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Chapter 953 – General!

Therefore, rather than stealthily trying to find a way to obtain Alpha Ore, it was better to directly apply for it. It was just in a different name.

However, even if they changed their names, who would know?

Thinking of this, Ji Feng was enlightened.

However, if one wanted to use this method to mine ores, the amount of time it would take to obtain the mining rights would definitely be longer. However, since the upper management was doing this, they would definitely be prepared.

“Actually, I’ve even thought about secretly getting a batch of ores to send back and extract them. First, I’ll make the laser gun and miniature laser cannon!”

Ji Feng laughed, “However, I will think about it later. This way, I’m afraid that it will attract the attention of other countries. By that time, I’m afraid that everyone will know what this ore is used for. It will be easy to obtain the first batch, but after that, it will be very difficult to mine again.”

There was no wall in the world that didn’t leak out the news. If China really did produce a batch of alpha stones, then there would definitely be a leak!


Just by secretly harvesting, he couldn’t get much ore, so how many laser guns could he make? Needless to say, laser cannons, electromagnetic rail guns and the like.

Zhang Lei chuckled and said, “I also thought like that. I’ll get a batch of ores and forge a weapon first, then we’ll see what happens after that. Later on, even if other countries are alerted, it would be fine, even if the Philippines sends troops to guard the island, we can just take a batch of the navy and destroy them. They already have weapons!”

Ji Feng shook his head and laughed, “How many ores can we get by secretly mining? How many weapons could it produce? “If we really pull in a group of naval forces to occupy that island, then it will no longer be a question of seizing that island. There will likely be a war, and it will definitely not be a joke!”

Zhang Lei said, “So, I was only thinking about it. Although the Philippines is small, but with the support of the United States, we can’t underestimate it!”

At the mention of this, the smile on Ji Feng’s face gradually disappeared. He could not help but let out a cold snort, “The Philippines is just a clown, let’s see how long he can jump for!”

War wasn’t something to be trifled with. Large numbers of warriors would perish at any given moment.

Most importantly, the environment around China wasn’t that safe. If a war were to break out between China and the Philippines, then the following situation could be imagined: the United States would definitely not be indifferent. Vietnam would definitely jump up and down, and j.a.pan would probably rob them.

In recent years, although China had become more and more unyielding, when faced with the provocations of other countries, why didn’t she make a move? It wasn’t that he didn’t dare to, but he couldn’t because there were too many things involved.

If you don’t clean up the surrounding environment, you can’t let go of your hands and feet.

Therefore, Ji Feng was in favor of this idea. He smiled and said, “This is the same thing as when the j.a.panese cheated us. I believe that those two companies will get the rights to mine!”

Both companies came from abroad, and Ji Feng believed that this was the best thing that could happen. The Philippines was extremely obedient to their American masters, and it certainly wouldn’t sit idly by while applications from large multinational groups came in.

When j.a.panese companies came to China, they would often secretly go through thick and thin. On the surface, it seemed like they were doing proper business, but in reality, there were quite a few companies secretly doing illegal business. For example, some companies would secretly move China’s precious resources.

Now that the foreign companies had obtained the mining rights, in the end they had transferred the ore to China. Even if they could sell it to China, as long as they could get the ore in the end, they wouldn’t need to bother about the other things.

“I just don’t know if the Philippines and Taiwan can agree!” Zhang Lei said.

“Relax, since the higher ups have arranged it like this, there must be a reason behind it. Perhaps there is something that we do not know about among them. We just need to wait and see.” Ji Feng said.

He believed that the higher-ups would not make a mistake when it came to such matters. The high-ranking military personnel were not like those incompetent and short-sighted leaders. If they did this, it would be a decision they would make when they were mature.

“Then we have nothing else to do next?” Zhang Lei asked, “Are we going back?”

“No rush.”

Ji Feng shook his head. “Let’s wait a little longer and see. If there are no further incidents, we’ll head back!”

Zhang Lei immediately said, “Before we leave, don’t forget that there are still a bunch of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds waiting for us to clean up. Since we’re here, don’t be in such a hurry to go back!”

Ji Feng smiled and nodded. He knew that Zhang Lei was referring to the remnants of the cheetah mercenary group.

