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Chapter 119 Extreme Fans

It should be a good thing to catch a hidden spy. However, to Zhou Yu’s surprise, Xia Huan did not show much happiness. Watching the spy being caught and sent to the prison for reform through labor, he just laughed and scolded, “you deserve it” and then stopped looking around and asked while his saliva was dripping from his mouth, that what he was going to have for lunch today.

The food of the ACG world absolutely cannot be considered as simple, but Luhua Village’s dual attribute vegetable could let people enjoy the delicacies from two different worlds at the same time, and there was only one place in both worlds that served this kind of food. So everyone from Beidou company was very satisfied with the food that was provided by Lu Hua village, and whenever it was mealtime, everyone was very energetic.

“What’s the matter, you don’t seem to be happy that the spy was caught?”

Zhou Yu didn’t know many things about the ACG world. Therefore, he was naturally curious about Xia Huan’s reactions. But Xia Huan’s answer taught him a lesson, “there is nothing we should be feeling happy about. Catching one spy indeed will cause some damage to the opponent, but Lao Zhou, there is more than one management company targeting us. Taking down one, another one will appear.”

After that, Xia Huan took out a card and explained in detail, “This is the spy card, which is used to temporarily kidnap an employee of the target company, while a spy will impersonate the employee and infiltrate the target company. As long as it’s still in the process of filming, the spy who has not been caught can be put into use.”

The spy cards are expensive, and other companies can only occasionally get one or two of them when they are doing their daily tasks, except big companies can buy them directly. In the final a.n.a.lysis, little Muli was too popular. Normally, for all the management companies to target one star, that star should be at least an A-rated star.

As Xia Huan expected, the next day when the camera was switched on, they encountered another disruptive item. This time it was “environmental mystical technique – rainstorm”. Over several sand tables in the studio, the rainstorm did not stop a single second, and the water level of the small lake rose rapidly and flowed down from the edge of the sand table. It was a mess.

However, in the eyes of reality, it was fine sunny weather.

In such bad weather, unless there was a rainstorm scene in the script, otherwise, the filming couldn’t be continued… Fortunately, “Dragon’s Treasure” did have a rainstorm scene. Therefore, this kind of weather was exactly what they wanted. Moreover, they did not need to spend money on buying weather, which made Xia Huan laugh. Using disruptive cards must be carefully, otherwise, they might become help cards instead of causing troubles. The boss of this foolish spy was probably dying from regret at this moment.

In this way, the whole shooting process was carried out in an orderly way in the great battle between the spy and the counter-spy. Originally, it was expected that the shooting could be completed in a week or two. The actual result was that the shooting was delayed to about one month. The film production of the ACG world is truly something else.

In addition to spies from other companies, it seems that some criminals like to go to the shooting venue to make trouble. Such as today, the filming of the movie was expected to be finished today, but there were unexpected troubles, that were caused by the extremists.

The shooting originally had been going very smoothly, and during the filming of the last scene, Firefly also caught The Spy No. 5 and whooped his a.s.s. Everything was going so well. However, when Zhou Yu told the old dragon King that they should hurry to prepare the celebration venue, suddenly there was a noise outside the studio.

‘Who is making the noises?’

Some time ago, there were indeed a lot of reporters wanting to come in for an interview, and wanting to learn about the filming progress of “Dragon’s Treasure”. It could be said that it was a perfect opportunity to advertise for the new film. However, they were all rejected by the “arrogant” Zhou Yu. Nowadays, Zhou Fu would handle all those interviews. He had also partic.i.p.ated in the filming and read the script of the movie. Therefore, It was not a problem for him to handle those reporters’ questions.

There were also security guards guarding at the studio’s door to prevent some fans from breaking in. It was reasonable to say that no one would stay outside the studio for a long time, let alone making a lot of noise.

Just when Zhou Yu was ready to go out and see what happened, what he saw next started him. A group of animated fat otakus, just like those who normally appeared in animes, formed a big formation, rumbling toward them. While running, they also shouted, “Muli Fans, forward, forward!” and other slogans similar to this. Zhou Yu was so shocked, that he did not know what to do next.

Xia Huan, on the other hand, responded quickly and shouted, “Quick, Lao Zhou, escort Muli and other actors to a safe area! Stop filming! Let’s stop these extreme fans first!

Xia Huan’s panic also affected Zhou Yu. Quickly letting Muli and little Niannian climb up to his palms, he then took big steps, moving towards the other direction. It’s good to be tall and physically superior to the average clueless commoners. So it was easy for Zhou Yu to avoid these fanatical fans.

Looking back, the villagers of mini Luhua Village and the employees of Beidou all picked up anything they could find and started to charge while shouting loudly. Without knowing what was going on in advance, people would easily mistake this for some PVP battle between the Horde and the Alliance. However, judging from the number of people, Mini Luhua village and Beidou company certainly did not have an advantage, even if several masters were helping them.

After waiting in a safe place for a while, Zhou Yu finally saw Jack Mouse riding Diandian, running towards him and telling him that they were safe now. The fanatical fans were repelled.

Back to the studio, as Zhou Yu expected, it was full of injured people on the ground. Beidou employees were basically lying on the ground, the studio was also as messy as if it was. .h.i.t by a typhoon. There were many areas on the sand tables, that clearly looked like they were smashed by something. Little Luhua Village was slightly better, but apart from several people who knew how to fight, the rest of the villagers were also lying on the ground waiting for rescue.

The Medicine Hut of the white witch made all-out efforts, trying to healing as many wounded people as possible.

‘G.o.d d.a.m.nnit! What kind of disaster is it?’

“Extreme fans. They emerge from normal fans, but much worse than normal fans. They are crazy and will blindly chase after their idols. There are also stalkers, robbers, kidnappers and other criminals hiding amongst them. There are also some creeps, who like to collect everything that idols have used. In short, they are extremely dangerous, whether to ordinary people or idols.”

Xia Huan explained in detail, and then he was dragged into the Medicine Hut by the white witch for treatment.

“Judging from the slogans of these people and their clothes, ‘Flower Muli’s Supporter Group’ is very obvious a group of extreme fans, and their target should be Little Muli.”

Upon hearing this, Zhou Yu was immediately stunned.

‘What the h.e.l.l, my little Muli only appeared in front of the media once, even her first film has not been officially released, why on earth would she have those extreme fans?’

“Lao Zhou, you should be more careful in the future and pay more attention to the protection of Little Muli. Although those people have been repeeled this time, it does not mean that they will not come back to make trouble in the future. If something happens, it will reduce the attributes of little Muli.”

Xia Huan’s words were very vague. There are many attacking methods on idols in The ACG World, and it is not only just reducing some attributes that easy. The most extreme example is, that there used to be a very popular idol, who was captured by some extreme fans and then turned into a meat toilet, and in the end, she could only make those age-restricted movies.

Therefore, if Little Muli was caught by extremist fans, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Although Xia Huan didn’t say it clearly, in reality, Zhou Yu had also heard the darkness behind the dazzling light of entertainment circles. So Zhou Yu nodded and immediately arranged for Firefly to be little Muli’s bodyguard, and entrusted several other kungfu masters to strengthen the security of the village.

However, just protecting would not solve the root of the problem. Who knows when the next accident would be. It made Zhou Yu wonder if there was a way to completely solve this problem in one breath.


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