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Chapter 123 – The Case

“Shush.” Mo Li had already discovered the little weasel earlier. She just didn’t mind him being around. But now she wanted to focus on her cooking.

Mo Yu stared at Mo Li as the later used the knife to cut the grape in half. Then she made a small cut on the front of the skin, and peeled back the skin to make two ears. Finally she carved a mouth on the other side of the halved fruit. After Mo Li was satisfied with her work, she placed the halved grape beside the crepe. Only then Mo Yu realized it was a grape rabbit! After all, Mo Li was just a high schooler, this was indeed someone her age would do!

“Interesting.” Mo Yu picked up the rabbit with a wicked tone and then cackled madly before he tossed the poor rabbit down his mouth. “Your punishment is death for looking so cute! Muahahaha!”

Mo Li ignored him as she split the crepes into two bowls. She then added the decorated grapes in both bowls. She poured two gla.s.ses of goat’s milk and then put one set on a tray.

Mo Li turned to Mo Yu. “Now that you’ve had your fill, bring this over to your grandfather’s room.” Mo Li pushed the tray of crepes and milk to Mo Yu.

Mo Yu obliged while Mo Li carried her own set to the dining room. Mo Li knew that her grandfather had been staying up late to wait for her to come home, and she noticed his bedroom lights were still on so she prepared this special meal for him and Old Madam Mo. Red bean was good for metabolism.

After school, Mo Li had not had a single thing to eat because she was busy playing with Rou Rou and then the autopsy. She sat down and stuffed two crepes in her mouth. Compared to Mo Yu, Mo Li was much more graceful. Mo Li took a sip of the goat’s milk.

By then, Mo Yu had returned and he sat down beside her. Mo Li paid him no heed.

While she munched on the food, she was reminded of the victim on the autopsy table. The person was starved for a prolonged period of time, and she relied on just water to survive. Then all of her joints were dislocated from brute force. Who would be so psychotic to do something like this? What kind of murderer would torture a woman to such an extent? Plus what was the purpose of dislocating the joints?

After all, it was not easy to dislocating the human joints, especially the ones at the knees. They had to use special tools to do that.

Other than that, all the hairs on the victim’s body had been shaved, why? Based on what Quan Yu said, this was his people but Mo Li had no information beyond that. What was this person’s job? What did Quan Yu send her to do?

Mo Li didn’t want to delve too deep into it but if she didn’t, it would affect her judgement of the whole case. Perhaps it was because she had not performed an autopsy for too long, many questions were tossed around in her mind.

According to traditional criminal investigation, to identify a suspect and to close a case, other than a comprehensive coroner’s report, one needed witness statements and the victim’s timeline. Then one could comb through and a.n.a.lyze the case details to find the suspect.

However, Mo Li only had access to the victims. Even though Quan Yu allowed her to join the autopsy, he didn’t reveal any other information about the case.

“I think the killer is an anti-social psychopath who gets his thrill from torturing others before killing them.” Mo Yu s.h.i.+vered when he heard this comment from Mo Li apropos to nothing.

He asked, “Who, who are you talking about?”

Realizing that she had accidentally voiced her thought, Mo Li only raised her brows, before she went upstairs to her room.


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