“These people are still asking about me!” Ji Feng said.


Zhang Lei’s expression turned cold, “Could it be that they want to make the first move? What a joke, we did not go to look for them, and we were already able to let them secretly laugh at us.

Ji Feng chuckled. “That’s why, we aren’t in a hurry to leave!”

“We can’t be in a hurry to leave!” Zhang Lei grinned, “I’d like to meet this bunch of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. At that time, they were already considered lucky to have escaped from the battle against Yong Zhan. Since they are courting death now, if they don’t agree, they will really feel embarra.s.sed!”

Ji Feng smiled.

The development of this matter was so fast that it exceeded Ji Feng’s expectations. Three days later, he received news that the Philippines had agreed to the mining company’s request. However, the price was very high.

Ji Feng did not expect the Philippines to agree so quickly. He thought that it would at least take a period of time or go through the bidding process, but he did not expect it to be replied to in just a few days.

What he didn’t know was that the Philippines had responded so quickly because of an application from a U.S. mining company that made the Philippines feel valued. More importantly, it meant that the American people had admitted that the area belonged to the Philippines!

… …. Although the mining company also submitted an application to Taiwan, it appeared to the Philippines that it was only doing so to avoid some trouble, and to a.s.sert its sovereignty, the Philippines naturally pa.s.sed the application as quickly as possible.

Of course, before pa.s.sing, the Philippines did some research. They took the ore back to the mining company to study it, and found that it was indeed as the mining company had described, a type of ore with a faint radioactive content. Although it contained several rare elements, it was not particularly valuable.

After soliciting offers from the two companies, the Philippines made its own offer. After a brief negotiation, the Philippines and the US mining company each took a step back and a mining agreement was reached.

As for a mining company from England, it was rejected by the Philippines. Clearly, between the United States and England, the Philippines does not hesitate to favour the United States.

As a result, the Philippines has demonstrated, with this rapid and practical action, that the area belongs to the Philippines.

However, just two days later, Taiwan suddenly announced that it had reached an agreement with the mining company from England to allow the company to carry out the mining operation at a certain price, and that the conduct of the Philippines was illegal.

At this time, it was no longer important what kind of ore the two companies were mining. What was important was that the approval for mining on this island would be determined by who had the approval and who had the sovereignty over the entire island!

As for what kind of ore was being mined, other than the fact that it had a weak radioactive content and contained some extremely rare elements, very few people were paying attention to it. Even if someone were to pay attention, they would not be able to find out what kind of ore it was in a short period of time.

However, neither of them had the time to study it – the other wouldn’t give them the time to do so!

When you were researching, the other party had already approved the mining. After you finish your research, the other party might have already finished mining!

This was why Taiwan quickly followed up on the application of the mining company from England. However, Taiwan had an additional agreement to keep the mined ore in part of Taiwan.

Taiwan apparently had reservations compared to the Philippines’ impatience, but at least it had agreed to the company’s mining.

This series of changes caused Ji Feng to be dazzled. Only at this moment did he come to a realization and silently thought, so that’s how it is!

By taking advantage of the conflict between the two parties, it was very easy to get a reply. It successfully diverted everyone’s attention, so that they could only see what was being extracted from the territorial sea while being ignored.

Of course, with the current technology, no matter how cautious they were, they would never be able to find out what they were mining!

Take a look at the overall situation!

Ji Feng could not help but think of this phrase. This time, the actions of the higher-ups were from the perspective of the overall situation, and he easily obtained the rights to the mining operations.

This method was definitely much better than fighting and killing.

Taking a step back, if China really used force to take this island, then everyone would know that this island had good things, who would be able to sit on it?

After all, China was still not a powerful country, and it was impossible for one to fight against many families, including the United States and j.a.pan.

Therefore, this move from the higher-ups could be said to be extremely beautiful!

This made Ji Feng learn quite a bit from it. Furthermore, he had a deep understanding of it and had a deep impression of it.

However, right now, Ji Feng had some doubts. Since Taiwan and the Philippines had been approved, and they were two different companies, who would go and mine when the time came?

If he hadn’t approved it himself, both sides would have stopped it. What should he do next?


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