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Chapter 157: The So-called ‘Truth’

“The ‘truth’ of what happened in the past?” Feng Tianlan raised an eyebrow and looked at Feng Xiuyu mockingly. She had not taken note of her earlier. Instead, she had gone to wash up then started saying such things. This must be Feng Xiupei’s ploy.

She was going to see what ridiculous tricks she had up her sleeve.

“We thought you died more than a month ago. For the sake of your reputation, we didn’t tell the truth. But now…”


Before Feng Xiuyu could finish speaking, Feng Tianlan couldn’t resist snorting. She glared at Feng Xiuyu with great disdain and said, “So, if I were dead, you would hide this. But since I’m alive, you reveal it. Do you want me to rest in peace or live in h.e.l.l?”

Feng Xiuyu was taken aback by this sudden attack, but Feng Xiupei threw her a glance and she suppressed her anger as she continued, “Now, I’m saying this only because you’re making such a scene. Father has been so kind to you, but you’ve said horrible things about him. Father is the head of the household, so isn’t it only natural that he should take charge of the clan?”

Feng Tianlan smiled. “It’s Father who said himself that he wants to return the Feng family to me. I didn’t force him.”

Feng Xiupei looked up at Feng Xiuyu and called her out: “Yu’er, don’t say anymore!” The guests thought that she was trying to protect Feng Tianlan, but she was actually trying to warn Feng Xiuyu that she had said too much and was going off-topic.

“I don’t care. I wanted to say it because I think everybody should know how shameless Feng Tianlan truly is.” Feng Xiuyu glared at Feng Tianlan angrily. “More than a month ago, Feng Tianlan was captured by robbers and raped by them…”Read more chapters at ReadNovelFull.com

Feng Xiuyu suddenly felt her body become very cold, as if a bunch of cold knives were cutting her. But she just took it as a sudden chilly breeze. She did not notice that Si Mobai was icily staring at her as if she were dead meat.

“After being raped, Feng Tianlan didn’t feel any shame. Instead, she washed up, then drugged the Third Prince, hoping to use him to her advantage. Luckily, Third Prince discovered her plan in time, so it didn’t work out.”

Feng Tianlan looked at Feng Xiuyu curiously as she was saying these things. It was like listening to someone tell her a story about a person that wasn’t her. Feng Tianlan’s incredulous expression made the guests suspicious of Feng Xiuyu’s words.

Si Rong was stunned for a moment, wondering when this had happened and why he didn’t know anything about it. But he quickly figured out what was happening and remained silent. He played his part by pretending to be a victim who didn’t want to talk about it.

“After she was found out, she didn’t have the slightest bit of shame and tried to force herself on him. I really…” Feng Xiuyu’s face was all red, as if she was too embarra.s.sed to go on.

Feng Tianlan smiled at her, nearly wanting to applaud. This story was not bad at all, considering it had been conjured up at the last minute.

Feng Xiuyu saw that Feng Tianlan was laughing at her, and her frustration turned into anger as she pointed at Feng Tianlan and said, “Look at her now! She still doesn’t feel any shame. What an embarra.s.sment.”

“I see that you’re not done yet, so you’d better continue first.” Feng Tianlan had done nothing wrong and had nothing to hide. She had no reason to panic and nothing to explain.

The guests looked up at Feng Tianlan. In the candlelight, her white dress flapped in the wind, and her hair was blown back. Her confident stance made everyone believe her without question.

“Feng Tianlan renounced the Third Prince in public, so why would she go back to him?”

“I don’t know, but Feng Xiuyu’s story is quite logical. Maybe she was just playing hard to get?”

“She renounced him at that momemnt because she’d suddenly become a genius and so she could. But now, she’s tainted and can’t stand with her head up high anymore.”

“But she seems so confident and honest, and I don’t believe she’s that sort of person.”


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