. The business representative of the Northern Medical Group is here to cause trouble. In the end, Superintendent Yang got angry, gave him a slap and started a ruckus…” Guo Tao went straight to the point, “The security guards have now taken control of the situation, but the other party is still not giving up. Furthermore, his words are very unpleasant to listen to, and both Director Yang and General Manager Xu are furious!”

“Northern Medicine Group?” Ji Feng frowned and asked, “Did you hit him?” Is the other party hurt? “

“No one on the other side was injured, but they refused to give up and threatened that Kang Yuan would not be able to continue promoting his powder in Central Plains Province. Besides, they seemed to be doing something to General Manager Xu, and by the time we heard a commotion in the conference room and rushed in, Director Yang had already made his move…” Guo Tao said.

“How audacious!” Ji Feng was immediately enraged, “Who gave them the guts to actually dare to lay their hands on Boss Xu?!”

Guo Tao immediately said, “He’s already under control, but the other party is very arrogant. Boss, you should come over and take a look!”

“I’ll go now!” Ji Feng snorted angrily and closed the phone. He stepped on the accelerator and the BMW X6 roared as it sped away.

… ….

In the office of the Xiao family’s pharmaceutical factory, there was a room of about twenty square meters. This was one of the reception rooms that the pharmaceutical factory of the Xiao family had specially prepared for visiting customers.

But now, in this reception room that was only the size of a bedroom, there were over a dozen people standing inside.

It was very obvious that the dozen or so people were divided into three groups.

Xu Yuan and Yang De Zhao were separated into one group. Beside the two of them, a few security guards were on alert, with two security guards standing in front of Yang De Zhao. They seemed to be protecting him, but at the same time, trying to stop him. Xu Yuan stood beside the guards with an angry expression.

Opposite them was a young man and a middle-aged man. They were Su Aigong and Zhao Jingzhong, who had come to visit earlier.

At this moment, the two of them had furious expressions on their faces as they glared at Xu Yuan and Yang De Zhao. Su Aigong in particular was even more enraged. He held his forehead, and bright red blood flowed out from the gaps between his fingers. His face was covered in a lot of blood, making him look miserable and miserable.

There was a broken gla.s.s ashtray at Su Ai Gong’s feet. There were traces of blood on the broken gla.s.s. It was obvious that this ashtray had been in close contact with Su Ai Gong’s head before.

The other group consisted of three people, two men and one woman. One of them was a middle-aged man, while the other two were young men and women.

The three of them were obviously led by the middle-aged man. The young man and woman stood behind him and looked at the scene before them nervously. They found it hard to believe their own eyes, but their eyes were filled with worry.

The middle-aged man could only helplessly watch the scene in front of him and bitterly smile, but he didn’t know what to say.

In this room, there was another person who looked very eye-catching. This person was none other than the manager of the drug refinery’s security department, Guo Tao.

At this moment, Guo Tao was coldly staring at Zhao Jingzhong and Su Aiquan. His eyes were filled with a cold light, and his expression was ice-cold.

“You two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, do you really think you’re some kind of great character? Your dog eyes are simply blind! ” Yang De Zhao was obviously very angry, and with his irascible temper, he even cursed out loud, “d.a.m.n it!” How dare you lay your hands on our general manager in our factory! If you want to touch women, then go home and touch your mother! “

“Please keep your mouth clean!”

Zhao Jingzhong’s originally gloomy face suddenly turned livid as he heard Yang Tenzhao’s scolding. He sinisterly said, “You have now injured my colleague. This is already a crime. If you go too far, you will have to bear the consequences!”

“Arrogant your mother!”

Yang De Zhao immediately scolded: “When you were trying to make a move on our General Manager, why didn’t you think of bearing the consequences?!” “Let me tell you, when I hit this beast, it was all light. If it was in my previous temper, I would have smashed it to death right now!”

“Does this mean that you’re planning on continuing to cause trouble like this?” Zhao Jingzhong coldly asked.

“F * ck off!” “Stop f * cking twisting the facts here, it was you who came to cause trouble at our drug factory. Now you’re saying that we’re causing trouble, do you think that you’re the only smart one here, that no one else has brains?!”

