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Are you worthy?

“F * ck!” Baldy Lights, you f * cking colluded with outsiders to set me up?! ” Young Master Wen’s eyes were wide open as he cursed, “f.u.c.k your grandmother. Your father normally treats you well, but you actually dare to harm your father!”

“Young Master Wen, you can’t blame me for all of this.” Baldy Liang said with a sad face, “You saw the scene here. If I didn’t call you according to this big brother’s instructions, I’m afraid I would have been dug into the pit by now. Young Master Wen, please understand …”

However, before the baldy could finish speaking, he was interrupted by Young Master Wen’s angry curses, “F * ck off! You colluded with others to plot against me, and now you still dare to make me understand you? I understand your mother! “

Young Master Wen gritted his teeth. “Baldy Liang, you better listen up. Your father will remember this matter today. In the future, when you cry!”

Hearing this, Baldy Liang couldn’t help but s.h.i.+ver. He hurriedly said, “Young Master Wen, you …”


Ji Feng faintly said. Suddenly, the bald man’s bright voice stopped and the entire hall became silent.

Young Master Wen stared angrily at Ji Feng, then he looked at Han Zhu and Han Zhong. He said coldly, “You guys can do it, but today, this young master is doomed. Say it, what do you want!”

“F * ck!”

Seeing that, Han Zhong could not help but scold angrily. He stared at the indifferent Young Master Wen as anger burned in his heart: “You are Young Master Wen? Do you know who I am? “

However, young master Wen snorted: “Brat, you’re the first person who dared to call himself laozi in front of me. I’ll remember you! As for who you are, I’ll definitely find out. However, I’m afraid that you won’t want me to know your ident.i.ty then … “

Han Zhong coldly snorted, “You’re that confident?”

Young Master Wen shook his head and smiled. “You’ll know whether or not I’m confident in the future.”

From this young master Wen’s face, he could see the anger, and also the pain from being beaten. However, most of it was from his firm gaze, as if he was really confident that he could take care of Han Zhong in the future.

Han Zhong sneered, “I’m afraid you won’t have a future.”

Young Master Wen grinned. “There’s no other way. However, as long as I don’t die, I will definitely take care of you in the future. You can rest a.s.sured that I promise you with my personality!”

Han Zhong coldly said, “Does that mean I have to kill you?”

Young Master Wen shook his head and smiled. “If you think killing the deputy mayor’s son won’t cause any bad consequences, then just do it. I’m afraid that you won’t be able to bear the consequences!”

Han Zhong’s eyes squinted slightly. Strands of cold light shot out from his eyes and stared at Young Master Wen’s body.

At this moment, Han Zhong was really ready to kill.

Because from the beginning to the end, this Young Master Wen never showed any excessive panic. Even though he had just arrived at the ancestral hall when an accident happened and then found out that he fell into someone else’s trap, at that time Young Master Wen’s face only changed color, but Han Zhong didn’t find that feeling of panic on his face, nor did he feel the panic from being caught doing something bad.

But now, it seemed that Young Master Wen had completely calmed down and even started to turn his head to threaten him.

Seeing the firmness in Young Master Wen’s eyes, Han Zhong felt a chill down his spine. Why did this Young Master Wen give off a dangerous feeling? He was like a poisonous snake!

People like this were all very dangerous. Han Zhong began to believe this guy’s words. If he didn’t die, he would definitely take revenge.

“I think you really want to die!” Han Zhong said in a deep voice.

“Heh …”

Young Master Wen grinned, but didn’t pay any more attention to Han Zhong. It was clear that in his eyes, Han Zhong wasn’t worth talking about. Or rather, it could be said that he didn’t even put Han Zhong in his eyes.


Han Zhong suddenly slapped the table. He glared and said, “You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you actually dare to be arrogant. Since you want to die that much, then I’ll grant your wish …”

Han Zhu quickly pulled his son back, “Little Zhong, don’t act recklessly! It’s all up to you here, Mr. Ji! “

What a joke, no matter what, this young master Wen was still the deputy mayor’s son. Even if he was the chairman of a corporation, he wouldn’t dare to easily kill the son of a deputy mayor.

Having lived in this society for so many years, Korea’s pillar was very clear on the power of being an official. The so-called clan extermination magistrate, the magistrate in charge of destroying the family, the deputy mayor’s authority, and the amount of power an ordinary person could wield were simply unimaginable.

It would be unwise for him to go and have a death grudge with a deputy mayor.

As a businessman, Korea Pillar naturally would not easily make such a choice. This was a habit he had developed over the years of doing business.

What’s more, Ji Feng hadn’t spoken yet. When was it Han Zhong’s turn to be so impulsive?

