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Chapter 1751: Not Interested? (1)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The doctor quickly rushed over, and Qi Lei swiftly moved aside.

He examined Song Siting again and increased the dosage of some pain relievers. Only then did the pain in Song Siting’s chest subside slightly.

“She needs to rest. You guys need to keep an eye on her in the second half of the night. Try not to disturb her rest. If anything, call the doctor.”

The doctor instructed respectfully.

“Okay, thank you,” Qi Lei replied before the doctor left.

“Mother, are you feeling better?”

Qi Lei bent down and pulled the blanket for Song Siting as he asked with concern.

“I’m much better.”

Song Siting was a little more relaxed. Although she was still in a daze when she looked at Qi Lei, she was a little clearer. “It’s already so late. I’m fine. You and Liuyun should go back first. You guys have been quite tired these past few days.”

Song Siting was rarely so concerned.

“It’s fine. She’s asleep. You should rest well. I’ll sit right beside.”

As Qi Lei said this, he slowly sat down in the chair behind him. He reached out to turn off the lights by the bed. The light in the ward instantly dimmed. The weak light came from the small lamp by the curtains, and the entire ward instantly fell silent.

When Song Siting heard Qi Lei’s words, she paused for a moment. She was silent for a long while before she raised her head slightly to look at Dongfang Liuyun, who was still sleeping quietly on the sofa across from her. Then, she looked at Qi Lei, who was looking at the machines at the side.

Her eyes flashed for a moment, but she did not say anything after that. She only took a shallow breath before she closed her eyes silently as well…

Qi Lei had been watching silently. Of course, he would occasionally look back at the woman sleeping on the sofa.

In fact, for a moment, Qi Lei suddenly felt satisfied with such a moment—

His wife was sleeping on the sofa not far away from him. His mother-in-law was also resting on the side, while his father-in-law was still busy outside. They were a family.

It seemed that it was because of Dongfang Liuyun that he had a faint feeling of the so-called warmth of home.

Wherever she was, could it be Qi Lei’s home?

As he thought about this, he propped his head up with one hand and closed his eyes. He could not resist the sleepiness and fell asleep.

At this moment, Song Siting, who heard the sound of quiet and even breathing, closed her eyes and remained silent for a long time, suddenly opened her tightly shut eyes.

What greeted her eyes was naturally Qi Lei’s drowsy head as he fell asleep.

Song Siting looked at Qi lei for quite a while before lifting her head to look at her daughter, Dongfang Liuyun, who was sleeping on the sofa with some difficulty. She was silent for a long time before she finally sighed softly.

How could she not see that her daughter and son-in-law were really…


Just as Song Siting was thinking about something, there was a faint sound coming from the sofa opposite her. She looked over and saw Dongfang Liuyun reaching out to touch something beside her. However, she did not find what she was reaching for for quite a while, her breathing became heavier and she seemed to wake up.

Song Siting quickly closed her eyes.

“Qi Lei?”

A low voice called out and Dongfang Liuyun woke up in an instant.

She did not feel comfortable sleeping on the sofa here.

Dongfang Liuyun propped herself up and reacted immediately. She quickly got up and walked over to the hospital bed. She stretched out her hand to feel the temperature on Song Siting’s forehead. When she realized that it had returned to normal, she heaved a sigh of relief.

She turned to look at the man who was propping his head up as he fell asleep. Instead, she frowned—

The two of them had been quite busy for the past few days. He finally could not bear it anymore.

However, she still had to thank him for his concern. At the very least, he could let her breathe a sigh of relief and relax a little.

“You look like quite a good-looking gentleman, why were you a playboy before? You’ve been quite well-behaved since we got married.”

Dongfang Liuyun said softly. After some thought, she reached out and nudged him.

Qi Lei was also a light sleeper, when Dongfang Liuyun shook him a little, he quickly woke up.

“What’s wrong?”

He turned and subconsciously held her as Qi Lei asked in a lowered voice.

“I’m a little hungry. Quick, tell them to bring some food up.”

They had not eaten much for dinner, and Dongfang Liuyun was feeling extremely hungry.

“Didn’t I tell you to eat more for dinner? What do you want to eat? They’re probably already preparing breakfast at this hour.”

Qi Lei glanced at her, but he took out his phone from his pocket and quickly made a call.

“She didn’t wake up?”

Dongfang Liuyun looked at Song Siting on the bed and asked.

“She woke up just now. The doctor came over to take a look. She’s fine. She just needs to rest, don’t worry, she’s fine,” said Qi Lei.

“Mm, that’s good. I was just worried. It’s almost dawn, do you want to rest? Your eyes are bloodshot.”

Dongfang Liuyun handed the blanket in hand to him.

“No need, I’m still fine. You can rest for a while. I’ll call you when the supper is served.”

Qi Lei’s voice was naturally very soft.

“Forget it. I’m not sleepy anymore. It’s already dawn. I’m relieved that she’s fine. I’ll sort things out later and see what’s going on. I’ll let you worry about this, I’m exhausted. Also, take care of the South River Project. You’ll be able to handle it on your end anyway.”

Dongfang Liuyun sat down at the side and said softly in a low voice.

“How do you know that I’ll be able to handle it? You still need to look at the data yourself. You also need to review the proposal. I’ll give you a simple explanation later, you just need to look at the changes and give your suggestions,” said Qi Lei.

“Yes, I’m afraid I don’t have time in the next few days. So, help me improve the proposal, we’ve pretty much discussed most of it anyway.”

Dongfang Liuyun was actually too lazy to look at the doc.u.ments. If she did not have to, she would definitely not want to look at these annoying doc.u.ments for the rest of her life. However, now that she thought about her position, she could not help it.

“Can there be a reward for completing the mission?”

Qi Lei asked softly as he stood up and reached out his hand to her.

Dongfang Liuyun turned to look at him knowingly. She obediently put her hand into his palm and allowed him to lead her out of the door.

“What reward do you want? It’s not a simple thing to thank President Qi. If it’s too cheap, I’m afraid you won’t want it.”

Dongfang Liuyun smiled.

“Whether it’s cheap or not depends on who gave it to me.”

Qi Lei smiled mysteriously. He glanced at her and lowered his voice. “If it’s you, then I won’t find it cheap.”


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