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s.p.a.ce distorted, then began to crack apart.

An old man stepped out from the crack.


The world suddenly began to compress. The entire Forbidden Land was completely controlled by the old man.

The power of death that shrouded the two ancient elders from Mu Clan also disappeared without a trace, and was dispelled in an instant.

“Old Patriarch!”

“Big brother!”

“Mu Tianhe… “

The one who walked out of the spatial crack was none other than Mu Tianhe.

Mu Tianhe, whose body was releasing different auras.

When everyone saw him, they were all shocked. Mu Tianhe said in a deep voice, “Don’t be distracted, let’s continue to open Turtle Mountain.”

“Yes sir!”

“Yes sir!”

The old chief was like a pillar of support. When he appeared, everyone was very excited. His morale was stable, and his strength was even more ferocious than before.

The Turtle Mountain once again calmed down.

Mu Hetai looked at Mu Tianhe with an uncomfortable feeling in his heart. No matter how hard he fought, splitting 1 to 4, he still wasn’t able to make everyone give up.

But the moment Mu Tianhe appeared, the power released by the elders became even more ferocious.

Is this the difference?

Although he felt uncomfortable in his heart, Mu Hetai didn’t treat him lightly.

This concerned the life and death of the Mu Clan.

The moment Mu Tianhe moved, he was also distracted for a moment. The two idea s formed illusionary shadows on the spot where Mu Hetai’s illusionary figure was.

“He Tai, you take the lead.”

Mu Tianhe had just come out from the floating rock. He had wanted to find Mu Hetai to interrogate him about his crimes, but in this situation, he understood everything.

Even if Mu Hetai wanted to seize more power, he was still a Mu Clan.

Mu Hetai also nodded heavily, and said: “Understood!”

“Big brother, you …”

Mu Tianhe replied: “I’m fine.”

“This immortal old thing won’t be able to kill me.” Mu Tianhe stared at Undead Lord, if it was before, he was definitely not a match for Undead Lord.

But now …

He had integrated with the powers of the three G.o.ds.

Even if he wasn’t an opponent now, he wouldn’t lose.

Undead Lord was startled when he saw Mu Tianhe, “I didn’t think that in the short span of one month, you would have managed to break through, your cultivation has improved even further.”

“Your cultivation can make another breakthrough, if my guess is correct, it should be that brat’s p.u.b.es’s power, right?”

Undead Lord was very excited.

Because Mu Tianhe had become stronger.

Mu Tianhe was one of the powerhouse who had reached the great perfection realm in the ancient times. A person who could reach this realm would find it difficult to break through even after a thousand years, ten thousand years, or even a million years.

He was very clear in his heart that the Undead Lord had lived for so many years, but now that Mu Tianhe had broken through, he had entered a completely new realm.

This kind of breakthrough did not depend on hard work, but luck, and was due to an unprecedented power. Obviously, this power was the power of Long Fei’s p.u.b.es.

There was only one explanation.

Mu Tianhe said: “Since you know that I have broken through, then why aren’t you quickly leaving my Mu Clan?”

“Hahaha …”

Undead Lord laughed out loud and said, “Mu Tianhe, so what if you’ve broken through? Do you think you can stop me? “

“Can you block the Xuans behind me?”

“Can he block emperor Xuan?”

“Do you, a mere Mu Clan, want to become enemies with the Xuans? Can you bear the consequences? “

“I know Long Fei is your nephew. If you hand him over, everything in your Mu Clan will be fine. If you don’t, hehe …”

“Today, I will annihilate your entire Mu Clan!” Undead Lord said in a condescending manner.

Not to be crushed with his ident.i.ty, but to be crushed with the Xuans.

Mu Tianhe also sneered, and said: “You want to exterminate my entire Mu Clan? Hehe… Undead Lord, try killing them if you can, this old man will see who kills who first! “

He has a hard temper.

He had always been someone who would take advantage of the situation.

You just want it?

Then this old man will accompany you.


It was indeed powerful, but Mu Tianhe had never been afraid of it before.


Xuans and Mu Clan had irreconcilable hatred.

The last time he entered Turtle Mountain, it was also because the Xuans was chasing after him.

Mu Tianhe had never forgotten about this.

In the past, there was no hope for revenge, but now … His nephew could break through to the ninth level of the Haoran Realm in less than a month, and even break Long Batian’s record of breakthrough. As long as Long Fei had a certain amount of time, he believed that he could definitely avenge the Mu Clan!

The divine s.p.a.ce was no longer able to cover the sky with one hand.

Undead Lord’s gaze tensed up, “Old thing, you don’t want to accept the offer, do you?”

Mu Tianhe said: Not bad, I want to see how powerful your punishment wine is.

He was asking for war.

Undead Lord rolled his eyes and laughed: “Mu Tianhe, it is true, if I want to kill you, I would consume a lot of energy, but..”

“What if I avoid you and kill your Mu Clan clansmen?”

“You can’t stop it either.”

“Do you think that opening Turtle Mountain will allow you to avoid everything?”

“This place is filled with your Mu Clan’s ancient elders. Have you asked them what they mean? They were played around by you like a fool. Did they know that Mu Wan’er and Long Zhanting’s sons are in your Mu Clan, and that Xuans’s number one wanted criminal, Long Fei, is also here? Do you know what will happen if you hide her? ” Undead Lord was good at attacking the heart.


Right now, the divine s.p.a.ce was filled with legends about Long Fei.

It was said that Long Fei was Long Batian’s successor.

Whoever inherited Long Batian’s strongest power would be able to dominate the ancient world and become the new G.o.d of Boundary.

The war for the G.o.d of Boundary would begin very soon. If anyone was able to obtain Long Batian’s strength before then, they would definitely be the most advantageous contestants for the position of the G.o.d of Boundary.

After all, Long Batian was the number one powerhouse.

All the elders who were fully focused on opening Turtle Mountain were stunned.

“Long Fei?”

“The person for the Xuans’s bounty?”

“Mu Wan’er and Long Zhanting’s sons?”

“Old Patriarch, is what he said true?”

“Patriarch, is that really the case?”

“Back then we opened Turtle Mountain for Mu Wan’er, causing great losses to the Mu Clan, to the point that we spent a hundred years in this G.o.d Living Mountain. Could it be that we have to do it for her son now?”

… ….

Mu Hetai said solemnly: “Everyone, do not listen to his nonsense, even if Long Fei is in Mu Clan, he is not like that. He is the nephew of our Mu Clan, and half of the blood in his body belongs to our Mu Clan.”

“Chief, you already knew?”

“Do you take us for fools?”

“Patriarch, are we unknowingly opening Turtle Mountain the same as last time?”

… ….

For a time, many of the elders questioned.

While they were distracted, Turtle Tomb began to stir again, extremely unstable.

Mu Tianhe frowned.

To his surprise, Mu Hetai found out about all of this.

Knowing that he could make such a choice, it showed that he did not have second thoughts towards the Mu Clan. Since he had also made a decision, if this matter could be safely resolved, then he would give up the throne.

At this time.

Mu Tianhe no longer hid it, and directly said: “That’s right, Long Fei, I’m the one who brought my nephew back to Mu Clan.”

Admit it!


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