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Chapter 918 – Conspiracy!

Ji Yu, suspecting Chen Wan, was indeed not without reason! If it was Ji Feng, he would definitely be suspicious, and the first person he would suspect would be Chen Wan!

If it was just a sudden deterioration of Ji Yu’s mother’s body, then perhaps it would be hard for Ji Yu to accept, but if it was doubt, perhaps she wouldn’t be tempted by it. If it was Chen Wan suddenly ascended and became her little mother, then Ji Yu would be suspicious.

However, what caused Ji Yu to become suspicious was undoubtedly the disappearance of the attending physician who saved her mother!

All of these things seemed a little abnormal, but if one carefully thought about it, it made sense!

However, if everything was put together, this was simply the most perfect chain of proof. It would undoubtedly prove that her mother’s sudden death after sudden internal failure was a sinister conspiracy!

There were no coincidences in this world!

A very famous philosopher once said that almost all coincidences were the result of artificial factors! The result of this coincidence may not be entirely consistent with the original intent of the human element, but it has produced a series of changes.

Ji Yu: The matter with my mother was definitely not a coincidence!

Actually, if the thinking was slightly more inclined towards it, then one could almost confirm that Ji Yu’s mother’s death was the conspiracy between Chen Wan, who was in charge of taking care of her, and the attending physician who was responsible for her rescue. Perhaps Chen Wan was innocent, but the attending physician was definitely involved.

Because the doctor was the last hurdle!

No matter what other people did, no matter how many conflicts of interest there were, all they wanted was for Ji Yu’s mother to die. And the one that could play a role in this matter was the attending physician in charge of the rescue!

To be fair, even if he had to retreat ten thousand steps, the attending physician would be held responsible. There was also a high level of suspicion!

But then again, was Chen Wan really not suspicious at all?

This was clearly a joke!

If Chen Wan really was the mother who was responsible for taking care of Ji Yu, then if there was something fishy, wouldn’t she know about it?

“Ji Feng, I need your help!”

Ji Yu looked at Ji Feng with her beautiful eyes and said, “I know you can definitely find experts in this field. This is very important to me. I beg you! “

“It’s not that serious!”

Ji Feng waved his hand and said, “If I can help, I will definitely do my duty. But, it’s a bit troublesome and there’s a certain risk of it. Don’t you have a high level of forensic science in Taiwan?!”

Ji Yu replied, “Of course. But I don’t believe them! “

Ji Feng was taken aback for a moment before he asked, “Could it be that you’re worried that the other doctors have been bribed, or …”

“You don’t know the power of the Bamboo Gang in Taiwan!” Ji Yu shook his head and said: “These gangs have underhanded methods, no one can resist them! “Moreover, these past few years, with Chen Wan’s gradual extension of her hand, her informants can be said to be spread throughout the entire Zhuan Alliance. If I were to make any moves in Taiwan, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to hide from her eyes!”

Ji Feng frowned, “Is it that serious? Don’t you have your own bosom friend?! “

“Then do you think that this time, when I chose my position in the restaurant, Chen Wan beat me to it? Do you really think that this is a coincidence?” Ji Yu asked.

“Could it be…” Ji Feng slightly frowned, “Could it be that she is monitoring you?!”

“I’m not sure if they’re watching me, but I haven’t found any evidence. However, my every move in Taiwan will probably not escape her eyes! ” Ji Yu said, “Do you know why I raised the privacy gla.s.s?”

Ji Feng looked thoughtfully at the driver in front of him. Since Zhang Lei couldn’t hear what they were saying in the back row, he was chatting with the driver out of boredom…

“Do you think there’s a problem with the people around you?!” Ji Feng asked.

“Otherwise, how could Chen Wan know so quickly when you think I just booked a place earlier?” Ji Yu sneered: “Even if her people are in every corner of Taiwan, she wouldn’t have known about the restaurant that I had privately booked, right?!”

Ji Feng couldn’t help but to nod his head. Obviously, it was Ji Yu.

“Who is it?!” Ji Feng asked in a low voice.

“If I knew who it was, do you think it would have happened today?” Ji Yu said, “I have checked it more than once, but there were no results. I did not dare to investigate it too deeply, for fear of alerting the other party.”

“Then why didn’t you invite them from the outside? You know that there’s something wrong with the people around you, why are you still using them?!” Ji Feng asked.

“Because I am the eldest miss of the Bamboo Gang!”

