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Her hands were covered with black silk gloves.

Just like the material of the black cloth on her face, one could faintly see her hands that were as white as jade.

Yan Huang ancestor laughed excitedly: “Brat, your luck is here.”

“I can guarantee that this woman will be devastatingly beautiful. She will not be beautiful at all.”

“What are you waiting for?” Why don’t you hurry up and hold her hand? Do you still want to enter the seventh floor? “

The Yan Huang ancestor urged.

Long Fei disdainfully replied, “The Emperor is not in a hurry, the Overseer.”

Yan Huang ancestor refuted: “Brat, if you have the guts don’t hold her hand.”

While the ancestor was speaking, Long Fei looked at the veiled girl and said, “It’s just holding hands, you won’t do anything else to me, right? I’m still a virgin. “

The veiled girl snorted: “Don’t worry, I won’t eat you.”

Long Fei pretended to be disappointed: “Sigh, I was hoping you would eat me.”

He extended his hand out, and the veiled girl grabbed onto his hand. She was very proactive, and at this moment, Long Fei felt a hint of coldness.

The girl’s hand was very cold, like the hand of a dead man.

At the same time.

A strange power rushed into his mind.

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Previous Chapter Next Chapter “Boom!”

The Golden Dragon Master who was protecting his mind and the Golden Dragon Master who was protecting his sea of consciousness instantly devoured this bizarre power.

The veiled girl did not hide her shock: “You really do have the pressure of a dragon in your body. It seems like the Long Family and the dragon race really do have a close relations.h.i.+p.”

Without waiting for Long Fei to speak.

The veiled lady directly pulled Long Fei up the stairs.

He didn’t know why.

Initially, Long Fei had felt the pressure of the enormous mountain and felt the impact of the enormous waves, but as he held the girl’s hand, he was completely unable to sense the powerful impacts.

This was only secondary.

What Long Fei cared about was her words, “What is the relations.h.i.+p between the Long Family and the dragon race?”

The veiled girl did not answer.

A few seconds later, her hand relaxed as she said lightly, “We’ve reached the seventh floor.”

Mysterious History Pavilion 7th level.

The s.p.a.ce here was even narrower, so narrow that only one person could fit inside.

Long Fei’s and the veiled girl’s bodies were almost touching, and they could both hear each other’s heartbeats.

The distance between the two was only a few centimeters. At such a close distance, the black-veiled girl was just as the ancestor had said, a devastatingly beautiful woman.

A little more.

Her pupils were light blue, and as deep as a sapphire.

It was the first time that the veiled girl had been so close to someone of the opposite s.e.x. Her heart slightly tightened and her breathing quickened.

Although her cultivation was strong, she was still an 18-year-old young girl.

A young girl who had just developed love.

The veiled girl coughed: “You better not let your imagination run wild or you will die here.”

She was not joking at all, as long as Long Fei dared to move, she would really kill him!

Long Fei forced himself to calm down, and said while looking around: “Why aren’t there any books? The seventh floor is actually an empty place with the protection of the Boundary? “Why is that?”

The veiled girl looked at Long Fei as he grabbed his finger. With a swipe of his dagger, a drop of blood dripped down from Long Fei’s finger.

Long Fei did not have the time to think about it, nor did he have the slightest reaction.

The girl’s speed was just too fast.

If it had been his neck instead of his fingers, he would be dead now.

The idea in Long Fei’s heart moved and asked: “Ancestor, did you see it clearly?”

Yan Huang ancestor shook his head: “It’s too fast, it seems like this witch is much stronger than I imagined.”

Long Fei lowered the center of his brows, looked at the girl and asked: “Why did you use my blood?”

Blood essence dripped onto the ground.

A blood-red wave of light covered the entire seventh floor, and soon, the s.p.a.ce was filled with all sorts of incomplete pieces of ancient paper and some portraits.

The strangest thing was that there was also a Dragon’s Universe Map.

A ferocious dragon head.

It was vivid and lifelike.

There were two words written on the map: Yuan Long.

It was only two words that Long Fei could understand, but he had never seen all the words on other pieces of paper that were still floating in the air.

Just like a gobbledegook.

The veiled girl looked at the ‘Dragon’s Universe Map’ with her blue eyes and muttered, “As expected!”

“Do you know why you used your blood?”

“Because your blood has millions of years of history, or even longer.”

“The seventh floor’s s.p.a.ce, has a history of five million years. At that time, your Long Family had not appeared yet. At that time …” The veiled girl slowly said, “It’s the Dragon clan’s hegemon.”

Whoever’s blood drips down will be able to summon the historical records based on the time the blood was pa.s.sed down.

The s.p.a.ce of the seventh floor seemed very small, but the amount of books here was much greater than the first six floors combined. Here, there were all sorts of mysterious histories from five million years ago.

After the veiled girl finished speaking, she muttered to herself in a low voice, “Negative Activation to Dragon Blood is indeed a cover.”

If he really did not have the slightest bit of Dragon Blood Activation, how could he have summoned so many secret records?

The most important point.

None of the secrets that Long Fei had summoned with his blood essence were about the Long Family, they were all from the dragon race!

The language of the dragon race!

A foreign language!

Long Fei did not understand, the veiled lady did not understand, even the Yan Huang ancestor from Chaos Realm did not understand, they were completely confused.

Long Fei immediately said in his heart, “Azure Dragon Ancestor, come out right now.”

“Gold dragon, blood dragon, black dragon, all of you come out right now, what exactly is recorded in this history?”

No one responded.

The Azure Dragon, Golden Dragon, Blood Dragon, and Black Dragon didn’t respond. They were all silent.

This was because it recorded the things they were unable to face, and it was filled with incomparable pain.

After a long time.

The Azure Dragon Ancestor slightly said: “Don’t ask anymore questions, we won’t say anything until you find the Dragon Domain. Long Fei, you really want to become stronger.”

“I really have to get stronger.”

“It’s almost too late.”

“A new calamity is about to befall you. Hurry up and become strong. This is the only way for you to solve all the mysteries.”

The Azure Dragon Ancestor spoke very seriously.

Long Fei didn’t understand at all, “What new calamity? Tell me, what is it? “What is the dragon clan hiding?”

“Just who am I?”

“Why is my blood unable to summon the secret history of the dragon clan, and why is my blood unable to summon the secret history of the Long Family? Who the h.e.l.l am I? “

Long Fei felt lost.

He was someone of the Long Family, and had always been so. However, the secret history of the Long Family did not record anything, and the blood could not lie, so who exactly was he?

Someone from the Long Family?

Or were they from the dragon race?


Long Fei was furious in his heart, he suddenly roared out, “I am me, I am Long Fei!”

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A stream of power burst out, the veiled young lady’s face darkened, a powerful force crushed Long Fei’s power, and shouted: “Are you crazy?” = Half ^ Float # # Life ^

“You’ll destroy these things.”

Long Fei shouted, “If it’s destroyed, then so be it, I will not understand.”

The veiled girl looked at the Dragon Universe Map and said, “There are some words I can’t understand, but this map might be the map to the Dragon Domain!”

Chapter IV.

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