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Chapter 66 Saving Selena

On the port, a team of his puppets waiting for him on a s.h.i.+p that he had purchased some time ago for his personal use.

Alex first extended his spiritual sense to cover a s.h.i.+p sailing away in the distance that was suspected on which the kidnappers have boarded.

In one of the cabin, Alex detected Selena being tied up. Alex could see her trembling as some men were standing in her front possibly to keep an eye on her.

The s.h.i.+p boarding Alex also departed from the port in pursuit. There was quite a distance between them so to speed up his own s.h.i.+p, Alex commanded his puppets to start rowing physically.

By the time he left, his puppet with the injured servant has also reached the manor and they were now in the process of telling Master Clayton about everything.

“WHAT!! WHO DARES TO DO KIDNAP MY DAUGHTER?” Master Clayton was greatly angered.

“We don’t know about that but my master is pursuing them as we speak. We cannot waste any time here” Said the puppet without showing any emotion.

“Your Master? ” Master Clayton tried to calm his anger as much as possible.

“Alex, your disciple. I am his subordinate. He has already been informed. Right now, Master had gone after the people who abducted your daughter. Now don’t waste time here, follow me” the puppet quickly spoke.

Master Clayton couldn’t believe but he still followed the puppet while also taking the guards in his manor with him.

Another person came towards them running and said something in the ear of the puppet.

“Master Clayton, hurry. The abductors have taken a s.h.i.+p to leave the city. Master Alex has also followed behind them on his own s.h.i.+p.”

Master Clayton felt that it was a conspiracy to take him away from the city instead. What else could he do but follow these guys?

At the port, the puppets had already readied a s.h.i.+p to depart after taking Master Clayton.

As an Alchemist, Master Clayton also owned some s.h.i.+ps for his use. He didn’t trust the puppets fully so he told some his guards to follow them on their own s.h.i.+p.

Like this Alex followed the kidnappers from behind and Master Clayton did the same.

Master Clayton was looking at the horizon. He could see a s.h.i.+p ahead but he didn’t know if it was Alex’s as the puppet beside him stated.

“Captain, an unknown s.h.i.+p is gaining on us from behind” a crew member on the kidnapper’s s.h.i.+p alerted their captain about Alex’s s.h.i.+p.

“What! How is this possible?” the captain then also saw the s.h.i.+p which was definitely following their own.

“Unfurl all the sails, increase the speed.” The captain gave out some couple orders to his crew members to increase the speed of their s.h.i.+p.

But it was all in vain as the s.h.i.+p behind them was shortening the distance gradually.

Alex knew that his s.h.i.+p would take an hour to close the distance between them sailing at this rate but he will catch up to them nonetheless.

After another hour, Alex s.h.i.+p was just 150 meters behind the kidnapper’s s.h.i.+p.

Alex took out his crescent bow and shot some arrows one after the other on the sails of the kidnapper’s s.h.i.+p.

The arrows successfully punctured many holes on the sails which caused the kidnapper’s s.h.i.+p to slow down.

“s.h.i.+t, Captain the sail is damaged. We need to change it.”

“Shut your mouth! I can see it too. Don’t worry guys, let them come closer. You, go and hoist our flag above the mast. Let’s see if they still dare to come. Commander and his fleet should be nearby now ” The captain gave out an order.

“Aye, Aye captain”

Alex had already seen the black sail and also the flag of the Lion-shark pirate group. So he was not surprised when they showed it to him. The puppets were like cold machines; their face did not have a single expression.

The pirate captain was disappointed when he did not see any reaction from them. His eyes focused on the young man who had fired the arrows before.

Soon their s.h.i.+ps came on the port side of the pirate s.h.i.+p.

“Kid, you have come a long way from home. Go back. Your mother should be waiting for you to finish your milk”

“Stop bulls.h.i.+tting. Go and kill everyone except the leader.” Alex had no time to waste because his spiritual sense had detected a fleet of s.h.i.+ps related to the lion-Shark pirates sailing towards their direction.

The pirates thought their ears have gone bad. They couldn’t help but laugh holding their stomach.

The puppets jumped and crossed over to the pirate s.h.i.+p as their opponents were busy laughing.

Alex knocked two arrows on his crescent bow.

The pirate leader raised his defense thinking that the kid would fire at him. But Alex aimed at one of the cabins of the pirate’s s.h.i.+p.

Both the arrows pierced the cabin walls to puncture the heads of the two pirates standing by the sides of Selena.

He had to take out these two guys first as they could endanger the life of Selena and maybe use her as a hostage against him. Alex didn’t want to take such a high risk.

The pirate leader indeed had this thought to use her life if things go against them.

Seeing that his plan had been foiled, the pirate leader got angry. But just as he was going to take out his anger on the puppets which had landed on his s.h.i.+p, the captain suddenly felt immense throbs of pain in his legs. As he looked down, he saw two arrows sticking out of his knees.


The pirate leader drooped on the deck after losing strength in his legs. His crew members were shocked and forgot to defend the starting of the onslaught by the puppets.


The blade cut down three pirates within the puppets reach.

In minutes they were all neutralized like this and were lying on the deck lifelessly. These pirate rabbles could never compare to his puppets.

Whereas the pirate leader was moaning in pain, as he was using his arms to support his body.

“Transfer everything useful from this s.h.i.+p to ours, and I want this s.h.i.+p to sink in these waters.” Alex stepped inside the cabin to pick up Selena on his shoulders. Selena was pleasantly surprised to see Alex as entered the cabin. He carried her back to his s.h.i.+p while his puppets were busy looting the pirate vessel.

The leader of the pirate vessel has been tied and thrown below the deck of his s.h.i.+p to be interrogated later. For now, they need to escape from here because the fleet of the Lion Shark pirates could be seen on the horizon now and are sailing towards them at full speed.

Master Clayton’s s.h.i.+p was still some distance away.

Alex s.h.i.+p made a U-turn after his puppets dealt with the pirate vessel. It had started to drown in the sea as the puppets had blown a hole in the keel below the vessel.

The moment Alex untied her, “Alex, Thank you!” said Selena as she threw herself towards Alex, tightly hugging him. That rich and soft buns of hers were tightly attached to his chest.

“Thanks for coming to save me! Otherwise, they would have used me to control my father.” Selena with her face flushed red, lovingly looking at Alex. She had never been scared this much before in her life.


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