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Chapter 662: An Intimate Night

When Tang Hao mentioned the idea of rearing fish, he immediately received the support of the Taoist masters.

Tang Hao opened the pocket world.

The Taoist masters followed him in. When they looked around, they exclaimed in surprise and amazement.

An expanse of verdant green stretched into a range of undulating mountains. It was a very beautiful scene.

“This must be lingzhi! d.a.m.n! Why Is it so big? It must be at least a hundred years old!”

“Oh my G.o.d! What is that thing? Why is it golden and shining? Wow! It smells so good! Why does it smell like divine liquor?”

The Taoist masters exclaimed from time to time as they walked.

When they came to the pond, the Taoist masters looked at it and shook their heads.

“It’s too small!”

“That’s right! It needs to be at least several times bigger!”

“Also, the spirit skate needs a cold habitat. Your pond isn’t suitable!” Said Taoist Master Qing Xu.

After hearing that, Tang Hao pondered for a moment and said, “It’s simple. If it’s too small, we can enlarge it by digging. Then, we can set up a talisman formation around it to gather cold qi and solve the problem of habitat.”

“Alright, let’s dig!”

Immediately, the Taoist masters rolled up their sleeves and began to work.

First, they used exploding jade talismans to create big holes. Then, they used shovels. The progress was very fast. Meanwhile, Tang Hao sat at the side and made jade talismans for the formation.

In just over an hour, the pond had expanded several times. They then dug holes around the pond and buried the talisman formation.

Next, they took buckets, returned to the icy cave, and filled them with water from the pond. They poured all the water into the pond in the pocket world and finally, poured the fish in.

After their work, they ate another meal, then packed up and left.

It was already noon when they returned to the village.

Taoist Master Qing Xu and Taoist Master Qian Ji stayed behind and prepared to continue their journey northward to the Greater and Lesser Khingan Ranges. Tang Hao and the others left by car and took a plane back to Province J before going back to Mao Mountain.

“Thank you, Taoist masters!” Before leaving, Tang Hao thanked the Taoist masters.

His trip to Changbai Mountain had yielded a lot. To him, it was a pleasant surprise.

“Ha! You’re too polite. No need to thank us!”

“That’s right! Take care, Fellow Cultivator Tang! Come again when you have time!”

The Taoist masters stood at the mountain gate and waved at him.

It was already four o’clock in the morning when he returned to Provincial City.

Tang Hao returned home and entered the magatama pocket world. He checked the condition of the fish, chopped up some ginseng and lingzhi, and scattered them into the pond.

In an instant, the fish swarmed over and fought over them.

“Don’t rush! There’s enough for everyone!”

Tang Hao sprinkled another ladleful.

He was satisfied when he looked at the pond.

The spirit skates were not as big as the one they caught, but the meat was nonetheless extremely delicious. It was not hyperbole to call it the most delicious meat in the world. The fish in the pond was enough to last them a long time, but in the future, when the population multiplied, he could even start selling them.

‘How about… setting up a company for that?’ Tang Hao pondered.

‘There’s no rush. I’ll come back to the idea when there’s more fish.’

He sprinkled some fish food. Then, he tended to the Liquor Tree and the Tree of Youth before leaving.

Outside, the sky was already beginning to brighten.

Tang Hao took a hot shower and changed into a set of clean clothes. Then, he took his backpack and went out.

After going downstairs, he walked towards the exit.

Suddenly, he noticed someone standing there.

He stopped in his tracks and was stunned.

Thea was standing at the exit.

She wore a white shirt and a short skirt, which made her look fashionable and beautiful. Her golden hair was draped over her shoulders. Under the sunlight, it seemed to glow dazzlingly.

She looked at Tang Hao and smiled brightly. “Good morning!”

Tang Hao was stunned again.

“You’re… back!” Tang Hao muttered.


She nodded, walked over quickly, and held Tang Hao’s hand.

“Don’t forget that I’m still going after you! Of course I’ll come back!”

“Ahem!” Tang Hao coughed lightly.

“However, I can’t stay here for too long, only a few days every month. I landed the day before yesterday, and I’ll have to go back in three days.”

She sighed and sounded somewhat regretful as she spoke.

“Alright, enough talk. Let’s go!”

She took Tang Hao’s hand and walked out.

Everything was just like before. They rode on the bus, ate breakfast together, and went home together after cla.s.s.

“This is so nice!”

After getting off the bus, she strolled along the road outside the residential area. “It’s so much more fun here. If only… I could stay here for a few more days,” she sighed.

When they got home, Tang Hao made dinner.

“What fish is this? It’s so delicious!” She asked incredulously.

She almost swallowed her tongue while tasting the fish.

After dinner, they sat down in front of the television and watched a movie.

It was a comedy, which made her giggle uncontrollably. Then, she asked Tang Hao to play the piano while she sat next to him, resting her cheeks on her hands and watching attentively.

Her gaze was full of affection.

She would subconsciously smile as she looked.

“Continue playing! I’m going to take a shower!”

Suddenly, she stood up, walked up next to Tang Hao, pecked him on the cheek, and giggled before turning around and going to the bathroom.

Ten minutes later, Tang Hao heard soft footsteps. He turned his head and saw her walking out.

“Hao! You know, I like you so much! Really…”

She walked to Tang Hao’s side, hugged him gently, and whispered.


Tang Hao was about to speak.

She immediately placed a finger on his lips. Then, she pulled him up and led him into the room.

It was going to be a sleepless night.


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