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Chapter 1654: For You I Let Myself Go

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The night breeze whizzed past in a rush. The faint crescent moon hung over the vast sky, and the night was as cool as water.

The sounds of small animals could be heard. It was exceptionally quiet this night.

Lan Xiu, who was sitting in the rattan chair outside the corridor, finally closed the book in his hand. Seeing this, Ah Li, who was beside him, quickly went forward and poured him a gla.s.s of water—

“President Lan, I’ve checked. Qi Lei left City Z and seems to be going to City B to settle some matters. His return journey hasn’t been decided yet, so I’ve waited for some time before asking him out. Miss Dongfang is still busy every day. She should be busy with the new product launch event in August. Lin Yuanyuan and the others really won’t let go of the opportunity to make things difficult for Miss Dongfang.”

Ah Li gave a simple explanation.

Hearing this, Lan Xiu frowned. “It’s within my expectations. She’s not someone who would ask for favors easily. Let’s go over in two days and take a look.”

Thinking about it, she might not be willing to see him. Otherwise, there would have been more phone calls these past few days. They seemed to have fallen silent and did not interact with each other anymore?

“There’s no news from j.a.pan?”

Lan Xiu took a deep breath and blinked. Looking at the silent night sky outside, he asked this in a low voice.

“The Fujiwara family is worried about Master Fujiwara being injured of course. Moreover, they have been wanting to get Master Fujiwara a fiancée, it’s just that Master Fujiwara can’t let go of Miss Dongfang. His relations.h.i.+p with his family is quite strained now. If this continues, I’m really worried that the Fujiwara family will want to put Master Fujiwara under house arrest.”

Ah Li felt helpless when he said this.

“Fujiwara-san is an unruly person. It Won’t be easy to put him under house arrest. I’m a little worried that if he finds out about Liuyun and Qi Lei, will he…”

“I’m afraid Fujiwara-san will break down. Won’t he go crazy and kill Qi Lei?”

Ah Li knew a little about Fujiwara-san, especially his feelings for Dongfang Liuyun. Even President Lan…

“We won’t get involved in this matter. Let’s see how Liuyun plans to handle it.”

“But, President Lan, if…”

“If Qi Lei can’t even take down Fujiwara, what right does he have to have Liuyun? Does he really think that it’s so simple, that he could have her once he’s married her? We only need to care about Liuyun. As for the other two, whether they live or die depends on them. I know Liuyun, if the situation is serious, she won’t be willing to implicate the innocent. I don’t think highly of their marriage.” Lan Xiu lowered his head and drank a mouthful of water as he said indifferently.

Hearing this, Ah Li also took a breath. After some thought, he nodded solemnly, “But, President Lan, shouldn’t you do something? If you just stand by and protect her, Miss Dongfang won’t be able to see that. In my opinion, you and Miss Dongfang are the most compatible couple in this world.”

“Being compatible is only the opinion of others. Only we’d know best in our hearts whether we are truly compatible or not,” Lan Xiu replied and slowly leaned back. “Even if I wanted to fight for some things, I might not have a chance to. Perhaps, these things are fated. I remember that Liuyun once used a sentence from Mr. Yu to tell me about what truly belongs to us—”

When Lan Xiu said this, he paused for a moment. Ah Li also looked over, waiting for his next words.

“If you want something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it will be yours forever. If it doesn’t come back, then it was never yours…”

He had protected her for so many years, but she had never turned back to look at him. If that was the case, how could she truly belong to him?

Could he force himself to ask for more?

He, Lan Xiu, did not want to be lowly in love. Even if Dongfang Liuyun was not the kind of person who would hurt him just because he liked her, he loved her. This reason would make him feel lowly in his heart.

And, it just so happened that Dongfang Liuyun hated these things the most.

As soon as he finished speaking, Ah Li also ruminated over these words. After that, he seemed to have understood something and could not help but nod his head, “President Lan, I understand… However, I feel that if you want something, you should strive for it. Quietly waiting for fate is not a wise method. In the past, my mentor who trained me always told us not to wait, to be quick and accurate, because as long as you are half a beat slow, the person who loses might be you.”

Hearing this, Lan Xiu also silently smiled. “I know. Thank you, Ah Li! What you said makes sense. Let’s take it one step at a time. I don’t want to lose more things because of mishandling anything.”

“President Lan!”

“There’s no need to say anymore. I know what you want to say. Liuyun also said the same thing about me before. I have strategy and am a cautious person, but I don’t have enough courage, especially when it comes to relations.h.i.+ps. I hesitate and am overcautious.”

At this moment, Lan Xiu did not care at all and spoke out his shortcomings.

“President Lan, that’s not entirely true. You’re also a strong compet.i.tor in the business world. You’re only like this when it comes to Miss Dongfang.”

The more you love someone, the more you overthink. You care too much about Miss Dongfang. Otherwise, with your position and status, you could have any woman you want.

Of course, Ah Li did not dare to say the rest to Lan Xiu.

In these past few years, Lan Xiu was not considered very…

He did not necessarily want to marry Miss Dongfang. He probably just wanted to keep her by his side, hoping that one day, Miss Dongfang would fall in love with him, and then…

However, reality proved that there was no point in keeping her by his side. He could only watch her walk to another man’s side.

How could one not be heartbroken by such an outcome?

In the past, he always felt that his circle was too messy and might not be suitable for her. Previously, he also thought that she wanted to escape from the Dongfang Group. He did not expect her to return without hesitation and marry Qi Lei with no second thoughts.

As such…

“Yes, only she can do that. Forget it.”

Lan Xiu was silent for a long time before he said this indifferently.

“Continue to stay updated on their news. If anything, report to me immediately. Also, prepare some gifts for me, I want to visit Uncle Gan.”

After Lan Xiu left these words, he stood up and walked back into the house.

Ah Li was in a daze for a moment before he followed behind—

“Alright, President Lan, I’ll get them to prepare immediately.”

“Mmm, if there’s nothing else, you can go back first. No need to rush over in the next two days of rest. I’ll call you if anything.”


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