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Chapter 229: Beat Up Si Rong Soundly

Meanwhile, Si Rong rode his horse away, and Si Mobai caught up with him. He didn’t care that they were in broad daylight or that he was a prince. He zoomed past Si Rong in a flash, picked him up by the collar, and flew off.

Everyone walking by only felt a sudden rush of cold wind. They turned to see that Si Rong had disappeared from his horse.

Was the Third Prince so tired of riding his horse that he’d decided to fly instead? n.o.body spared a second thought for the missing Si Rong.

Out of the corner of his eye, Si Rong looked at the various buildings and houses flying by and began to feel fearful. He wanted to shout for help, but the powerful Spiritual force holding him was so strong that he couldn’t talk or move. Even breathing was difficult.

Who had kidnapped him? And why? Why didn’t his captor say anything? And who was this person with such tremendous power? This person must be above the Spiritual Grandmaster level, right?

Si Rong tried hard to turn his head to see who was holding onto him, but he couldn’t see a single thing. He suddenly became afraid that he was going to die, and his body broke into a cold sweat.

If he was about to die, he wanted to know why.

Just as he thought about this, Si Rong suddenly felt his body falling at a high speed. He still couldn’t move or call for help.

There was a loud thud as Si Rong crashed hard onto the ground, and a ma.s.sive cloud of dust flew up. He could only sort of make out a white figure. Suddenly, he felt a hard punch to his face.

Si Rong wanted to yelp in pain, but there was no sound when he opened his mouth.

Si Mobai didn’t put in any Spiritual force in his punches, but they were still strong. One after another, blows landed on Si Rong’s body, and he beat up Si Rong soundly.

Si Rong’s face was covered with tears from being hit so hard. Couldn’t his attacker at least have warned him before thras.h.i.+ng him?

“If you dare call her ‘Lan’er’ again, then I’ll cut your tongue off. If you use even one tiny finger to touch her, then I’ll cut your hand off,” Si Mobai hissed, then gave him one more punch in the stomach. “And if you dare have any dirty thoughts about her, then I’ll break your little friend down there.”

Lan’er was his, and he wasn’t going to be polite to anyone who had funny ideas about her!

Si Rong lay flat on the ground. The pressure around him had lightened. He turned his head and could only see a familiar white figure through the cloud of dust. “Second…Second Bludder?”

He had lost his incisors after being beaten, and now he couldn’t p.r.o.nounce words correctly!

No, it couldn’t be Second Brother. It was probably the owner of the Spiritual Foods Restaurant. Didn’t that server say that the owner had been in love with Feng Tianlan for a long time?

The restaurateur must have seen Feng Tianlan paying him attention and gotten anxious. So, he’d decided to beat Si Rong up as a warning.

Si Rong had been beaten so severely that his nose was bruised and his face swollen. He had broken many bones. He could only open one of his blackened eyes to look up at the sky as he started thinking about how much he would benefit from marrying Feng Tianlan.

The powerful alchemist who was behind her was certainly a benefit, but the man who’d beaten him up was a strong fighter too. If this man could work for him as well, that would be great.

Since he liked Feng Tianlan, he could make Feng Tianlan use her body to seduce this man and coerce him into working for them.

He had been beaten very badly, but Si Rong had now found a strong fighter that he could bribe. So, he happily continued lying on the ground. He watched the sky slowly turn orange as the sun began to set. He felt like he could see himself on the emperor’s throne, looking out over the lands in his control.

The more he thought about it, the more valuable Feng Tianlan seemed to him. Once he had married her and Tu Xiupei, he might even be able to unify all of the Guiyuan Continent.

A cool breeze could be felt that autumn night. The stars gathered to form a beautiful painting in the sky, and a white figure flashed across the moon. It elegantly somersaulted through the window.

“Who is it?” Feng Tianlan’s eyes opened forcefully as she raised her hands to attack the intruder. Suddenly, she felt her body scooped up in an embrace filled with a minty fragrance.


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