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Chapter 219: What’s The Big Deal About Playing A Game?

Seeing her well-prepared, Chuck asked. “Did you know someone would come here?”

Derek blinked. “How did you know?”

Claire remained expressionless, and her voice echoed in the empty room. “I looked at the map. The poisonous barrier was moving closer to the center. Three minutes later, a batch of supplies landed in the green forest on the left. If one wants to walk from the center to the green forest, taking this path is the best choice. A large number of people gathered at the center point. Whether they want to take a shortcut or avoid the poisonous barrier, they will definitely take this trail. The hillside above the trail will be the best sniper position.”

“Wow!” Chuck was stunned.

Derek’s jaw dropped.

Claire… was so smart!

Claire glanced at him sideways and tapped her head with a finger. “Playing a game is not just about fighting and killing. It depends on the strategy.”

Soon, people came towards this trail one after another.

Joe and the others were still trying to avoid the poisonous barrier at the center, cursing and yelling.

While Claire was on a killing spree on the hillside.

However many people came, she killed them all.

Soon, prompts appeared on the others’ phones.

[Congratulations, your teammate April has completed ten kills.]

Then this kind of prompt kept popping out.

Claire pulled the trigger and shot the last person to death. Finally, the game ended.

They won.

Claire was ranked first, with a terrifying number of kills. In this game, most of the people died under her gun.

Joe was completely dumbfounded. “This is the fastest match I have finished. I won before the second half even started?”

The boys surrounded Claire, and bombarded Claire with questions.

Wayne patted the coffee table and shouted. “That’s not enough! Claire, shall we have another round?”

“Yes, yes!”

“Count me in!”

Derek scratched his curly hair, gaping in shock.

Was Claire… so good at playing games?

At this time, Phoebe and Becky were sitting on the other side with no boy around. Neither of them looked happy.

Most members of this small group were from wealthy families and had strong family backgrounds. The two of them had always been the focus and were very popular among the boys.

Many people in the school had tried desperately to join this group but failed.

Phoebe and Becky had a unique sense of superiority every time they walked on campus with these boys and enjoyed the envious gazes of others.

Now, the boys were ignoring the two of them and were gathered around Claire.

Late at night, they left the KTV.

The boys surrounded Claire, still discussing the game.

Phoebe and Becky were left behind.

“Is she really good at playing games?” Becky felt uncomfortable and asked Phoebe.

Phoebe said in a ridiculing tone, “I haven’t seen her playing games, and I don’t know when she learned it. It’s strange. Girls should not be interested in games. But she seems to like it very much!”

Becky stared at Claire’s back, showing a look of disgust. “We are all learning piano and dancing, while she is learning how to play games. What a weirdo! Did she learn it to please boys?”

“Huh?” Phoebe put on that simple and innocent look again. “Maybe you think too much?”

Her reaction made Becky more convinced of this idea and she said angrily, “It must be like this! Look at those boys, who were originally our friends, but now they are all taken away by her! What’s the big deal about playing a game? Who can’t play a game?”


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