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Chapter 324 – Curse

“Sister Mo Li is so beautiful!”

“An Wan actually knows quite a bit about the extreme sport despite her soft appearance.”


“I wouldn’t dare to do this. They are amazing!”

“Wait, is someone missing?”

“Chu Guang has drawn the highest platform, he has to jump from the very top.”

Chu Guang stood at the highest platform and he cursed internally. Why… why did this happen to me? Why do I have to jump from the highest platform? This is not fair!

“Mr. Chu, the 3 other guests have already jumped. Miss An Wan and Miss Mo Li were only 5 meters lower than you. Please don’t worry, our safety wire is very secure.”

“Fine… I got it! I was just building some confidence for myself.”

“Sob sob, I feel bad for Brother Guang. Is he afraid of height?”

“Be a man! Even the girls have already jumped!”

“Chu Guang is embarra.s.sing!”

“I feel the secondhand embarra.s.sment through the screen!”

“Nonsense! Our Brother Guang is only preparing himself.”

Chu Guang wanted to turn to the camera and did a handsome dip but unexpectedly, he slipped and flew straight out. He screamed like a pig being slaughtered. It sounded tragic.

Things with Team B went a lot more smoothly than Team A. Xiao Rui and Jin Chuan won a lot of fans by completing the challenge with ease.

Meng Yi was quite afraid but Zeng Jia was there to help her.

After that, Zhu Wen led them to their second challenge. “Since we have cliffs on this island, we need to take advantage of that! Rock climbing is a double test of courage and determination. I wonder how everyone will fare.”

Mo Li looked at the people who climbed with ease and she sighed. Looks like I still need stamina training.

“I wonder which of our guests will prevail. We have a little surprise for the first guest to reach the top. Let’s see who shall win!”

This time, there were no teams. Everyone would climb the same wall. The ones leading were Zhu Wen and Xiao Rui.

“Are all the police officers so handsome these days?”

“Arrest me please!”

“Brother Xiao Rui, you should just debut!”

“I like this Xiao Rui and Zhu Wen CP!”

“No way, our Sister Zhu Wen is too good for him!”

Curses. Chu Guang watched as Jin Chuan and Xiao Rui climbed up the hill. If Lin An was there, he wouldn’t be placed last, but now… Chu Guang felt that the program team was purposely making him look bad. First, he was a.s.signed the highest platform, and now this steep rock face to climb. His limbs were already sore. He climbed even slower than Mo Li.

“Even the girls are stronger than Chu Guang.”

“I have no idea Chu Guang is so useless.”

“That’s all? Is he still a man?”

“Brother Guang is already in tears. Stop bullying him.”

“He has contributed a lot of memes today.”

After everyone reached the top, the program team allowed everyone to rest while they took shots of the surroundings.

“After bungee jumping and rock climbing, I’m sure this will pose no challenge. The final challenge is easy. We’ll take the gla.s.s walkway and aerial cable back to the campsite!”

Chu Guang hadn’t even had enough rest and the others were already starting the last challenge.

Xiao Rui and Jin Chuan completed the last challenge with ease. Fang Ming injured himself during the second challenge so he was spared from doing the last challenge. In conclusion, the biggest fool of the day was Chu Guang!

When Chu Guang returned to the base and looked back at the livestream, his face was so dark. People stayed away from him.

“When he played games, he looked so cool but today, that persona has collapsed.”

“My phone is now filled with his embarra.s.sing gifs.”

“The fall of an esports G.o.d!”

Chu Guang became a laughing stock on the internet. Thanks to the popularity of the show, even those who didn’t know esports knew how big of a fool he was.

Chu Guang had this feeling that ever since he stepped on the island, his luck had been getting worse. He even suspected that this was a prank on him!

“After a whole day of physical exercise, the program team has specifically provided ma.s.sages for everyone to unwind.”

Taking in the row of ma.s.sage chairs, Jin Chuan and Xiao Rui didn’t have much of a reaction. They would unwind better if they stretched on their own.

Chu Guang looked disappointed. When he first heard about the reward, he thought of a beauty ma.s.sage with a happy ending. He was not expecting a ma.s.sage by the machine.

However, it was still better than nothing. Chu Guang sat down in the ma.s.sage chair. As he was about to relax, an electric current shot through him.

“Ouch! The chair is leaking electricity!” The shock made Chu Guang forget that the livestream was still going. He stood up and sent the ma.s.sage chair flying with a kick. An Wan quickly pulled Meng Yi aside, if not, the chair would have crashed into the girl.

“What is the program team doing?”


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