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Draig revealed himself to the trio with a displeased look on his face, his gaze pa.s.sing over the three and it was clear to him that they were like him.

“I seemed to have lost my dog, I don’t suppose you have seen it” stated Draig without the curiosity that a question would hold.

“I am afraid we haven’t, however we are looking for a lost family member. Have you seen someone similar to us” asked Ivan stepping forward.

Draig narrowed his eyes and sneered internally.

“I am afraid I haven’t…. but I can smell my dog close by” stated Draig pinning the three with his gaze.

The larger man laughed before disappearing and reappearing behind Draig surprising the Feratu as he hadn’t even seen the movement.

‘How’ thought Draig before he was met with a solid strike that didn’t send him flying but instead the sound of bones crus.h.i.+ng rang out.

Draig had never met someone who could do something like this to him before let alone so easily, he hadn’t even had time to react before he was struck viciously.

“h.e.l.lo brother” stated the Larger man with a twisted smile.

Draig snarled and slashed only to have the strike blocked, this was followed by a kick that managed to rocket the man back but almost as soon as he landed he was found launching forward again.

‘These filthy mongrels’ snarled Draig as he hardened his blood and began charging forward managing to actually damage this man for the first time as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Not bad, let me try that” chuckled the Large man as his arm became a blur of motion smas.h.i.+ng into Draig’s ribs.

The young Feratu puked blood from the effects of the strike crus.h.i.+ng his organs but the damage was being repaired at a moderate pace. Seeing his handiwork brought another smile to the man’s face as he sat there and flipped through his pages on his book.

Draig seeing this remembered something Dracule had said long when he had realized his Tome could shrink, it was always an inconvenience for the Aries to carry their books into battle. Casting his gaze to the other two he saw them similarly having books like the Large Man’s.

Smirking Draig shot off hard enough to leave an indention of his feet in the ground as he swiped at the large man’s unprotected upper body, however this was proven to be futile as a leg shot straight up meeting Draig’s chin.

This constant countering to all his moves started to take it’s effect on Draig as his breathing began to grow heavy, his palm splitting open revealing to black Blood Gems catching the groups attention and causing a smirk to form on their faces.

“John, that’s enough. Brother why didn’t you just tell us from the beginning, instead you forced us to use such brutish means against family” started Ivan but he just watched as Draig’s eyes flicked towards him as if predator cornered.

Ivan intended to finish but instead watched as Draig ate the stones causing a sort of pulsing to ring into their blood again.

Draig had just consumed the two Bloodline Traits of the Werewolf Founder, Draig suddenly disappeared in a whirlwind like sprint and savagely battered Emily and Ivan causing John to be shocked before he quickly rushed to see if they were safe.
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‘d.a.m.n it, if Emily dies I’ll follow her shortly when I return to the clan’ panicked John as he seemed to appear behind the woman and caught her stopping most of the force.

Ivan on the other hand seemed to stop midair and looked towards Draig who had seemed to lose all reasoning, desperation clear in his eyes causing a chuckle to escape Ivan’s lips.

“Poor child, backed into a corner you become nothing but a beast” laughed Ivan causing Draig’s eyes to clear up slightly, soon sobriety could be seen as Draig removed himself from all fours and stood up.

‘I can’t stay here, I don’t know what this other person is capable of but this large one is not someone I can face with my current strength’ schemed Draig as he kept both of the two in his line of sight.

“Come peacefully and we can forget you injuring Emily” started John carrying the girl who looked truly pale while her regeneration took effect but it was far slower than Draig’s for some reason.

Draig already knew his answer before the question was ever asked, as much as this event struck him with a disgusting taste he knew he couldn’t stay lest he be brutalized by a combination of the two men. His soul seemed to feel his pain as he grit his teeth almost shattering his fangs in the process.

“Today you have defeated me.” stated Draig as the mist became thick again hiding the young Feratu.

“It will not happen a second time, this Feratu swears it” spat Draig as the mist was blown away in a whirlwind leaving no trace of the Heir of Feratu.

However his words seemed to have struck a chord in the two men causing their eyes to widen before their faces paled immediately, giving up their pursuit of Draig they returned to their Manor to report what they had found out.

However at the village Kira was standing in front of the gates waiting for Draig’s return however he found himself toppled over as Draig crashed into him.

“Master?” questioned Kira before he saw the Feratu hack up another thick glob of his life essence.

‘s.h.i.+t’ panicked Kira for a moment before he realized he could just allow Draig to die here and free his people however his better judgement won over in the end and he howled summoning his people to gather the needed medicines to speed Draig’s recovery.

‘Who could do this to you’ wondered Kira seriously as his face was set in a angry visage.

Whoever could do this to the Feratu was not someone Kira could trifle with, this thought made the Old wolf feel thankful for his earlier decision however he didn’t know that Draig would have been fine even without his aid.

Draig had yet to wake up since he had arrived, next to the Feratu Marco could be seen walking back and forth loyally a small knife in his hands wielded like a mighty sword resting against his shoulder. It showed that even under his disgusting visage he possessed something redeemable about him, the little Goblin’s gaze was like that of a madman as he eyed everything that moved like it would leap from the shadows.

Kasa stared at the Vampire sadly as she sat next to him, she grasped his hand and put on her head just like he would do when he was relaxing hoping it would cause some sort of reaction from the unconscious Heir of Feratu.

It was truly odd the scene around the village, there was a atmosphere of mourning. It didn’t make logical sense for these people to be mourning this cruel person that had taken over their people but this seemed to be the case.

There was no sound, no one spoke, no one did anything but stare at the cottage that contained the body of the Vampire hoping for his health. The scene was heartwarming from an odd perspective.

However elsewhere things seemed to be intensifying as that young awakened that had become a champion of the G.o.ds wandered through an old tomb depicting the horrible acts and the great glories of the person within. It caused awe to rapture through out his being as he continued to look at the art on the walls until he stepped into a large room whose floor seemed to funnel down into a pool of Black liquid.

In the center of this pool there was a coffin, this was his target. The person the G.o.ds had told him to find, long since pa.s.sed but revival was but a menial task for those divine beings.

‘I wonder who could be so important that the Lord would actually disturb their final resting place’ thought the youth.

Pus.h.i.+ng his thoughts to the back of his head he removed the lid of the coffin before he did as he was told and slashed his wrist letting all of his life essence pour onto the skeleton inside the coffin, he held no fear of death as his G.o.d had said he would be brought back for completing this task. However this would never happen as the skeleton began to change and the black liquid below seemed to be climbing upwards and converging on the skeleton but the gold tint to this chosen’s blood seemed to still remain as little glimmers filtered into this skeleton until a figure long forgotten by history rose from it’s depths, his crimson eyes s.h.i.+ning even in the darkness of this tomb.

‘This warmth, seems I am once again am a servant of the G.o.ds’ sneered the man as he stood up and looked towards the sky not seeming to resist his fate.

“What is that you wish of me” called the figure as a gold light rained up his body before he turned around and left but not before grabbing his trusted sword and armor.

‘Be ready, I am coming for you young heir’ smirked this person.


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