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Chapter 953 – The Beginning of the Personal Qualifying Fight

One hundred silver taels!

The entire arena instantly quieted down.

All the spectators looked at Long Fei with their mouths agape.

Not to mention a hundred taels of silver, even a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand fairy stones would all be sold out, yet Long Fei only sold them for a hundred taels of silver?

Was he r.e.t.a.r.ded?

Had he been bitten by a dog, kicked by a donkey, and caught in the door an hour later?

Even a fool wouldn’t sell it for a hundred taels of silver.

“Am I hearing things? A hundred silver? “

“How much did he just say?”

“A hundred fairy stones, right?”

“Am I the only one who heard wrong?”

The entire city was filled with doubts, thinking that they had misheard. How could such a pill only be sold for a hundred taels of silver?

Long Fei swept his gaze across the entire audience and said: “You did not hear wrongly, the price of the Nantian Elixir is one hundred silver, today is one hundred silver, tomorrow is one hundred silver, so from now on, the price of this medicine will be one hundred silver. I said before that I want to change this world, and I, Long Fei, want to make sure that every martial artist can afford it, and that they have the right to change their own destinies.

As soon as he finished.

The entire audience was stunned.

Then, many people started to stand up, one by one, even the elite disciples of eighteen matrial halls could not help but stand up and clap their hands.

The applause was deafening.

At this moment, even those who had mocked Long Fei felt a sense of respect towards him.

Who would do such a thing?

The person who could have controlled the fate of the world, had actually given up and allowed every fighter the right to change their fate. Who could do that?

No one in the world could do this.

Fighters are selfish.

Be it the weak or the peak powerhouse, everyone was thinking about themselves, who could be like Long Fei?

Nantian Region, Nantian Elixir.

Change fate!

“Nantian Region, Nantian Region, Nantian Region …”

At this moment.

Everyone was shouting the three words’ Nantian Region ‘. The Destiny Changer changing her fate to Nantian Elixir meant letting everyone know that the medicine that could change the fate of the world was a Long Family from the Nantian Region.

“Boss is too handsome.”

“He’s so handsome that it’s like trash falling from the sky.”

Zheng Qingsong’s tears started to drip from her eyes as she said, “I’m really going to fall in love with him.”

At this moment.

song qianqian, Man Tuoluo, Ao Ya, Han Xueji and the others all stared at him, all the hair on their bodies stood on end as they stared at him.

They were all extremely excited.

“So handsome.”

The entire world was cheering for Long Fei. He was arrogant, he was arrogant, he was tyrannical, but he was also selfless!

If someone was happy, then that person would naturally be unhappy.

It was inevitable that Ouyang Zhan, Xiao Tianwu, and the Princ.i.p.al of the eighteen matrial halls would all be very angry. Long Fei’s current position in the hearts of his students had already far surpa.s.sed theirs.

If Long Fei did not die today, he would have replaced them.

Even …

He might even become a Dean!

This was not what they wanted to see.


There was one other person who was extremely unhappy, pan sheng who was in the group of pan family.

He was in a bad mood!

Extremely displeased.

pan sheng stared at Long Fei with gloomy eyes, and said coldly: “I would like to see how you are going to change this world if you don’t have a life, and become a ghost to change.”

“I absolutely cannot allow this pill to enter the market.”

“As long as Long Fei dies, all the Nantian Elixir and all the pills that can change the world will go to h.e.l.l.”

p.u.b.es flowed into the market, causing the influence of the Fengyuan Business Alliance to increase instantly.

He would directly crush the pan family’s Merchant Union.

Moreover, there was no need to duplicate a pill worth a hundred taels of silver.

“Long Fei, oh Long Fei, I really underestimated you in the past. I never thought that you would be so much stronger than what I imagined.” The killing intent in pan sheng’s heart grew stronger.

After today, if Long Fei doesn’t die, he will fly away!

He could not let Long Fei fly, he could not let Long Family crush him again, he absolutely could not!

… ….

palace question of G.o.d.

In the main hall.

supreme G.o.d frowned slightly. His expression was calm, but in his heart, he was extremely unhappy. Because he did not want Long Fei to rise again!

After today, Nantian Elixir flowed into the market, the entire G.o.d’s martial continent would know of the name ‘Long Fei’, and they would know of the Long Family’s Long Family.

This was something he did not want to see.

“Why is he only selling it for a hundred silver?” An elder asked in confusion.

“Only then would it cause a sensation, and achieve the results he wants. I have to say, Long Fei really knows how to operate himself.”

“That’s just one thing.”

“If it’s a hundred fairy stones, or even just one, how many of them can the warriors of G.o.d’s martial continent take out? It’s probably not even one in a hundred thousand, right? “

fairy stones were very precious things.

Even the high-ranking n.o.bles of the G.o.d emperor city could not provide that much, let alone ordinary warriors.

“What he wants to earn is the money of the entire G.o.d’s martial continent’s warriors. This is his most knowledgeable place. A fairy hall elder said lightly.

A hundred taels of silver and a hundred fairy stones were far too different.

But what about the billions of basic warriors in the entire continent?

What would the result be?

The result was very simple, Long Fei wanted to make a huge profit!

Of course.

Long Fei was thinking the same thing. If he could earn money, gain fame, and increase the influence of the Nantian Region, why not?

He somewhat realized that he also had the potential to be an unscrupulous merchant.

After a moment of commotion.

Next were the finals.

Soon, the results came out.

There were many people who were not interested in these finals. In their hearts, they were all thinking about the matter of purchasing the ‘Nantian Elixir’, which was the main highlight of the compet.i.tion, the Personal Qualifying Fight.

Two hours later.

The commotion caused by the Nantian Elixir slowly calmed down.

A referee walked up and said, “Next is the finale, Personal Qualifying Fight.”

“Who can reach the top?”

“Who could become the number one disciple of the G.o.d emperor academy?”

“Let’s wait and see.”

Personal Qualifying Fight, the compet.i.tion with the heaviest value.

It was more important than any contest.

This was the world of martial artists, and strength was always the main theme.


As long as one was a student of the G.o.d emperor academy, they could partic.i.p.ate in any Personal Qualifying Fight challenge.

“Huff …”

Long Fei heaved a heavy sigh, and said: “It has finally begun.”

“What kind of powerhouse are they hiding?”

Chen Tianfei walked up and asked: “Boss, do we partic.i.p.ate?”

Long Fei shook his head, and said: “You do not need to, I want to defeat them one by one in this compet.i.tion.”

He knew in his heart.

Personal Qualifying Fight was the beginning of danger, I am afraid G.o.d emperor academy still have some tricks up his sleeves, I cannot let my brothers be in danger anymore.

Long Fei looked at Ao Ya and said, “I will settle that elder for you as well.”

Oya was stunned.

At this time, Long Fei walked out!

Either not!

Or they could just turn him upside down.

Thus …

Long Fei took a step forward, his figure moved, his eyes stared straight at Ouyang Zhan, and said: “Come, I will challenge your entire eighteen matrial halls!”


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