Ji Yu rubbed between his eyebrows and sighed. “It’s not that I haven’t invited anyone from outside, but the result is very troublesome. If they were Taiwan people, their families would be hara.s.sed or followed within a few days at most. How can they follow me freely in this situation?”

Ji Feng asked, “What about the people outside Taiwan?!”

Ji Yu replied, “I did, but Chen Wan raised a condition. If I ask outsiders, then I can’t interfere in the affairs of the sect. Her reason is, the secrets of the sect can’t be revealed to outsiders …” It’s simply laughable. Few people were born to be part of the Bamboo Gang. Weren’t they outsiders in the past?! “

Ji Feng nodded his head and replied, “That’s right. Then, did you not try to fight for it?”

Ji Yu said, “There are some people in the gang who are speaking up for Chen Wan, and …”

She pursed her lips and a complicated look flashed across her eyes. There was hatred, anger, and a hint of … “And my dad agrees with her!”

Ji Feng could not help but be stunned. Ji Yu lost because of this? He did not expect Ji Yu’s father to not support his daughter!

This time, Ji Feng finally understood why Ji Yu’er had such a complicated look in her eyes. Perhaps, she was still hiding the anger and hatred towards her father in her heart!

“Do you understand now?”

A self-deprecating sneer flashed across Ji Yu’s lips as he said, “Other than you, I really don’t know who else to look for!”

She was the dignified eldest daughter of the Bamboo Gang. In the eyes of outsiders, she could be said to be like the wind and rain, and her influence was unimaginable. But in reality, it was difficult for her to even take a single step in Taiwan!

Ji Feng thought for a moment, then nodded and said, “Yu, it’s not that hard to find a medical examiner for you. Or you can just bring your mother’s ashes to the mainland.

Finding a medical examiner was too easy for Ji Feng. Finding a strong one in the police system could be said to be an easy task.

Even if he wanted to find a specialist, it would be easy!

“Thank you!” Ji Yu said softly.

“It’s nothing. You’re welcome!” Ji Feng waved his hand and said, “Oh right, you … Didn’t you want to take your mother’s ashes to another place to examine them? “

“I have!” “But you can’t!”

Ji Yu said, “Because before this, if I did this, I would undoubtedly be telling the other party what I am thinking and also knowing that there is a problem with the people around me. Before I grasp a certain amount of power, doing this, I will most likely be courting death!”

Ji Feng replied, “That’s why you wanted me to send someone over?!”


Ji Yu nodded and said, “Actually, I only want to check now. On one hand, I found someone I can trust to help me!”

As she spoke, her beautiful eyes stared at Ji Feng. Obviously, she meant that Ji Feng was someone she could trust.

Ji Feng smiled, but he did not say anything, and waited for Ji Yu to continue.

“On the other hand, it’s because I have grasped a certain amount of power now!” Ji Yu’s face turned cold, “Right now, I won’t let anyone move just because they want to!”


Ji Feng’s brows twitched in surprise.

Ji Yu said, “Since I can’t beat him in Taiwan, then I will choose to go abroad, such as the United States!”

Ji Feng immediately understood. Ji Yu was trying to grasp the power of the Bamboo Gang abroad in order to increase his own strength, and thinking about her performance in New York, Ji Feng could not help but secretly nod his head. It could be seen that Ji Yu’s control over the Bamboo Gang’s power in New York was still very strong!

“Taiwan’s economic development has almost come to a standstill, and the three major gangs have also been greatly affected. At this time, the power and wealth overseas is especially important.” Ji Yu sneered, “These days, whoever has the money has the right to speak.”

“It’s also dangerous!” Ji Feng smiled.

“That’s right. I’ve been successively a.s.sa.s.sinated and kidnapped for the past few years. Clearly, there are some people who are worried that I possess the power and wealth of the Bamboo Alliance …” But they don’t dare to go out and openly take care of me, even if I have their people by my side, so what?! “

As she said this, Ji Yu slightly raised his head. He was like a proud swan, but also had a domineering aura!

Ji Feng couldn’t help but smile. It seemed like Ji Yu had gained the demeanor of a big sister from all these years of training, but more of it was due to his intelligence.

“Ding Ling…” At this moment, Ji Yu’s phone rang. She picked it up and looked at it. Her eyebrows couldn’t help but knit, but she still picked up the phone. However, her tone wasn’t too good.

A moment later, Ji Yu hung up the phone and looked at Ji Feng, saying: “Ji Feng, my dad wants to see you!”


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