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Everyone has ambitions.

n.o.body wants to be a dog.

Long Wushen was the same.

However …

He knew in his heart who the overlord of this world was.

Be it against the Xuans or the entire Dragon Clan, he would not be able to resist at all. As long as he resisted, he would die.

emperor Xuan was too powerful, he was not his match at all.

Even after a trillion years of training, he still wasn’t a match for them.

He was unwilling.

In the powerhouse world, no one was willing to stoop to the ground while Long Wushen waited for the right opportunity.

Waiting for the most important opportunity in his life.

Long Fei!

Back then, Long Zhanting had joined hands with the Mu Clan to seal that power into the body of Long Fei, who was in his infancy. He was very clear about what that power was.

Something left behind by the Dragon Clan’s Master.

It was once the power of ancient world’s number one powerhouse.

As long as he could get this power, he believed that he would be able to crush emperor Xuan in just a few minutes.

The reason why he had locked Long Zhanting in the Dragon Abyss Dungeon back then was because he wanted to know where Long Fei was located.

Dragon Vein Mountain was exterminated in front of his eyes. He knelt in front of emperor Xuan and was willing to be a dog.

Protecting the entrance of the Universal Realm to help the emperor Xuan enter the ancient world also meant that he caught Long Fei within a short period of time.

All of this was because of the power that Long Fei possessed.

This was his only chance to turn the tables.

However …

No one knew about all this. He was cautious at all times, so the people of Xuans could not see any flaws. Even now, he was using the Dragon Yuan Pill to save the Xuanlie mountain to show his loyalty.

He also endured the insulting words from the Xuanlie mountain.

Before he received the power from Long Fei, he was still the same. Only by being a lackey of the Xuans could he live.

If he was still alive, then there was a chance!

This was Long Wushen.

Right now, Long Fei was right in front of him, and was being stepped on by him.

He felt that he was finally going to succeed!

“How laughable!”

“How laughable!” Long Fei sneered: “As the Patriarch of the Dragon Clan, you are the one who is weak. You are the one who is afraid of the Undead Dragon Clan, causing you to become like this.”

“Now it’s all my fault?”

“Long Wushen, do you still have any shame?”

“You don’t even have the right to be looked down upon by me, do you understand?” Long Fei was very unhappy.

Although he had never seen Long Wushen before, he knew what Long Wushen had done to the Dragon Clan and what he had done to his father.

On his death list, Long Wushen was also included.


Long Fei did not expect to meet Long Wushen so early, and his current situation … They were completely no match for Long Wushen.

Long Kuang couldn’t think of any countermeasures.

Long Wushen’s cultivation was much stronger than the Divine Moon Realm.

If not for the help of the G.o.d’s sword spirit, Long Fei would not even be able to handle the two elders.

“Contempt me?”

“Hahaha …”

“Brat, who do you think you are?”

“If it wasn’t for the power in your body, do you think you’d be able to stand in front of me?” Long Wushen said solemnly.

However, the Xuanlie mountain at the side was very angry, and said: “Long Wushen, what are you blabbering about? Kill him right now. “

“Do you understand?”

“Immediately, immediately!”

It was like talking about a grandson.

Long Wushen did not resist at all. Instead, he bent his body and said repeatedly: “Yes, yes, yes, Young Master Lie Shan, I will make my move immediately.”


“Young Master Lie Shan, didn’t you come here to find the Saint Yin Body?”

“Go ahead, after I kill him, I will definitely give you his head, that way you can also receive emperor Xuan’s reward.” Long Wushen wanted to push away the Xuanlie mountain.

Before he received the power from Long Fei’s body, he was still that Xuans’s lackey.

Thus …

He could not let the Xuanlie mountain find out what he had obtained from Long Fei.

As long as he kept away from the Xuanlie mountain.

As for the people from the ancient antiquity, none of them could even dream of living.

Being mentioned like this by Long Wushen, Xuanlie mountain’s gaze also became cold, “Right, I almost forgot about this matter.”


“Long Wushen, when I return, obediently give me his head. Don’t worry, I will give you a few words of consolation in front of the Master.” Xuanlie mountain looked to be high and mighty.

Long Wushen immediately said: “Then I’ll thank Young Master Lie Shan first.”


Xuanlie mountain walked in front of King of Sword Elves and pulled him out from the wall with one hand. He threw a pill into King of Sword Elves’s mouth and said: “Take me to look for that woman.”

Most of the blood on top of King of Sword Elves’s head had also recovered, allowing him to move freely.

He wanted to stay and watch how Long Fei died, but … Seeing the gloomy gaze of the Xuanlie mountain, he did not dare to stay.

If he dared to say another word, he might just die here.

King of Sword Elves immediately bowed, and said: “Understood, Sir!”

Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw Long Fei, who had been stepped on by the dragon claw. His eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with pride, and a pleased sneer hung on the corner of his mouth.

Although he could not watch Long Fei die, he had already achieved his goal.

What he wanted to do next was to make Long Fei suffer even more before he died, and that was to hand Liu Luoxi over to Xuanlie mountain.

The Xuanlie mountain also paused for a moment, looked at Long Fei under the dragon claw, and said: “I started saying, your woman has a Holy Yin Body, she will become my Xuans’s cultivation resource, hahaha …”

“Feeling desperate?”

“Hahaha …”

Xuanlie mountain laughed crazily.

Long Fei struggled furiously, but he could not move even a single inch under the claws of the Purple Dragon.

Long Fei stared at Long Wushen: “Long Wushen, are you f * * king also considered a dragon? For a disciple of the Xuans to step on your head and p.i.s.s on your sh * t, don’t you think that it’s too pathetic? “

“You don’t dare to kill the people of Xuans, let me do it.”

“Let me go, let me go, I’m going to kill him.”

Long Fei seemed to have gone crazy.

Because …

Once Xuanlie mountain catches Liu Luoxi, the consequences would be …

Thinking of Liu Luoxi, Long Fei became even more anxious.

“Xuanlie mountain, don’t go.”

“Xuanlie mountain, if you dare to touch her, I’ll f * * k your ancestors.”

“Come back here!”

Long Fei roared hysterically.

However, the Xuanlie mountain did not stop for a moment. Instead, he laughed even more happily and said: “If I knew that the woman who abused you could make you so angry, I would have done this a long time ago.”

“Hahaha …”

Back then, he should have immediately used Liu Luoxi’s life to make Long Fei kneel in front of him.

But it didn’t matter now.

The two of them left the back hall.

Only Long Fei and Long Wushen were left in the hall.

As for Great Clan Elder Meng Tu, he was simply unable to enter the palace.


It was also at this time.

Zhao Dahan, Baili Tianhai, brothers of five elements and the others rushed over.

Hearing the loud noise from the Sword Elf Mountain, Fang Wanpeng and qian xuan belle also rushed over.

Everyone was dumbfounded as they stared at the enormous purple dragon in mid-air.

“Then… Is that a real dragon? “

“Where’s boss?”

Baili Tianhai immediately asked: “Great Clan Elder, where is our Peak Owner?”

Meng Tu looked at the great hall.

Zhao Dahan frowned, “Boss!”

“Boom, boom …”

He swiftly rushed towards the hall. Long Fei immediately shouted out, “Don’t come in, don’t let anyone!”


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