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Chapter 442: Threat

“Song Xin? Why is she visiting us? Speaking of, I heard that Song Xin and Tang Ze used to be a couple. Do you think it’s true?” Zhuo Ran was very excited. She looked outside to see if she could catch a glimpse of Song Xin.

“Who really knows. The rumors made it sound so real but then in the pictures, you can barely see Young Master Tang’s face. But Song Xin did look so different from back then!” Jiang Yan said sourly. Back then, Song Xin was an una.s.suming village girl. She was so different from now.

“Really? But I heard that it was Tang Ze who gave Song Xin her big break!”

“That’s right! I heard from a senior that Song Xin was rumored to visit a hotel with a director. When this was confirmed, she was chased out of the country by Tang Ze!”

“Yes, the director was Chen Jian!”

“But Director Chen said that they were meeting at the hotel to discuss a script. Song Xin was not satisfied with the script so they stayed overnight at the hotel to edit it. It was a misunderstanding!”

“How can you be so gullible? Who would go to the hotel to discuss a script at night?

“Furthermore, after this incident was exposed, Song Xin went overseas and the rumors died. At the time, I was still a newbie but I heard the news everywhere! After that, Guo Yao rose to fame and everyone turned their attention to her.” Zhuo Ran was a gossip queen. She liked to study these things.

“So she broke up with Tang Ze? Now one of them is a big producer and the other is a big actor? I wonder if there’s a chance for them to get back together.”

While everyone was happily gossiping, Mo Li remained silent as she ate An Wan’s cherry pie. What is Song Xin doing here?

Due to Song Xin’s arrival, there was a sudden commotion on set. Director Peng was talking with the martial artist director about the wire shots when they turned around and were greeted by a wall of camera flashes.

With many reporters surrounding them, Song Xin and her manager entered the set for the Witch of Sun and Moon.

She was dressed casually because she had no activity that day. She wore a simple silk dress with a green ribbon around her wrist. Her hair was loosely tied behind her head and she was wearing a pair of simple shoes. She looked ordinary but everyone knew that each item on her body was worth at least 100,000 RMB.

The reporters had no idea why Song Xin had suddenly appeared. Regardless, they grabbed their cameras and got to work.

Director Peng didn’t allow reporters into his set. Most of the time, his filming was done in private. Information about his shooting was never leaked. He would arrange for fan meetings and that would only happen once a week. That day was not the day for a fan meeting so he was angry. Song Xin was there to create trouble for him.

The reporters knew Director Peng’s temper so they focused on Song Xin and didn’t dare to barge into the set. As to why Song Xin was there, none of the reporters knew. Someone had leaked the information to them and so they rushed over, hoping to get some first-hand news.

Once Song Xin appeared, the set filled with excitement. Everyone crowded to take her pictures. The previously quiet set became like a market. Director Peng’s face darkened. He thought about chasing Song Xin out.

“Wow, it’s really Song Xin!” Zhuo Ran was ecstatic, she was Song Xin’s fan. Her eyes glowed with adoration as she walked over to her idol to greet her.

Nie Li patted Mo Li’s shoulders. “What are you doing, sitting there and eating? Hurry and stand up!”

“Why? She’s just here to show off. It has nothing to do with me.”

Nie Lie took a few deep breaths. She wanted to smack Mo Li on her head to wake her up. “My dear, it has everything to do with you. If not for your family background, she would have crushed you already. Plus, this is a contest between Le Yun and Huan Yu! We mustn’t lose!”

“Then that is your battle, not mine. Aren’t you the vice president?” Mo Li yawned. Song Xin targeted her simply because Tang Ze had appointed Mo Li as the female lead of his movie.

“If you aren’t willing to take this seriously, I will ban your a.s.sistant from buying you any meals with meat for the next month!” Nie Li sighed. This was something Mo Xiao taught her to say when Mo Li was not cooperating.

“Fine!” Mo Li quickly stood up. She lifted her head with a professional smile.

Mo Li was not a vegetarian, in fact, she couldn’t survive without meat. The nutrition would be so imbalanced!

Nie Li looked at Mo Li with shock. What? Does it actually work? That one ridiculous threat is far more effective than the long essay I’ve prepared?


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