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Chapter 51 National Concerns

Han Zhong looked at the female reporter and said, “You should ask the relevant departments in northern Jisheng if they are harsh on us. They have more say, don’t they?”


The female reporter was stunned. This wasn’t the answer she wanted. Plus, she was obviously asking Han Zhong, so why did it become Han Zhong asking her?

“Director Han …”

Seeing that Han Zhong answered, a reporter wanted to quickly answer the question. However, when he opened his mouth, he was interrupted by Han Zhong.

Han Zhong looked at the female reporter and smiled, “But then again, what I can tell you is the known fact.”

He stretched out his right index finger, “First, any product that has gone on sale in Tengfei Group has gone through quality inspection by the national quality control department, as well as all relevant departments. The quality inspection, procedure inspection, and all the procedures for this inspection are all in accordance with national standards.

In addition, we all know that Tengfei Group’s products are selling well all over the world, which has caused them to reach some foreign manufacturers. Therefore, some people or organizations have attacked Tengfei Group’s products more than once for their quality problems.

Furthermore, even the Ministry of Commerce of a developed country had once specially organized personnel to conduct the most rigorous inspection of Tengfei Group’s products in a laboratory led by a n.o.bel Prize winner. In the end, they still could not find any problems! “

Saying this, he stretched out a finger, “Second, currently, the two companies under Tengfei Group have received the notification that they have failed the inspection from the northern department, and have had to close down their business to rectify themselves. However, we do not know the standard for their inspection, and the northern department has not explained it to us!”

“The most important thing is that everyone knows that Teng Fei Group’s products, exports and domestic products are all from the same batch!”


When the reporters heard this, they were once again in an uproar. At the same time, their faces were filled with excitement.

Because, Han Zhong’s answer was too obvious.

Although Han Zhong didn’t say a single word about how Ji Bei was making things difficult for the Soaring Sky Corporation, the two facts that he laid out, every word, every sentence, and every sentence, stated this point.

Especially when Han Zhong mentioned about a developed country, everyone knew that it was the country of America. A few years ago, the Tengfei Group, including China’s upper echelons, had also played a game with the country of America, which was not a small piece of news.

At that time, the company was responsible for testing the product quality of Tengfei Group, but it was a world-cla.s.s laboratory.

Just by saying this, one could tell how powerful this laboratory was. The person presiding over this laboratory was a n.o.bel Prize winner. It was said that the annual funding for scientific research exceeded 3 billion RMB!

But in the end, they did not find any problems!

However, no problems were detected abroad, and no problems were detected in so many provinces of the country. However, the relevant departments in the northern province of Hebei detected that Tengfei Group’s products were not up to standard.

… …. If there wasn’t someone making things difficult for the Soaring Sky Corporation, wouldn’t this be a joke that was even more hilarious than the World Pao Man?!

“Chairman Han, may I ask if your group’s decision to withdraw from the Jbei Market will result in such a decision against the relevant departments of the northern Jisheng. They will use this decision to protest against the decision?” Another reporter asked.

“Of course not!”

Han Zhong immediately said, “Tengfei Group will strictly abide by the laws and regulations of the country to conduct legitimate operations. Even if we don’t understand the practices of the relevant parties, we will still express our claims through reasonable and legal channels and actions to protect the interests and interests of the Group.

And the reason we’re leaving the market is because we still haven’t completely understood the regulations and the inspection standards of the northern side, so as to not blindly expand and bring about unnecessary heavy losses to the group, especially not to affect the reputation of the group’s products. That’s why we made this decision. “


Han Zhong’s reply made all the reporters speechless. No one knew what to say.

As long as one was not stupid, they would be able to tell. They also understood that if they did not understand the rules of Ji Bei and did not cause any damage to the corporation, this was serious nonsense!

If one used the most understandable words to explain the official tone of Han Zhong’s reply, a sentence would appear in everyone’s mind — I can’t afford to offend you, I can’t hide from you!

Ji Bei acted like a hooligan, so I’m not playing anymore!

However, the more they understood the meaning behind Han Zhong’s words, the more the reporters felt strange, excited, stunned, and even a bit indignant and sad!

Because, it was the Soaring Flying Group!

That was the Soaring Sky Corporation!

It was the Soaring Group that was leading the technology forward!

It was that Tengfei Group that brought the products to the international market and brought it to the surging international market. It was a multinational group that had enmity with China, and it was the one that brought the prestige and dignity of the Chinese people, allowing China to make a name for itself in the world!

But now?

The Tengfei Group was forced to withdraw from the market just because of the investigation of some departments in Northern Ji, or more accurately, because of their difficult situation.

And if they did not quit, the consequence would be ‘unnecessarily heavy losses for the corporation’ and ‘the reputation that will affect the corporation’s products’!

Just the thought of it was enough to make one feel indescribably uncomfortable!

“Alright, let’s end the press conference here. Thank you so much!” Han Zhong did not wait for the others to ask any more questions and cupped his fists to greet everyone. Then, he left with a smile under the escort of the staff and security guards.

… ….

“Being forced into a corner!” “Tengfei Group, withdraw from the Hebei market!”

“China’s new standard – surpa.s.ses the world’s top laboratory!”

“Quality control, triggers the Tengfei Corporation’s upheaval!”

“Tengfei Group’s withdrawal from Hebei Market, is there any more details?”

… ….

In the shortest amount of time, the headlines, newspapers and news articles had spread throughout the country like snowflakes. They had spread to the desks of the print media readers and to the eyes of the netizens.

The entire country was paying attention!


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