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Chapter 1018 – Struggling for Benefit!

In fact, the fact that the entire sh.e.l.l of the laser gun was provided by the Tengfei Corporation had already exceeded Ji Feng’s expectations.

As for the production of exclusive laser guns, that was impossible!

Not to mention the security measures of the Tengfei Corporation, whether this top-secret technology would leak out or not, just the laser gun was a weapon, the country would absolutely not let the Tengfei Corporation have control over it.

At least for now, this weapon was definitely one of the most powerful weapons in the world. It didn’t even have one of the ‘weapons’ after it, it was very possible that it was the most powerful weapon in the world.

How could the country completely give such a powerful weapon to a private company to produce? Not even with Ji Feng’s background.

Even if it was the other factions, even if it was the Xiang Family, they would definitely not agree for the laser gun to be completely handed over to the Tengfei Corporation because once the time went by, this would be tantamount to Tengfei Corporation grabbing onto their neck. At that time, if they wanted to play some tricks, no one would be able to control them.

When a country imports weapons, it doesn’t even want to import them from a single country, much less now when it is producing them domestically.

Moreover, the security of Tengfei Group was indeed not as good as those of the old military industrial enterprises. This was not only a matter of the quality and capability of the security personnel, but also involved many aspects.

For example, there were old military enterprises, especially those that were involved in the production of important weapons. Some of them were guarded by a large number of armed personnel, and some of them were extremely important and large-scale.

Tengfei Corporation’s current security force was indeed sufficient, but, if they increased the production line of laser guns, then it would definitely be insufficient. And the recruitment of security personnel wasn’t done overnight; this was different from other ordinary companies.

The security personnel of the military industrial enterprise had to undergo a strict examination before they could be on duty. Moreover, there were a series of complicated procedures to be completed.

In addition, there were a lot of benefits involved.

Imagine, with a powerful single-soldier combat weapon like the laser, as long as it could be ma.s.s-produced, the army would have to gradually change. Then, just imagine, how many armies were there in the entire country? What was the price of changing into this set of clothes?

Even if it was just changing the equipment of the main force, the cost would definitely be an astronomical figure!

How many people were watching such a big piece of cake? If Teng Fei Group, a private company, wanted to buy it all by itself, that was impossible!

Even if this Soaring Cloud company was Ji Feng’s, as long as the cake was big enough and could cause others to be jealous, it would definitely attract many red-eyed people who wanted a share.

Instead of resisting such a huge pressure alone, it would be better to just throw it out. With the technology in hand and the qualification to produce and supply the outer sh.e.l.l, the profits from this alone was already very considerable.

In fact, the profits were secondary. The most important thing was that the Tengfei Group could finally use this opportunity to officially enter the industrial field. The significance of this wasn’t ordinary at all.

However, he needed to grasp the extent of his cooperation with the military. At the very least, he should not eat too much while making a contribution.

Thus, Ji Feng asked with a smile: “To Chief, about that, about the cooperation…”

Before even speaking, the old man could not help but say, “Little comrade, even if you are the child of Division Minister Ji, your uncle is still here, why are you …”

He didn’t finish his words, but his meaning was clear. It was clear that he thought that Ji Feng was too interested in benefits and didn’t know that he wanted to contribute to the country.

Ji Feng could not help but scratch his head and said with a bitter smile, “This old mister, relying on your own labor to get compensation, I feel that you should be protected by the law in our country!”

The old man was so angry that he puffed his beard and glared at Ji Feng, unable to say a word.

Ji Feng just smiled and ignored him.

Ji Feng did not know what to say to this kind of old mister. Did everyone have to contribute to the country without any compensation?

Making contribution points required eating!

For ordinary workers to be able to do a good job in their own jobs was also a contribution. They should receive wages and benefits, which were also their earnings from labour.

It wouldn’t be too much to say that he provided the technology, and that it was an era changing technology, but why couldn’t he ask for a certain amount of benefits?

If not for the presence of Liberation and Uncle Ji Zhenping, Ji Feng really wanted to ask this old mister: Do you not get your salary from the country because you always work?

Seeing this, Emanc.i.p.ation couldn’t help but laugh as he said: “Ji Feng, you can rest a.s.sured that as long as you contribute, the country will not treat you unfairly. As for these issues, there will be people to discuss them in detail with you!”

As the head of the department, he naturally wouldn’t negotiate with Ji Feng over such a sky-high price like a merchant. Naturally, there would be professional people who would do such things.

