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Chapter 47 – Normal Friends

Mo Li was certain of Mo Yi’s love for her, she never once doubted that. In the original, Mo Yi doted on his daughter endlessly. When he had to send Mo Li away, his heart was split into pieces. In the original, Mo Li used suicide as a threat and refused to move out from the house. That escalated the conflict within the family, and the whole Mo Family was shrouded in misery.

But the current Mo Li had no intention of doing that. Instead of staying at home to argue with Mo Zheng, why not move in with her grandparents who loved her dearly? This was a win-win situation for everyone.

Early the next morning, Mo Yi had people send over Mo Li’s luggage. After a few words with Mo Yun, he went to work.

Like usual, Mo Li went to school. But the moment she stepped through the gate, she was surrounded.

“Miss Mo Li!” Hearing someone call her name, Mo Li turned up her head. She remembered this person as Liu Fan, he was another school director, and he was Mo Yi’s good friend. “It is almost recruitment season for our school again. I hope that you’ll partic.i.p.ate in our recruitment video, it’ll help promote our school.” Liu Fan persuaded, after all, this had to do with the school’s economy and thus the bonus of all the staff. A tour of the school would be too boring so Lin Fan decided to include a few shots of the school’s notable student. It didn’t hurt that Mo Li was a beauty too.

Lin Fan then introduced the people surrounding Mo Li, “These are the crew members who will be responsible to shoot the recruitment video.” Liu Fan then chased the crew a respectable distance away from Mo Li so they wouldn’t suffocate her, which Mo Li was thankful for because the close contact was making her increasingly uncomfortable.

But clearly, the screening for the crew was not done well because some of them were paparazzi as evidenced by the question that shot at Mo Li, “Miss Mo Li, how is your brother’s injury? What is the reason behind his injury? Was it really you who hit him with the car?”

Lin Fan immediately intercepted but Mo Li was faster than he was. She smiled and said, “He is already much better.” She answered calmly with a glow in her eyes. As long as they were not physically pawing at her, fielding these questions was not that hard. “It was just an accident. It’s unfortunate that there is no surveillance around the accident site but I’m sure my third brother will clarify the truth after he recovers. Regarding those who intend to injure and slander the Mo Family’s name, we will not forgive them.”

Those who held out the recording pen, involuntarily shrank their hands back. How come she is so different from what we heard? The reporters looked at each other and didn’t know what to do. Mo Li was definitely not acting like the rumored version of herself. She was not a boisterous, brainless rich girl who could be misled easily. Instead she responded gracefully and her answers were flawless. She didn’t cower before the sudden a.s.sault and accusation but replied graciously.

‘A witch out to harm her own brother!’ ‘Famous male celebrity, now a cripple! This is the killer!’ ‘The work of an envious heart, the secret of the rich.’ Before Mo Li arrived, these people already came up with the headlines for their article. But now… the articles were disintegrating in their minds. How could this be?

One of the female reporters were not satisfied by this. She pressed on, “There’s an insider information that it was because you and your brother were fighting that the car accident happened. Miss Mo Li, what do you have to say about that?”

Mo Li t.i.tled her head to the side as if she couldn’t believe the accusation that was lampooned at her. “It sounds like your insider information is not that accurate then. We were only bickering as siblings do. I am very sad that this happened to my third brother too.”

The reporters look at each other, not knowing what to say. This Mo Li sure is cunning and shameless. It is already an open secret that she was the one who drove the car into her brother. How could she spew out these lies without a blink of her eyes?

Lin Fan decided enough was enough. With a warning glow in his eyes, he said, “Hey, what are you doing to our school student? Have you people forgotten why you are here? You should be focusing on promoting our school, not this nonsense.”

However, the reporters were like bloodhounds and Mo Li was the prey. They ignored Lin Fan. One of the thinner female reporters asked, “I hear that Miss Mo Li has an unusual relations.h.i.+p with the young master of the Quan Family, is that true?”

“Mr. Quan is a kind friend, he is very caring.” Mo Li answered evenly, “I was lucky to help him once. We are just normal friends.”

However, the woman didn’t give up. “Master Quan is rich and handsome, he is viewed as the young generation with the most potential. Does Miss Mo Li really not feel anything around him? How can you not fall for someone like him?”


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