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Draig was lead to a building he a.s.sumed to be Asagi’s far in the distance, this would be his place of residence now. It looked to be in better condition than the rest of the Village which as Draig had come to learn didn’t stop on the surface but even went below the ground he was walking on. Kira explained many things that Draig hadn’t been aware of before being dismissed.

Draig reached his hand towards his cloak before he realized it had been destroyed along with everything he had stored inside.

‘Sickening little Mongrel actually forced me back onto this path’ thought Draig before calling Marco.

“Master I arrived as soon as I heard you beckon me” reported the little fat Goblin as he wheezed.

“Tell Kira that I need his people to gather me supplies, Ores, Herbs, anything you would buy before you set out on a journey. Perhaps it would be better described as what a shop would need when restocking.” ordered Draig as a certain little pocket book became enlarged and allowed the young Feratu to read it’s contents, interested in what other features his Tome would tell him about Asagi’s cla.s.s.

Marco outside was relaying Draig’s commands to Kira, the old Wolf looked troubled.

“That may be harder than the brat thinks” answered Kira a contemplating look.

“What do you mean” asked Marco

“Werewolves and Vampires don’t mix, especially the heir of Feratu.” answered Kira

“I thought the Werewolves respected strength over all else” questioned Marco

“Well, yes but…” the Old wolf was cut off when a demonic roar shook them to their cores, soon Asagi’s house was destroyed in a burst of energy.

Before this however while Marco and Kira were talking Draig nearly shredded his own Tome in shock but that quickly turned to anger. With a guttural yell he cursed Asagi in his head.

‘That clever b.a.s.t.a.r.d, his schemes run too deep. I must eliminate him before it’s too late’ thought Draig as his energy burst forth from him destroying the House.

Draig meanwhile couldn’t believe his Appraisal had been fooled and possibly even copied.

“d.a.m.n fox” muttered Draig as he stared down at the cla.s.s that had been recorded.

Lunar Kitsune, which upon cla.s.s evolution would turn him to a Celestial Fox. The abilities Asagi had revealed had actually only been the tip of the Iceberg, this was truly why Draig was enraged. He had been played and turned into a fool in his own mind.

“Lord” called Kira hesitantly as other Wolves started to come to the scene of Draig’s outburst.

“Find me the things I have asked for, I don’t care how long it takes just collect my resources” ordered Draig as he tried to even his breathing.

“Lord, I don’t think it will be possible with all these stubborn Mutts” explained Kira staring at the young Feratu who seemed to spew out endless potential.

“Then cull the herd” stated Draig cruelly.

“W-what” asked Kira with Marco not being that surprised apparently.

“Kill those who refuse on the spot” elaborated Draig but his words were heard by many of those who had come to investigate the source of the commotion.

“Kill us? Do you think this is still the golden age of Vampirism, you think we will just stand by as you kill our kin” demanded one particularly large Wolf.

“Kira, you will handle this.” stated Draig expecting the Werewolf to kill the fool who spoke out.

“Brothers, Sisters. You are turning away a glorious opportunity, my Master can grant you abilities far beyond your comprehension. The power of cla.s.ses can be given to anyone by his will” explained Kira but he sensed danger.

Before he could attempt to find it there was a squelch and a pained groan, looking towards his Lord he found that three of his kin had been killed and piled in front of Draig.

“I have explained how refusal to obey will be dealt with, if we are now clear then you will follow Kira’s orders and collect my supplies” stated Draig flicking his claws thus flinging the blood on them to the ground.

Those around were staring at his retreating figure with anger but didn’t wish to share the fate of their comrades.

Marco being quite the knowledgeable little pest that he was had taken charge of separating and labeling the materials that had been brought in for Draig. As this carried on though Kira saw growing discontent among his people, causing him a deep pain he hadn’t felt since his crippling injury.

Taking a breath he stepped away from the group and went to seek out Draig, he was certain that there would be a good chance he would be punished by the young Feratu but he had to at least try. Standing before a cottage reminiscent of Draig’s Farmhouse, Kira began reaching towards the door to knock when he was interrupted by a surprised shout.

“Dad! What are you doing here” asked Kasa standing with a basket of fruits and rabbits along with a poorly made alcohol.

“Kasa, I should be asking you this question” countered Kira looking at the basket in her hands.

“Oh, I was going for a picnic tonight. Since I am no longer engaged” laughed the girl mischievously, just as before Kira seemed to become blind to the truth when she spoke.

“Very well sweetheart, be safe and don’t be gone too long” smiled Kira as the interaction had done a lot to ease his nerves and also strengthen his resolve.

“Lord I wish to speak with you” called out Kira surprising Kasa as she thought he would leave rather quickly.

“What is it” came the response though the door never opened.

“Lord I would prefer to speak face to face” answered Kira as he clenched his fists.

It was silent for a long time until the door was opened by an imp colored red, Kira peeked into the newly built cottage and found it to be an exact replica of the young Feratu’s old home. Out of the corner of his eyes he caught sight of his target.

“What is it Kira” asked Draig as he sat in a familiar meditative position.

“Listen brat, I have come to make a request on behalf of my people” began Kira

“What about your people Kira” asked Draig opening one eyes that shocked the Old wolf.

“Your eye” cried Kira in shock

“I am aware of my condition as it continues to grow, now tell me what is it you have come here for” stated Draig as Kira stared at the beautiful sapphire resting where Draig’s crimson ruby of an eye was.

“What is happening” asked Kira as he had never heard of something like this.

Draig said nothing merely closing his eye again, realizing the meaning behind it Kira spoke.

“Brat my people are exhausted working nonstop for you, if you want them to keep doing this like they are you have got to give them something to aim for” exclaimed Kira hoping the Feratu would catch on.

“What is it you would have me set as their goal then Kira” asked Draig keeping his eyes closed.

“Cla.s.s” stated Kira with resolve as this would be beneficial to his entire tribe.
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Draig’s eyes shot open in shock at the suggestion.

“What was that” asked Draig narrowing his ocean like eyes.

Kira found that Draig’s eyes didn’t hold as much power in their stare now they had changed, this allowed the Werewolf to stand his ground.

“I demand that you reward my people for their efforts the same way you had recruited me that year” stated Kira.

Draig snarled on the inside but only he was aware of what was happening right now, this feeling of weakness. He knew it well.

“Very well, however in return I will require more. Each one gifted a cla.s.s by me will bare the ring of our order, each Cla.s.s holder in your tribe will line up before me and they will drop their blood into my Tome’s pages. Is that understood” Stated Draig who closed his eyes thus missing the happy look on the Old Wolf’s face.

Kira ran back and reported Draig’s answer to his plea, Marco who had been sorting and labeling became overloaded as the wolves pace picked up dramatically.

Soon Marco had recruited some of the younger Werewolves to help out, he taught them many things and quickly had them up to speed, however they could all feel the power fluctuations happening inside Draig’s cottage.

‘I wonder what’s wrong with that brat’ thought Kira as he kept a careful watch from a nearby rooftop.


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