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Chapter 1567: Missed (1)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

What if one day, she actually ended her current life and married another man? What should he do?

What should he do?

He really did not know what he should do…

Could he ever get her back?

He did not know…

He could not see clearly in his dream because it was covered in white fog, and he could only feel a dull pain in his chest. The pain was suffocating, and he struggled to breathe…

His face turned pale amidst the light tremors and his long eyelashes fluttered. His forehead and palms of his clenched fists were covered in warm sweat. He struggled with all his might and cried out of shortness of breath. His hoa.r.s.e voice clearly had a hint of restraint in it as he called out, “Liuyun…Liuyun…”

“President Lan! President Lan! Wake up! Wake up, President Lan! You’re having a nightmare!”

At this time, Lan Xiu suddenly opened his eyes after hearing his a.s.sistant, Ah Li’s voice. He sat up immediately and took a few deep breaths as he looked around, only to find that he was sleeping on the sofa in the living room of his own home and was drenched in sweat.

“President Lan, what’s the matter? Were you having a nightmare? You kept calling Miss Dongfang’s name. Take this. You look so pale.” Ah Li quickly handed him a hot towel when he saw his pale handsome face because he was worried.

Lan Xiu took a few deep breaths before he finally calmed down. He took the hot towel and wiped the sweat off his forehead. After a while, he asked, “What time is it? Why are you still here?”

He often forgot the time whenever he fell asleep, so he was still in a trance.

“President Lan, you didn’t sleep at all last night because you wanted to finish reading the project materials you got from City C. When you woke up in the morning, you only had a little porridge. It’s your birthday today, so Miss Dongfang will rush back. It’s late afternoon now, thus she should still be on the plane,” Ah Li said indifferently.

“A day has pa.s.sed?” Lan Xiu was in a daze as he clearly remembered that he had just finished talking to Dongfang Liuyun.

“Yes, President Lan. You always skip your meals and not get any sleep when you work, but your body will not be able to tolerate that. I’ve asked the servants to prepare some porridge for you in the kitchen. You can have some,” Ah Li said worriedly as he took the towel back from Lan Xiu.

“Just put it aside. I’ll go upstairs and take a shower. Arrange for a car to pick her up at the airport.” Lan Xiu tidied up the clothes on his body and stood up slowly.

“Okay, President Lan, I’ll ask them to make all the necessary preparations,” Ah Li answered.

Lan Xiu had already walked towards the bedroom.

“What happened to Fujiwara? He should be in City Z now, right?” Lan Xiu suddenly remembered this, and he stopped as he turned his head to ask Ah Li.

“Not yet, President Lan. I was about to update you. When Mr. Fujiwara was on his way to the airport yesterday, he had a car accident and ended up with minor injuries. Fortunately, it wasn’t serious, but he was sent to the hospital for observation. His boss has forced him to cancel the trip since it will probably take a while for him to recover. I’m afraid he won’t be able to come to City Z anytime soon,” Ah Li quickly reported.

“A car accident? Minor injuries?”

When Lan Xiu heard this news, he paused and a gloomy light flashed across his black eyes, but he suddenly smiled. “This is interesting. This car accident could’ve happened anytime, but it happened when Fujiwara was on his way here? It seems like there are many people who don’t want him here.”

“Isn’t that good? President Lan, both you and Miss Dongfang probably didn’t want to see…”

“You’re going overboard, Ah Li!” Lan Xiu frowned and interrupted him.

Ah Li’s face stiffened and he quickly bowed his head apologetically. “I’m sorry, President Lan. I shouldn’t have crossed the line. I’ll never do it again!”

Lan Xiu’s eyes darkened and he closed his eyes. After he calmed down, he said unhappily, “Just watch yourself in the future. Just do what you should do.”

“Yes, President Lan! I’m sorry! I promise I won’t do it again in the future!” Ah Li did not dare to even breathe as he could only answer with his head down.

Lan Xiu slowly opened his eyes and he did not say anything as he continued to walk forward.

When Ah Li saw the figure disappearing at the doorway, he finally breathed a sigh of relief even though he was still feeling a little unsettled. He had been with Lan Xiu for many years and knew his temper well.

President Lan seldom got angry and hardly lost his temper, but when he did, anyone would be frightened from the icy aura he radiated without him actually doing anything at all.

Moreover, he could obviously tell what President Lan’s feelings about Miss Dongfang were, but he did not understand how both of them could be so oblivious about it.

He thought that President Lan was very compatible with Miss Dongfang, but Fujiwara seemed to be in the middle of it all!

President Lan probably did not like Mr. Fujiwara, but they were good friends before and he did not know how they felt about each other. Also, President Lan seemed to pay a lot of attention to the matter between Mr. Fujiwara and Miss Dongfang. Could it be…

Without thinking any further, Ah Li quickly went over and asked the servant to prepare something for Lan Xiu to eat. When they were almost done, Lan Xiu had changed into a set of grayish-black casual clothes and walked out of his bedroom.

His jet black hair was still a little wet, and his dark casualwear made him look tall and lean. However, his face was still slightly pale.

“President Lan!”

When Ah Li saw Lan Xiu coming over, he quickly pulled the chair for him to sit down slowly.

“President Lan, Dongfang Rouer and Jin Sheng’s engagement party is on the 8th this month, which is in a few days. Dongfang Ren’s secretary personally sent the invitation this morning. Shall we attend it?” Ah Li said as he handed the invitation card he had just received to Lan Xiu.

Lan Xiu had two mouthfuls of porridge. He pulled a napkin and wiped his mouth before reaching out to take the invitation card. After glancing through the card, he sneered, “What a spectacle!”

“We’ve never had much connection with the Dongfang Group. This time they’ve sent this invitation to our door, most probably because they want to befriend you. However, Miss Dongfang doesn’t seem to like it very much…”

Ah Li had not finished speaking, but Lan Xiu had already raised his hand to stop him.


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