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Chapter 378: A Clash Between Women

That night, the Yan family mansion was brightly lit up.

Cars or cabs would arrive frequently and people stepped out of them. Most of the people came in pairs and they dressed magnificently. They walked into the mansion.

The mansion was lavishly decorated. Elegant music was playing in the background.

The figures mingled around in the hall, chatting with each other while holding wine gla.s.ses. Some of them were boasting about their careers or their significant others.

On the other hand, some of them were brooding by the fringes, feeling dejected.

They used to be in the same cla.s.s in university, but once they enter society, their career paths and family backgrounds set them apart.

The people with more favorable opportunities were more popular among their friends. Otherwise, they were generally ignored.

The music abruptly stopped and the lights dimmed.

There was a commotion in the crowd.

Suddenly, a spotlight beam shot toward a man and a woman standing at the stairway on the second floor. They walked down the stairs, hand in hand.

The woman was tall and slender and had a beautiful face which was enhanced by make-up. Her pure white evening gown accentuated her beauty, which made the crowd of people downstairs exclaim in surprise.

The men among them even looked eager and pa.s.sionate.

The woman was none other than Yan Lili. She was one of the most popular girls back in university because of her looks and family background. Many boys had gone after her.

Every man would want to go after a woman who had both looks and money.

The men seemed envious when they turned their gaze toward the man standing next to Yan Lili.

Meanwhile, the women almost shrieked.

That man was too handsome. He was almost like a fashion model. His face was masculine and his jaw was square. His eyes were profound and had a hint of melancholy in them, just like Prince Charming.

“Wow! He’s so handsome!” Many women muttered under their breaths.

The corners of Yan Lili’s mouth curled upward when she saw that. She could not help it but feel smug.

She was very satisfied with her husband, and she wanted to let the entire world know. That was her main motivation for organizing the student gathering.

Meanwhile, the man smiled modestly and nodded at the people downstairs.

They walked toward the crowd.

The lights turned back on and the music continued playing.

A group of women pulled Yan Lili over and started gossiping.

“You were right, Lili! He’s really handsome!”

“You said that he can speak eight languages fluently, and he’s also a champion in swimming, horse-riding, and many other sports. Is that true?”

Yan Lili became prouder than ever. “Of course it’s true! Why would I lie about that?” She boasted, “He’s also a graduate from a prestigious university overseas too.

“Look at his figure. He’s also a bodybuilder! He has eight-pack abs! Isn’t that amazing?”

“Wow!” The women exclaimed. Their eyes were sparkling.

Yan Lili glared at them and said sternly, “Don’t have any ideas on him though! There’s no use anyway. My honey is very loyal to me. He only loves me and me alone.”

As she spoke, she leaned toward her husband, hugged his arm tightly, and looked at him coyly.

The man hugged her waist.

They looked like a match made in heaven. The men were envious while the women were jealous.

Yan Lili smiled. She could not hide her glee.

She enjoyed being at the center of attention and being showered by flattery. It fed into her vanity. She felt as though she was at the top of the world.

At the same time, someone walked in through the entrance.

She wore a black bareback evening gown that hugged her figure.

She had light make-up on her face, which made her even more attractive.

Compared to her, the other women in the hall seemed dull and unattractive.

The people in the hall turned around to look at her and were instantly stunned.

They only had one thought in their minds. ‘Who is she?’

There were many beautiful girls in their university cla.s.s, but they did not recall one that could take their breath away!

‘Is she at the wrong party?

‘Or, is she someone’s girlfriend?’

Someone eventually figured out. “She’s Xiangyi, our beauty queen!”

“What? She’s the beauty queen? Oh my, how is she even more beautiful than before? I can’t recognize her!”

“The beauty queen is here? Didn’t she say that she’s not coming?”

The men exclaimed excitedly. Their enthusiasm was almost fanatic.

She was the most beautiful woman in the cla.s.s or even in the entire university back then. She also came from a wealthy family, even though her family was not as wealthy as Yan Lili’s.

Even so, she was more popular than Yan Lili.

Now that she had become more beautiful than ever, she was poised to be the center of attention of the gathering.

Some of the men were eager to make their move. They knew that the beauty queen did not have a boyfriend back in university, and they hoped that she had not found herself one.

Meanwhile, the women had mixed reactions. After their initial shock, some of them displayed expressions of disgust and envy.

Especially Yan Lili, whose expression sank thoroughly and looked extremely unpleasant.

The envy in her heart was driving her mad.

The two women had been rivals in university and never looked at each other eye to eye. Yan Lili had invited Qin Xiangyi to the gathering because she wanted to show-off her husband. She did not expect that Qin Xiangyi would steal her spotlight upon her arrival.

She turned to look at her husband and noticed that he had the same crazed look in his eyes.

“Filthy wh.o.r.e, cheap woman, b*tch!”

She gritted her teeth, muttering curses under her breath.

She reached around and pinched her husband at his waist.

He Zhengyu grimaced and gasped. Then, he turned away sheepishly.

“What’s so good about that filthy wh.o.r.e? She only knows how to seduce other men!” She cursed softly.

“That’s right She might look pure, but she’s a seductress!” The women around Yan Lili agreed with her. They were Yan Lili’s best friends.

However, their opinions did not stop the men from rushing forward and crowding around Qin Xiangyi.


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