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Chapter 159

“I have been confined by the Emperor even though the matter with Zodasian Kingdom had been cleared because he has suspicion about us . ” Lin Xingyan grabbed Mo Xuan Fei’s hand tightly . “There was a guard who saw you when you visited me and reported it to the Emperor . ” Her eyes were cast down .

Lin Xingyan knew their relationship would bring harm to both of them, but she couldn’t bear to leave Mo Xuan Fei and knowing he did feel the same didn’t help their case .

However, if something should happen because of this, Lin Xingyan more couldn’t bear the suffering of losing him .

Therefore, it should stop while there was still time!

Mo Xuan Fei’s had been very cautious for his every visit, but still there was someone who saw him . He cupped Lin Xingyan’s cold hand, brought them near to his mouth and blew hot breath to keep them warm .

“Don’t worry I will handle this . ” Mo Xuan Fei said resolutely . He didn’t know what he would do, but he would do everything to ensure her safety .

“No . ” Lin Xinyang shook her head fervently . “We must not see each other again…” There was pain in her voice that she couldn’t conceal .

“Don’t say that . ” Mo Xuan Fei replied sternly . “Believe me, I will handle this . Everything will be alright for us . “


Mo Xuan Fei stretched out his arms and pulled the woman closer to him, hugged her tightly as he rested his chin atop of her head .

“Don’t say that . ” He reiterated .

“There is no future for us . ” Lin Xingyan’s tears rolled down on her cheek when she stated the truth of their situation .

It was indeed the truth . What kind of future was available for them in their current condition?

In spite of that, Mo Xuan Fei insisted to not let her go .


The night was still early when suddenly Qianru woke up because of a feeling wanting to vomit, carefully she got off from the bed as Xiao Jun was still sound asleep beside her .

However, even though she was being careful enough, Xiao Jun was still awoken . He stretched out his hand as he let out small grunted sound .

“Where are you going?” His voice still laced with sleepiness when he asked .

The sun has not risen and the room was still dark as all the candles had been burnt out .

Qianru didn’t answer him and scuttled away toward the bathroom, she couldn’t answer Xiao Jun as she afraid she would throw up on the spot .

“Qianru…?” Xiao Jun’s eyebrows locked together in confusion to see her .

All of sudden his mind became sober as he got off from the bed and followed her, when he walked closer, he could hear the sound of Qianru was vomiting and fastened his steps .

In no time, Xiao Jun had stood behind Qianru while holding her long hair .

“You don’t need to see this…” Qianru said softly, feeling embarra.s.sed because Xiao Jun saw her in this state .

Xiao Jun neither say something nor he walked away, he didn’t know what he should do either, therefore he just stood there while ma.s.saging Qianru’s back slowly as she bent down her body, emptying her upset stomach .

Only after a few minutes she felt slightly better, along that time, Xiao Jun kept her accompany and help her to wash her mouth thoughtfully and carried her toward their bedroom again .

After he tucked her inside the blanket and gave a cup of warm water, he called out Liu Wei to call a doctor over .

“How are you feeling?” Xiao Jun wiped sweat on Qianru’s forehead with his sleeves, his eyes filled with concern .

As far as Xiao Jun knew, Qianru rarely got sick, but if she was sick, it would last long time . Therefore, Xiao Jun didn’t feel at ease about this matter .

“Better . ” Qianru replied softly . She was feeling better after her stomach calmed down, but her pale face didn’t convince Xiao Jun .

“Were you eating something weird?” Xiao Jun blurted out the most possible thing that he could think of .

Qianru rubbed her stomach subconsciously as she tried to recall what she had eaten last night and couldn’t find something odd with it .

“No . ” Qianru bit her lower lips . “I didn’t eat something odd…”

Recently she had been feeling unwell every morning, but only today she felt her stomach was exceptionally queasy .

Liu Wei came with a young doctor five minutes later . He was a doctor from the palace because Xiao Jun didn’t bring along a doctor in his entourage to Rockstone Kingdom .

He was a neat and clean man, wearing a white robe and bring a medicine box on his left hand .

The young doctor politely gave his respect toward Xiao Jun and Qianru after he introduced himself as Doctor Xia .

Thereafter, Doctor Xia proceeded to kneel beside Qianru’s bed and put a white handkerchief atop of her wrist before he checked on her pulse .

Qianru came from highborn, a princess and a wife of Prince Xiao Jun atop of it, therefore he couldn’t touch her carelessly even though she wasn’t a princess from Rockstone Kingdom .

“She just vomited the moment she woke up this morning . ” Xiao Jun explained it impa.s.sively, but his eyes had never left Qianru’s pale face since the beginning . He was worried and Doctor Xia’s reaction didn’t help to calm him .

The young Doctor was concentrating with wrinkled brows as he was in deep thought .

“What is it?” Xiao Jun asked impatiently, his calm expression almost cracked . “Is it something serious?”

The young Doctor raised his head to meet Xiao Jun’s perturbed eyes, before a smile bloomed on his face .

“Prince Xiao doesn’t need to be worry, Princess Xiao is totally fine . “

Seeing Qianru’s condition, Xiao Jun didn’t convince . “So, what happened to her?”

Doctor Xia was looking at both of them with bright eyes before he spoke . “This humble one wants to congratulate Prince Xiao Jun and Princess Xiao . ” And then he added after a short pause . “Actually, the princess is pregnant . “


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