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Chapter 961 – very troublesome!

Above them, were a few officials speaking with their heads held high, as well as a few important figures of the Chamber of Commerce. According to Ji Yu’s introduction, the t.i.tles were written in a series and appeared to be of great importance.

Ji Feng was just watching from the sidelines. It had nothing to do with him whether the political leaders of Taiwan wanted to win over the merchants or a certain businessman who they wanted to rely on. He only wanted to have a better understanding of the situation and see how the events of Taiwan played out!

However, the only thing that satisfied him was that the political leaders and those people who held weight within the Chamber of Commerce did not speak for a long time. Some of them only spoke a few simple sentences to liven up the atmosphere.

This was quite a difference from the leaders of the mainland who would talk for an hour or two!

In fact, it was understandable that these politicians had come here today in order to seek financial support. They should have lowered their stature; no one had the patience to listen to their boring and long-winded speech. As for whether or not he could get the support of money, or how much he could get, wasn’t something that could be decided by just a few words on the stage.

“Alright, everyone. There’s no need to say anymore. Please have a free exchange!” As the middle-aged man in charge of the event smiled and waved his hand, the originally quiet venue immediately became boisterous. Everyone finally began to talk to each other, and of course, their voices weren’t very loud, as the people who came here all claimed to be members of the upper cla.s.s. Although they occasionally liked to do dirty things, at the moment, everyone still cared a lot about their reputation.

Seeing Ji Feng’s slightly surprised expression, Ji Yu pursed his lips and laughed: “What, are you not done yet?!”

Ji Feng laughed, “What is there to be afraid of? I’m just a little surprised, why are their words so short? “

“It shouldn’t have been too long to begin with!”

Ji Yu laughed: “This is not a campaign speech! If any of those people had taken a fancy to an entrepreneur or a business tyc.o.o.n, they would definitely privately communicate with them. Only by privately clarifying some of their own political opinions and points of view would they be able to convince the entrepreneur that it’s worth investing in them, and only then would they invest! “

Hearing this, Ji Feng suddenly understood. So that was the case!

Thinking about it, it made sense. Since these entrepreneurs could do this much, there were no fools among them. Who would be so irresponsible to invest the money that they worked so hard to earn? If that was the case, then he would no longer be an entrepreneur but a prodigal son!

Thus, the following exchanges were the most important points.

The politicians would definitely find the entrepreneurs they were targeting and talk to them in private, listen to their requests, then explain some of their views clearly so that they could support them and gain benefits in the future.

Only then would the entrepreneurs invest.

Ji Feng looked around and found that everyone was discussing something in hushed tones. Of course, because of the difference in status and ident.i.ty, the venue was divided into several areas, and Ji Feng’s gaze was mostly focused on the leader of the cheetah mercenary group. He was like a b.u.t.terfly greeting everyone in the hall, and a few people were standing around with wine cups in their hands, talking about something.

Ji Feng could not help but sneer in his heart. This man was simply like a clown. Although he appeared to be in limitless glory, in reality, he was nothing more than a clown jumping around to curry favor with his master.

If he really allowed this kind of person to wield power, then it would be a true disaster for Taiwan!

He had almost completely cut off his relations.h.i.+p with the mainland, but it had made it difficult for him to do business in Taiwan. When he was found out that there was a problem and put in prison, Taiwan changed positions and established a channel with the mainland.

As a result, Taiwan’s business has almost entered a period of blowout!

Now, everyone knew exactly how big of a market China was. No one was willing to give up on this place, but there were still some people who still didn’t understand the situation. Perhaps, they were clear in their hearts, but doing this now would definitely bring them more benefits!

At this time, another person came to chat with Ji Yu. Ji Yu was helpless as he could not always use Ji Feng as a s.h.i.+eld. After all, as the eldest miss of the Bamboo Alliance, she needed to have these social contacts.

Ji Feng was sitting on the sofa as his gaze swept across the faces of everyone present.


At this moment, Ji Feng suddenly saw Bao Weisheng looking at him. He noticed that Bao Weisheng was sitting not far away with a wine cup in his hand. He didn’t socialize with anyone and was sitting on the sofa looking at him.

As if he had noticed Ji Feng’s gaze, Bao Weisheng raised his hand to look at his watch and grinned complacently at Ji Feng. His eyes seemed to be looking at a dead man!

Ji Feng’s countenance was calm. It seemed that Bao Weisheng was confident that he would be able to kill him tonight?

