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Chapter 1562: The One He Loves

Su Jingfeng felt a little uncomfortable under his gaze. “I’ll go and rest first.”As he said that, he turned around and left in a panic.

Feng Yunsheng was still shocked by his gentleness and was at a loss. It was as if a person who had been frozen was suddenly thrown into boiling water. The ice on his body melted, but he was not used to the changes in it. He even felt comfortable, and in the end, he would rather drown in it, rather than be frozen again?

At least, that was what Feng Yunsheng was thinking at the moment. She did not want to think too much about it. She only thought that it was best for him to be gentle to her.

Su Jingfeng returned to his room and took out the pot of orchids from his s.p.a.ce. Because he had taken good care of them, they were blooming very brightly. He did not like flowers, but because of Yun Yi, he had planted peonies all over the place. Now, he had even carefully raised a wild orchid just because it sounded like her.

He had left Feng Yunsheng behind because he thought that she was Yun Yi, the woman he had been looking for for a thousand years. His love for Feng Tianlan was just a momentary illusion.

As long as Yun’er was by his side, he believed that this illusion would disappear. The person he loved the most was still Yun’er.

With this thought in mind, Su Jingfeng raised his hand and wanted to throw away the orchids that were blooming. However, when he saw the slightly swaying petals, he held back and threw them into his s.p.a.ce.


It was the 16th of September. The sky was a little gray and it was drizzling. The weather suddenly turned cold.

Si Mobai carefully helped her put on the cloak. “Mingcheng has returned from Xuantian continent. Speaking of which, it has been almost a year since he left. I have listened to Lan’er and made a very good friend.”

Feng Tianlan softly acknowledged. She was really happy for him.

“I brought you to see him. I should be able to ask you about the situation there.” Si Mobai held her hand. He felt that it was a little cold, so he placed it by his lips and breathed in for her.

However, when he reached the entrance of the residence, he saw a familiar figure. He was travel-worn and walked over. When he saw him, he waved his hand happily. “Mobai.”

“Why are you here?” Si Mobai looked at his travel-worn appearance. It was obvious that he had just arrived not long ago when he rushed over again.

“I heard from Jun’er that…” speaking up to this point, Huo Mingcheng stopped and took a glance at Feng Tianlan. With a quick glance, he averted his gaze and spoke very frankly, “I wanted to tell you earlier that sister-in-law has already arrived at the Wushang Continent. When she saw Jun’er, she said that the two of you have already reunited, so she couldn’t wait to come over. She wanted you to rest a.s.sured.”

Hearing the words ‘sister-in-law’, Feng Tianlan couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows. She was very satisfied with this form of address. However, what made her even more satisfied was that she seemed to be very good with Mobai. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have called each other brothers.

Si Mobai smiled and then introduced, “This is your sister-in-law.”

Huo Mingcheng looked at Feng Tianlan once again. He took another glance at her just now. Apart from being amazed and surprised, he nodded slightly and called out respectfully, “Sister-in-law.”

“I often hear Mobai talk about you.” Feng Tianlan nodded gracefully. It must be nice to have Mobai call him brother.

Si Mobai brought people in. Lapis Lazuli served tea and sat down to reminisce. Feng Tianlan was not in a hurry. She sat down gracefully and spoke when she should speak. She listened quietly when she shouldn’t.

Huo Mingcheng saw that she was very polite and didn’t say anything more. “I only came to the City of Heaven and only found out that sister-in-law has come to the Wushang Continent after asking. The city lord there asked me to bring a message to sister-in-law, so I came back anxiously.”


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