In fact, he clearly knew that Young Master Wen seemed to be too dangerous. This kind of person was simply a ticking time bomb, if he didn’t kill him, then there would be endless trouble in the future, or even unimaginable things could happen.

“Kid, I’ll remember what you did to me today!” Young Master Wen’s gaze fell on Ji Feng again. Seeing that Han Zhong didn’t say anything, Young Master Wen a.s.sumed that Han Zhong had given in due to his toughness. Thus, Young Master Wen s.h.i.+fted his hatred towards this fellow who hit him.

Ji Feng shook his head. He didn’t care about Young Master Wen’s threat at all.

This fellow’s fate had already been decided, Ji Feng was unwilling to lower himself to the same level as him.

However, Ji Feng’s disdain made Young Master Wen extremely excited. He gritted his teeth and said, “Seems like you’re very powerful huh? Very well, you will definitely regret it in the future, I promise … “

“You promise my a.s.s!”

Before Young Master Wen could finish, he heard Han Zhong sneer and shake his head in disdain.

This Young Master Wen must be crazy to actually threaten Ji Feng!

He thought that as the deputy mayor’s son, he could be domineering. However, he didn’t know that in front of Ji Feng, his ident.i.ty wasn’t even considered fart.

“Do you know who he is?” Han Zhong asked with a sneer.

“Hit my people!” Young Master Wen stared at Ji Feng and said coldly, “Furthermore, he is someone I want to take revenge on in the future!”

“I’m just afraid that you won’t have the guts to ask for revenge after knowing his ident.i.ty!” Han Zhong sneered, “I’m telling you, he’s the nephew of the Jiang Prefecture’s Party Secretary and a direct descendant of the Yan Jing Ji Clan. You want to take revenge on him? Don’t you think it’s too funny? “

Young Master Wen’s expression changed and he cried out, “How is that possible?!”

Baldy Liang’s body instantly trembled. He looked at Ji Feng with eyes filled with shock. Ji Feng was actually the nephew of the secretary of the Jiang Prefecture?

The baldy didn’t know what was going on with the Ji Clan in Beijing, but he knew that the nephew of the secretary of the Jiang Prefecture city knew how important this ident.i.ty was.

At least, as the deputy mayor’s son, Young Master Wen was nothing in front of Ji Feng!

“What’s impossible about that?” Han Zhong sneered, “You think you’re amazing, but you don’t know that there are people everywhere who are more amazing than you. You don’t even count as bullsh * t.”


Young Master Wen’s expression became unsightly as he stared at Ji Feng in disbelief. How could Ji Feng have such a great background? How was this possible!

Other people might not know what Ji Feng’s ident.i.ty represented, but Young Master Wen knew it very well. No matter how foolish he was, as the deputy mayor’s son, he still knew some things about the system. He realized that he had really gotten himself into big trouble.

[I can’t believe it. He is just trying to make a living. How could he mess with someone of such background?!]

“You really are …” Young Master Wen felt a little unconfident.

“What do you think?” Ji Feng asked with a faint smile.

Young Master Wen gritted his teeth. “If I used all of my savings, would it be safe in exchange?”

Ji Feng laughed, “I think what you should do now is to think carefully about what you should do after you enter the prison. You should think about what those people who you have dealt with in the past will do to you! “Of course, if nothing unexpected happens then your father should be involved in all the things you have done. I think you should think about how you and your father can stay in the prison in the future!”

Young Master Wen’s expression turned malevolent. “You want to kill me?”

Ji Feng shook his head. Are you worthy? “

Young Master Wen was stunned, but very quickly, his face turned ferocious. His eyes slowly turned red as he gritted his teeth and said, “If I go to jail, then don’t even think about getting a single cent of my money! Worse comes to worst, let’s fight to the death! “

Ji Feng laughed. “The one dying will definitely be you, the smelly salted fish. However, the net will not break.” I don’t care about your money! “

If Ji Feng wanted Young Master Wen’s money, with Young Master Wen in his hands, he could have taken it anytime he wanted, but Ji Feng wouldn’t take the money.

“You don’t want money?”

Young Master Wen gritted his teeth. “Then what if I tell you that I still have the evidence of a lot of officials in my hands? What do you think?”

Ji Feng’s brows slightly furrowed as he asked in a low voice, “Then what do you want to do?”

Ji Feng did not doubt Young Master Wen’s words.

In reality, Ji Feng had already guessed that Young Master Wen had evidence from other officials. Otherwise, it would not be easy for him to have his way with the flow all these years. After all, his father was only the deputy mayor and he could not cover the sky in Eastface City.

From this, it could be inferred that Young Master Wen and his son definitely had some way to make those officials turn a blind eye to them, or even take the initiative to cooperate with them.

But from the looks of it now, Ji Feng’s guess was correct!


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