Let’s give it a try!

He quickly tossed Bao Weisheng to the back of his mind. Although Bao Weisheng was indeed someone important, but in terms of martial arts, Bao Weisheng was still far from enough!

What Ji Feng was really concerned about was where the people from the cheetah mercenary group had gone to!

Was it because the leader didn’t think it was appropriate to bring the cheetah mercenary group with them, so he didn’t bring them here? Or was it because the cheetah mercenary group was actually hiding somewhere that Ji Feng didn’t know about?

Understanding this problem was especially important!

Ji Feng raised his hand to check the time and frowned. More than twenty minutes had pa.s.sed, yet there still wasn’t any news?

Not long after he entered the venue, he realized that the people from the cheetah mercenary group weren’t with the leader, so Ji Feng immediately told White Pearl to contact Zhang Lei and tell him to be careful. At the same time, he knew that Zhang Lei would definitely secretly investigate. Even if Zhang Lei didn’t think of this, Liu Ze Jun and Yao Zhi Jian would definitely warn him.

At the same time, Ji Feng also sent a message to Old Zhou, asking him to find out if the cheetah mercenary group was still at their residence.

However, even after more than twenty minutes had pa.s.sed, there was still no news from Old Zhou. It was unknown whether it was because he had not managed to figure it out, or because something had happened in the process!

“Rumble …”

Suddenly, Ji Feng’s cell phone vibrated. He took out his cell phone to scan the screen before answering: “Lei Zi, what do you say?”

Zhang Lei’s voice immediately sounded, “Lunatic, is it convenient to talk over there?”

Ji Feng calmly nodded and said, “Speak.”

Zhang Lei understood and said, “Don’t show any reaction, and don’t be surprised… There’s quite a lot of people outside. Just now when we were walking around, we found that there were at least 6 of them. Furthermore, they might have snipers. It’s very troublesome! “

Ji Feng’s eyes narrowed. Six points and a sniper?!

It looked like this time, some people were really planning to keep him. They were going to take his life!

Ji Feng smiled. It seemed like today’s salon was extremely lively. Not only did people already know that he was coming, they had already set up an inescapable net to wait for him!

“Are you sure?” Ji Feng calmly asked.


Zhang Lei said, he knew that Ji Feng was asking if he could remove the six points, “The six points are distributed in different directions and they are not in the same building. The distance between the six points is also very far, if there is a connection between them, then we can’t remove them all at once!”

There were at least six of them, but, including him, there were only four people in total, unless Ji Feng and Bai Zhu were to take action, it would be perfect for them to deal with one point each, but it was obviously impossible. If the target of those people was indeed Ji Feng, then as long as Ji Feng showed up, he would definitely be attacked crazily by them!

If Ji Feng were to walk down the street, the fire net alone would be enough to seal off any path that Ji Feng would take. As long as the sniper was even slightly more adept, then Ji Feng would definitely die!

“How about this, I’ll give it a try first. If there’s no connection between them, then there might be a chance!” Zhang Lei said.

“Don’t act recklessly!”

Ji Feng’s expression remained calm. In the eyes of outsiders, he was making a normal call. However, in the eyes of Bai Zhu, who was standing beside him, there was a sharp glint of light as he continued, “First scout and don’t be hasty. The most important thing is the survivors!”

In fact, Ji Feng was not too worried about those six points and the snipers. The key laid in the location chosen by the snipers, and also the fact that the snipers were not completely unsolvable. The ones who posed the greatest threat were the members of the cheetah mercenary group.

Zhang Lei nodded, “I understand.” Are you all right in there? “

Ji Feng laughed, “I’m fine. You don’t have to worry about me. Just be careful.”

Then, he ended the call.

Glancing at the nearby Bao Weisheng, he smiled. Today was truly the day to have fun!

Outside the hotel, in a taxi, Zhang Lei sat in the driver’s seat. With a dark expression, he said, “Brothers, we’re going to have some fun.”

Yang Bin immediately asked, “What do we do?”

Yao Zhijian also looked towards Zhang Lei, as if he was waiting for his answer. Only Liu Ze Jun narrowed his eyes and looked at the building with a cold expression.

Zhang Lei knew that this was the time to test his ability to command the most. Whether or not he could make proper arrangements not only determined the outcome of tonight’s battle, but also determined whether or not they would die on the streets tonight with Ji Feng!

Thus, Zhang Lei’s expression was extremely serious!


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