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Chapter 203 Raining h.e.l.l From The Sky – Part 1

Mary closed the beast’s skin and threw it into the sea. She stamped her feet once again in anger before she darted to her cabin. Lisa followed behind her into the cabin while closing its doors.

Some female pirates agreed with what was written on the beast’s skin while men looked at each other as if they had found an idol to wors.h.i.+p. No one would dare to say something like this in front of the witch that broke countless eggs of men.

Jack and the others watched Alex writing something on a sheet of beasts skin and then wrapping it at the end of an arrow before igniting the arrowhead with the help of a torch.

They saw him firing that arrow towards the pirate’s s.h.i.+p that they had let pa.s.s by their s.h.i.+p some time ago.

“Alex, what had you written on that beast’s skin,” Hank asked curiously.

“Just a greeting” Alex smiled after he said that. He saw Mary’s reaction after reading his ‘greeting’ through Rea’s eyes.


“My Lord” Blackbeard came forward and saluted.

“We will head towards that island when the Nehmor’s Navy lands there to rest after their victory.”

After the disappearance of Captain Torrento, the pirate’s surrendered unconditionally.

General Marce ordered his men to search every s.h.i.+p and also the island to find Torrento as soon as possible.

He didn’t think Torrento would die from that explosion just like that.

But no matter how long they searched no one could find him.

The poison running through the Torrento’s body would not be cured as the time pa.s.sed but it will even worsen the situation of his body. Therefore, General Marce had enough patience.

He and Legonal landed on the island to rest for the night. Their subordinates will be able to take care of Torretno now even if he came out suddenly and tried to grab a s.h.i.+p to make an escape.

The only ones he could target were the small s.h.i.+ps since they could be driven by one man with great difficulty, any bigger s.h.i.+p then that was impossible.

“Lord Alex, they are signally the patrol s.h.i.+ps we had taken over to come back.”

“Then this makes it even easier for us to send our men to the island without startling them. Start the operation” Alex spoke as he twirled his finger around his bow.

“Yes sir.”

“Will we fight them on land, Alex” Selena asked. She thought it would be better if they fought on land.

“No, they will fight from the land and we will fight them while standing on our s.h.i.+ps.”

Alex s.h.i.+p slowly started sailing towards the island. The patrolling s.h.i.+ps of the Count’s navy that they had taken over were leading in the front.

Alex’s spies that were already on the enemy’s s.h.i.+p waited for their turn to start at the signal.

Most of the soldiers had gone down their s.h.i.+ps to sleep in the tents erected by the pirates on the island.

Only a few stayed on the s.h.i.+ps to watch over them.

The patrolling s.h.i.+ps waited for their turn and were finally given the chance to dock on the port. since they came late not many people were left on the port.

The soldiers responsible for coordinating between s.h.i.+ps and maintaining order on the port waited for the soldiers on the patrolling s.h.i.+p to come down so that they can tick their names inside the roaster and give further direction to them.

But even after waiting for a long time, they didn’t see anyone putting down the wooden board that is usually used to come down the s.h.i.+p.

“Oye, what are you doing? Come down. Don’t waste our time.” The soldier shouted.

But just then a few people arrived behind their backs without making noise and knocked those soldiers unconscious without alerting the other people on the port. The puppets on those patroling s.h.i.+ps came down one after another.

No one even noticed that a group of unknown people wearing armors just like them took over the important position on the port.

The watchtowers by the side of the port were first to be targeted. The soldiers on them were replaced by puppets with a.s.sa.s.sination skills. Alex’s puppets were the strongest when it is night time. They quickly took out seven soldiers that were at the ninth stage of Body Tempering Realm.

When the puppets took over the port they started targeting the s.h.i.+ps one by one.

The puppets replaced the soldiers on the s.h.i.+ps one after another.

After an hour or so, the only port of the island and all the s.h.i.+ps were captured silently. Alex’s battles.h.i.+ps arrived near the port. But his s.h.i.+p didn’t dock on the port like others.

“Mr. Norman, if you will.”

Norman nodded after everyone him s.p.a.ce to transform into a Demon beast of an eagle species.

“You all follow Blackbeard orders. I will take them out by air.” with that being said, Norman took flight into to sky with Alex riding his back.

All the s.h.i.+ps were brought away from the port. Not even one was left near the port.

“Take me over to that castle first,” Alex said to the druid.

Norman flew to where Alex had pointed. He hovered above the castle with considerable distance between them.

Alex was already using his spiritual sense to scan every inch of the island and the waters near it. He knew where Torrento had escaped to but why bother with him when he can’t get out from his hiding place due to the poison.

Alex took out his bow and three arrows from his inventory.

Alex was going to literally fire h.e.l.l from the sky.

His fingers loosened to release the strings.



The dome of the castle under which General Marce and Legonal were having a talk suddenly broke into pieces with a loud bang and came down on their heads. The sound reverberated throughout the island.

Alex had injected his Qi inside the arrowheads which gave them this kind of a lethality. After becoming an early stage Dantian Formation cultivator, the amount of Qi inside Alex Dantian was comparable to that of people in the Middle stage of Dantian Formation Realm. His Qi was also much purer than the others.


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