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Chapter 659: The Grand Elder’s Plan

The smile on the Grand Elder’s face became broader. He then ran towards Yiqing immediately saying, “Quick, follow the supremacy to Dongshu Nation and protect her properly. It would be best if she doesn’t have to fight.”

“But Lu’er…” s.h.i.+ Yiqing lowered his head and looked at Chen Xinlu who was still unconscious due to her injuries.

The Grand Elder frowned and took Chen Xinlu over from his hands. “When her father comes around in awhile, I’ll return her to him. All this was caused by Chen Xinlu herself. I’ll explain it to the Chen Family personally.”

“But I still haven’t packed my luggage and said goodbye to my parents.” There was still a long time until the exam, so he didn’t have to be in such a hurry. Besides, he hadn’t really thought about going for the exam. It was too brutal.

The Grand Elder raised his leg and kicked s.h.i.+ Yiqing’s calf immediately as he was rather exasperated by his failure to become a useful person. “I’ll send your luggage to you later. Your parents still have me around. They’ll definitely support your decision.”

Such a foolish child. No wonder he still couldn’t marry the eldest daughter of Chen Family even though he was already nineteen. With such foolishness, he reckoned that he hadn’t even touched a girl’s hand before.

However, that was not a bad thing. Woman would feel a greater sense of security if a man was pure, clean and honest. It would be easier to conquer Feng Tianlan’s heart this way.

s.h.i.+ Moning stood forward voluntarily. “Grand Elder, I’m going for the exam as well. I’m travelling in the same direction as Miss Feng too.”

He wanted to take the Shang Inst.i.tution’s exam as well. Besides, he could tell what the Grand Elder was thinking. Of course he couldn’t miss such an opportunity. He didn’t ask for much, he just wanted to grab a piece of Feng Tianlan at least.

The Grand Elder scanned s.h.i.+ Moning from head to toe. He was dressed in a bright-colored s.h.i.+rt, with a handsome face and a carefree att.i.tude. This was an ignorant and incompetent playboy.

He was a great contrast to s.h.i.+ Yiqing. At least he was a sweet talker who could please a woman. One was honest with a sense of security while the other was a sweet talker who could please ladies. She would at least take a fancy to one of them.

It seemed like she couldn’t escape her fate from being the daughter-in-law of the s.h.i.+ Family no matter what.

After having such a wonderful plan, the Grand Elder nodded with a serious face. “Alright then. You can follow her as well. You must protect the supremacy well and not flirt with anyone.” He must please the supremacy with everything he had. The person who married her would be the head of s.h.i.+ Family.

He decided to send the two of them to follow her. The Grand Elder then pulled them to the side and ordered them softly, “Remember, don’t result to force no matter what. It is better to be a stranger than be her enemy.”

Feng Tianlan had an alluring beauty and a legendary sword in her hand. Those who liked her were people with special privilege. She had a lot of options, therefore, she might not take a fancy to these two brats.

However, they had the privilege to make the first move right now. Therefore they must seize this opportunity and win her over. It didn’t matter if they were to fail. To be recognized by the legendary weapon as its owner, she must be someone extraordinary. It was better to not mess with her.

Although it may not be beneficial to the s.h.i.+ Family, it was a better choice to give up. At least they could stay alive. They just had to stay under the protections of the seven greatest aristocrats.

The two of them agreed. The Grand Elder then pushed the two of them towards Feng Tianlan and smiled while saying, “Have a safe journey and come back soon.”

Feng Tianlan glanced at the Grand Elder whose att.i.tude had changed in a split second. She wasn’t really surprised by his att.i.tude. The s.h.i.+ Family was a famous weaponsmith — however, they were also famous for being a fence-sitter as they survived under the protection of the seven greatest aristocrats.

Before they left the city, a person from the crowd was staring at her closely. That person then left in a hurry.

After leaving the city, Feng Tianlan turned around and saw the wrinkled faces of the few elders who were watching them leave. They watched them until their figures couldn’t be seen anymore.

“Miss Feng, do you know what the Grand Elder was thinking?” s.h.i.+ Moning gave Feng Tianlan a ruffian and naughty look. He then answered his own question before she could say anything, “He’s trying two approaches at once. He wants us to marry you.”


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