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Chapter 322 – Jin Xuan

“That’s right, I happen to know how to deal with autistic individuals. This incident must have placed a lot of pressure on him, that’s why I have been checking on him. Wait, you don’t think…” An Wan was not angry that Mo Li suspected her, if anything, she quickly jumped to Jin Xuan’s defense. For An Wan, Jin Xuan couldn’t have committed this crime, he was just a harmless young man.

“By the way, do you know where the chains around Qian Yao’s neck came from? And that the snow chipper has been modified?” Zeng Jia suddenly asked.

Xiao Rui glanced at Zeng Jia. He was surprised that the woman’s mind was so sharp. However, to be honest, Xiao Rui had no answer either. If Jiang Zhi didn’t tell them about the prop team, they wouldn’t even know about that.

“Never mind, the police are not going to tell us anyway!” Zeng Jia commented when Xiao Rui didn’t reply. “But as a good citizen, I am going to offer you a valuable piece of information. Qian Yao, that dumb woman didn’t even know she was played!” At this point, Zeng Jia sneered, “I bet you still don’t know why Lin An had hooked up with her. Furthermore, Lin An actually has a s.e.xual relations.h.i.+p with many people on this crew. Qian Yao is merely the one on the surface!”

“How did you know so many things?” Xiao Rui was confused. Zeng Jia appeared to grasp everyone’s secret.

“When you are at my level, you’ll have people feeding news to you. One juicy tidbit is that Lin An is also a couple with Jin Chuan.”

“What?” An Wan was shocked. She didn’t expect this.

“They have already sneaked off more than once while we were still on the yacht. Don’t tell me you didn’t notice that?”

Xiao Liu who was taking down notes didn’t even know what to write. The relations.h.i.+p between these people was so complicated!

“Okay, I guess we better go and find Jin Xuan. You should rest early. We’ll have officers stationed outside the tent so don’t worry.”

“Can I come with you? Jin Xuan is familiar with me, so he might be more cooperative when I’m there.” An Wan offered. Mo Li looked at her friend with confusion. Why was An Wan so concerned about Jin Xuan? Was there a relations.h.i.+p between An Wan and Jin Chuan?

They soon met Jin Xuan. Xiao Rui tried his best to be unimposing when he noticed how fidgety Jin Xuan was.

“You’re Jin Xuan, right? There’s no need to be so nervous, you only need to answer us honestly.” Jin Xuan didn’t appear to hear Xiao Rui. He sat there twirling his fingers.

An Wan squatted down to face Jin Xuan, “Xiao Xuan, these big brothers and sisters are good people, you can trust me. They have very important questions to ask you, you have to answer them truthfully, okay?”

Mo Li studied An Wan and she noticed something. However, since An Wan hadn’t brought it up, Mo Li didn’t expose her.

“Do you know about the relations.h.i.+p between your older brother and the director Lin An?”

“I, I….” Jin Xuan stammered for a long time before shaking his head.

“Someone saw your brother with Lin An on the yacht. Is that true?” Mo Li noticed that whenever those 2 names were mentioned, Jin Xuan would lower his eyes and he would blink faster. Clearly, the young man knew something but someone had warned him from telling the truth.

“Don’t worry, just tell us what you know.”

“I, I… I don’t know… I really don’t know.” Jin Xuan’s voice broke. Tears were pooling in his eyes.

“…” Xiao Rui didn’t know how to continue this questioning. At that moment, Kang Zhi charged in.

“Boss, it’s not good. Several rooms on the yacht just burned up. The fire originated from Jiang Zhi’s computer.”

Xiao Rui immediately rushed over to the yacht. Mo Li gestured for An Wan to bring Jin Xuan away. They would handle the rest.

“Jin Xuan didn’t give us anything to work with. Several important rooms on the yacht have burned down. Jiang Zhi’s computer is an important piece of evidence too. It’s like someone is trying to impede the investigation.” Xiao Rui didn’t believe in coincidence. Someone must be behind the fire in Jiang Zhi’s room. Thankfully they still had Jiang Zhi with them.

“Perhaps we should take this one step at a time. Kang Zhi, I’ve asked you to check these people’s bank accounts and chat records. Did you find anything?”

“Jiang Zhi and Zhu Wen were telling the truth. They did receive a huge amount of money recently. However, the money came from an untraceable card.

“But another strange detail popped up at me. After Jiang Zhi got the money, she bought many luxury items until she blew through all her savings. She booked a plane ticket to head to Beijing next month but she didn’t book a hotel or a return ticket.”

“Hmm? She plans to run away and never come back?

“Having a splurge after gaining money is quite normal but this is a bit too much….”


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