Speaking to Liberation now was also to smooth things over. The main reason was that this old man was the main person in charge of the laser gun project and he wanted to meet Ji Feng, the technology provider. He wanted to have a technical exchange, but he didn’t expect that the exchange hadn’t even started and the conversation wasn’t too happy.

Since this was the case, Ji Feng naturally had no need to stay here any longer. He bid his farewells to Liberation and the others before leaving the main station.

Since Emanc.i.p.ation had already said that someone would contact him, he would just wait. As for now, he only wanted to return to Jiang Prefecture to accompany Lei and the others.

That afternoon, Ji Feng took the military plane back to Jiang Prefecture. On the plane, he couldn’t help but think that if the old man knew that he was using the military plane for no reason, he would probably think that he was a bug and was wasting the country’s resources, right?

He couldn’t help but shake his head. This was a difference between two generations of people. He couldn’t say that he was right, but the old man was wrong. At the very least, he would do what he thought was right.

After leaving the military base, Xiang Yongzhan had already arranged a carriage to send him off. He originally wanted to stay for a good drink, but was rejected by Ji Feng.

“Ji Feng, when you have time, you must give me a call. I must have a drink with you!” It was very satisfying to hear that Ji Feng had only brought a few people with him to eliminate the remnants of the cheetah mercenary group and even annihilated the Wolf Gang.

Yong Zhan’s biggest regret was that he let the boss of the cheetah Mercenaries run away with a group of people. Now that they were killed by Ji Feng, he had to drink a few cups of wine no matter what. It was worth celebrating.

Ji Feng nodded with a smile, “No problem, isn’t it simple if you want to drink wine? I’ll contact you in a few days!”

“Your words are enough!” Yong Zhan laughed, “I know you want to go home, but it’s better if you don’t get married. That’s understandable!”

“Of course!” Ji Feng calmly admitted it.

Yong Zhan’s laughter became louder, and after a while, he couldn’t help but smile, and said: “To be honest, you brat, you really can’t say anymore, just one sentence, amazing! There’s nothing you can’t do. To use the words of a chief to describe you, you are just that omnipotent Sun monkey. How amazing! “

Ji Feng asked in surprise, “Oh? Someone described me like that? “

“Of course!”

Smiling at Yong Zhan, he said, “Don’t think that this is a derogatory term, this is a compliment to you! “You don’t even know how great your reputation is in the military. You even killed that fat pig, which is absolutely satisfying for you. You did something that many people couldn’t do even if they wanted to!”

That Taiwan’s fat pig politician who often jumped up and down not only insulted the mainland, but also forgotten his ancestors. There were countless people in the mainland who hated him so much that their teeth itched, but they couldn’t do anything to him. But now, that fat pig had been killed by Ji Feng.

Hearing this, Ji Feng shook his head and laughed. This kind of thing, even in private, was not something one could admit to. Otherwise, there would be a great deal of trouble.

He was actually more interested in something else. He lowered his voice and mysteriously asked: “Brother, I saw that video. When you threw down two black objects from upstairs, it instantly turned into a sea of fire. What exactly is that thing?!”

Ji Feng casually said, “Just a small toy and casually made a simple incendiary bomb!”

Yong Zhan looked at him speechlessly and asked, “Do you think I would believe you? How powerful would the proposed incendiary bomb be? “Even if it was a military soldier carrying a firearm, it wouldn’t be able to compare to what you casually made, right?”

After watching that video, the first thing he saw was the blazing fire that attracted his attention. As an amateur spectator and an expert spectator, the first thing he saw was that the thing that was being burned was not simple, so he couldn’t help but ask.

In fact, when they saw this video, they noticed that it wasn’t just Eternal Battle. Actually, when this video was released, many professionals and even some members of the military noticed it as well.

At that time, when Ji Yu was filming, he only had one or two scenes flas.h.i.+ng past occasionally, which showed that Ji Feng was meddling with those things on the table. However, for the rest of the time, he was only filming Ji Feng’s upper body. He was even doing background work!

This was driving the professionals crazy!

Clap your hands! How come he didn’t know to take down Ji Feng’s hand movements back then! The two black objects were obviously made by Ji Feng at the last moment. Clearly, the raw materials were on the table. If one were to take a photo of Ji Feng’s hands, it would be equivalent to taking a photo of the production of that terrifying fireball.

But now …


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