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Chapter 205: Chance Encounter (2)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A familiar handsome face entered her sight, making her absent-minded in that instance.

Han Yifeng?

How could it be him?

Xi Xiaye’s hand that held onto the black umbrella unconsciously tightened. Her bright eyes were momentarily in a daze before it returned to clarity. Then, she watched on with an indifferent expression through the hazy rain.

While Han Yifeng seemed to have sensed the car. He frowned and looked at the Porsche that was parked in front, his dim gaze flickering for a moment, and then subconsciously looking up to search for something. Quickly, he noticed Xi Xiaye who was standing on the viewing deck, watching him apathetically…

Today, she was dressed as usual in a black work suit. On the outside, there was a mid-length windbreaker and her beautiful, long hair fell onto her shoulders like always. Her thin and slender figure towered in the rain, and it looked like there was something more to her than how it used to be.

He suddenly felt that the two of them had not met for a very, very long time.

Han Yifeng’s stern face seemed to ease a little. His dark eyes were still dense with an indescribable complexity as he stood where he was and hesitated for a long time, unmoving.

Only when his a.s.sistant, secretary w.a.n.g called out for him did he snap back to his senses. “CEO Han!”

He took a deep breath and saw that up ahead, Xi Xiaye had already looked away and continued to look downward. Han Yifeng then nodded and took the umbrella in secretary w.a.n.g’s hand. “I’ll go over by myself. Wait for me in the car.”

Then, he walked over.

Han Yifeng stopped behind Xi Xiaye, his profound eyes looked quietly at her slender figure as he asked, “Why are you here?”

“Why wouldn’t I be here? Maybe the Han Corporation is interested in this project too?” Xi Xiaye looked up coldly from the doc.u.ment, turning to look indifferently at him. Her twinkling eyes were filled with obvious hostility and distance.

Han Yifeng’s handsome face fell silent for a moment. He did not answer, yet he moved a slight step forward and stood by her side. He looked up at the vast empty land before them.

When Xi Xiaye saw that he did not respond, she coldly retrieved her gaze and was about to walk away. At this moment, Han Yifeng suddenly lamented, “You know that’s not what I meant.”

He looked on with mixed emotions at the drizzle from the sky. Then, he thought about it before continuing, “It’s quite cold here.”

“I thought you’d question me about the orphanage scandal.” Xi Xiaye’s cold voice came through as she closed her doc.u.ment and looked at him plainly.

When he heard this, Han Yifeng’s expression s.h.i.+fted. He gazed at her deeply. Ironically, Xi Xiaye saw a rare sign of apology in his eyes!

“I didn’t know that Xinyi would go looking for you with the doc.u.ment. She only told me to give her that as an engagement gift, so… I wasn’t intentionally going against you. I hope you won’t misunderstand.”

Han Yifeng spoke in a lowered tone, “Did she bring you that doc.u.ment to negotiate terms with you and to make you hand over Yueying’s shares? I found out about it…”

When she heard this, XI Xiaye’s beautiful face flashed with a faint smile before she answered calmly, “How could that be? To let so many children from the orphanage go homeless, someone as kind and beautiful as Xi Xinyi would definitely not do such an utterly heartless thing. Only someone as despicable and vicious as I would. In fact, she’s been so good to me. I really don’t know how I should thank her. Do you think she’s the kind of person who would use an orphanage to coerce me into doing something?”

“Xiaye…” Han Yifeng’s handsome brows furrowed. “Xinyi might not have done it on purpose, so can you please…”

“Forgive her, right?” Before Han Yifeng could finish, Xi Xiaye had already indifferently cut him off. She smiled radiantly and casually but it looked harsh to Han Yifeng whose heart sank for some reason.

“Of course, I’ll forgive her. I know that she’s always been so good to me. I’m just blind for not seeing it. Other than that, I’ll also have to thank her mother for being so great at giving birth to her and raising her to be so pure and kind. Usually, in TV dramas, the third party would be trampled on by the first wife. Then, the stepmother would torture the first wife’s daughter to death. The fact that I, Xi Xiaye can live healthily right now, and be provided with the basic necessities, I feel that I should indeed be deeply grateful to the mother and daughter pair. What do you think?”

Xi Xiaye’s tone was indifferent and calm as if she had just said nothing out of the ordinary. Her expression cold as the wind…

“That’s not what I meant? Xiaye…”

Her apathetic and distant expression greeted his sight. That calm and unwavering tone was not how she was before when you could vaguely feel her anger. Now, all that was left seemed to be an endless desolation and coldness.

“I’ve told you before that if you decide to take on a united front with them, I don’t care for the sake of any old times. Whatever they’ve taken from my mother, I will make them pay back in double. Even if it’s Yueying, if I don’t get it, I’ll ruin it! You and I have long decided to go our separate ways. If you insist on helping them to come for me, then go ahead.”

“Can’t the two of you resolve this in a different way? Does it have to be like this?” Han Yifeng’s voice sounded a little helpless and disappointed.

“Do you think that apart from competing with each other to death, there’s another way to resolve things in this situation? Can you make the mother and daughter willing to leave the Xi family and leave West Park just like how my mother did back then? Can you make Xi Xinyi give up on the right to inherit Yueying? Can you make Xi Xinyi break off her marriage with you and swear on her life that she will never ever marry into the Han family again?”

Her cold tone of disdain blurted out, sounding quite harsh.

“I…” Han Yifeng suddenly did not know how to answer her.

She had already turned away and looked up at him with the umbrella in her hand. Her beautiful face flashed with a smile that was mixed with a stillness.

“If you can’t, then please just move aside to watch the good show. I, Xi Xiaye will use my own way to take them on right to the end. Of course, I won’t mind if you join in too. I’ll just have to spend a little more thought.”

“Do you hate me, Xiaye? How did Mu Yuchen… I want to hear you tell the truth.”

Han Yifeng suddenly turned to look at her. From the depths of his eyes was a sadness. Even he did not know why he would ask such a weird question.

“I used to hate you,” she admitted calmly while her gaze was still as water, “After that, I felt like it was meaningless, so I got too lazy to hate you.”

He faintly heard her sigh. Before he could react, she had already looked away and continued walking ahead. “I accept the fact that you’ve never liked me. I also know that the Han family has actually never been satisfied with me being your fiancé… Just as how they looked down on my mother back then. Actually, it’s not just Xi Xinyi who has a strong background… I’m very lucky. He’s not like you guys… All these years, I don’t think anyone has been as kind to me as he has…”


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