He coldly snorted, “Let me tell you, this matter today, I’m not done with you! Our security manager has already called the police. When the police arrive, I want to see how you explain it! “

“Director Yang, I don’t think there’s a need to call the police here, is there?” This is all a business matter, so it’s not too appropriate to call the police over, is it? ” The third party, the middle-aged man, who had been silent all this time, was startled upon hearing that Yang Dehao had called the police. He hurriedly said, “I see. Why don’t you all calm down first, and then we can sit down and have a chat. What do you say?”

“That’s right!”

As soon as the middle-aged man finished speaking, the young woman beside him chuckled and said, “Today, both sides might be wrong, but aren’t all of us businessmen split up? We’re all in the business world, and we’re all in the medical field, so why are you all so stiff?”

The young man beside him merely nodded his head and moved his mouth. He seemed to want to say something, but he was at a loss as to what to say.

It could be seen that this young woman was much more capable than this man. Furthermore, she was also much more shrewd.

However, what they didn’t expect was that Yang Dehao’s temperament was far more violent than they had imagined. He didn’t have any plans to give them a way out of this predicament.

Hearing these words, Yang De Zhao immediately flew into a rage, “What do you mean by ‘both sides are at fault’? What’s wrong with us? This beast is teasing our general manager, can’t we fight back? What the f * ck! “Let me tell you, even if we were to reach the ends of the earth, we would still have to be reasonable. Today, we don’t need you to smooth things over, so what? So what if it’s the Northern Medicine Group? At worst, we don’t need the operations of the Central Plains Province, we can’t just let them bully us like this!”

The middle-aged man let out an embarra.s.sed smile, not knowing what to say. After all, he didn’t know what to say since Yang De Zhao had already said so much.

The young woman’s eyes were rolling as though she was pondering over an idea.

“Humph, such an incomprehensible thing, why are we thinking of doing business with you!” Zhao Jingzhong coldly snorted and said with disdain, “Little Su, let’s go! “First go to the hospital and bandage the wound on your head, then we’ll call the police. Someone broke your head, this is considered a crime.”

After he finished speaking, Zhao Jingzhong pulled Su Aigong and was about to leave.


Guo Tao stomped his foot on the ground, stepped forward, blocking the door, and said coldly, “I’m telling you, there’s no need for you to call the police, I’ve already reported this … “Before the police come, none of you should even think about walking out of this room. If not, you can give it a try!”

“What, is it okay if you hit me? Do you really want to imprison me illegally?” Zhao Jingzhong sneered.

“Come on, stop giving us big hats. I’m telling you, even if you kneel on the ground and beg for us today, it will be useless. Not to mention threatening and capturing the hats, I will carry all the burdens. But, don’t even think about pus.h.i.+ng away your responsibilities!” Yang De Zhao gave a cold harrumph.

Zhao Jingzhong frowned and said, “You’d better not say something like this right now. Don’t spout nonsense. We’re just here to discuss cooperation. If it doesn’t work, then start beating people up. This is something everyone knows. Even if the police come, you have no reason to say it!”

“I’m sorry!”

Guo Tao said coldly, “Let me tell you a bad news. In order to ensure the safety of our factory and the safety of our staff, we have installed surveillance cameras in all the reception rooms and meeting rooms, as well as in public places such as the workshop. Everything that happened in this room, every move of yours, has been monitored and recorded!”

He smirked, “So, you don’t need to tie our hats, nor do you want to push the responsibility to our factory director, let alone s.h.i.+rk your own responsibility …” Just you wait! “

“Humph!” This is unreasonable! ” Zhao Jingzhong coldly snorted and said with disdain. His heart couldn’t help but thump. There was actually a surveillance camera in the reception room? With this, the situation could get worse. Zhao Jingzhong began to feel guilty and secretly regretted it.

Because it didn’t matter what they said now. When the police arrived, they would have a look at the camera and everything would be clear. When the time came …

“Whether it’s reasonable or not, when the police arrive, everything will be clear.” Guo Tao said coldly, “Before this, you two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds better behave and stay here. Don’t think too much about it. Otherwise, I know you, but the baton in my hand doesn’t!”


Right now, the entire room was filled with people from the Xiao Clan’s medicine factory. There were only two people here, Su AiGong and Zhao Jingzhong. If the other party really wanted to make a move, they wouldn’t even know how they died.

Therefore, even though Zhao Jingzhong was angry, he didn’t say anything more. A wise man doesn’t take advantage of the situation. He just needed to endure for now. When the police arrived, he didn’t believe that the police would treat him like this.


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