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Being toyed with, Lin Yuan burned with anger.

The muscles in the corner of his eyes twitched slightly. With a ‘hua la’ sound, he pulled out his long sword, and his aura instantly turned into an intimidating pressure, crus.h.i.+ng everything in his way.

Baili Tianhai was merely in the Sword Sect realm, so he could not withstand the pressure of the Master Swordsman Rank.

Baili Tianhai’s body sank, “What? Do we have to make a move just because we can’t beat him? “

“So what?”

“You actually dare to tease this young master? I’ll take your dog life.” The sword moved, about to stab between Baili Tianhai’s eyebrows.

When the sword pierced through, Baili Tianhai’s life was definitely gone.

Zhao Dahan’s face changed, he wanted to rush up, but his strength had been scattered, and he had not recovered yet.


Even if he rushed forward, it would be useless.

He was also not Lin Yuan’s match.

“Young Master!” Zhao Dahan said.

Yang Dao’s expression also became anxious.

Only Long Fei remained calm and said softly, “Don’t worry, Tianhai will be fine.”

Whether or not Baili Tianhai’s martial power was strong, he relied on his brain to survive.

Once he ascended the talent display stage, he would be defeated by Lin Yuan before his Inherent Skill could even be displayed. At that time, even if he was an eighteenth stage immortal stage blood vein, it would not garner much attention.

It was different now.

He had already displayed his four brain talents.

Furthermore, it had also attracted the compet.i.tion of the Elder of Inner House s. This way, if Lin Yuan wanted to make a move against him in front of so many Elder of Inner House s, it would be different.

When Lin Yuan’s sword came out, one of the Elder of Inner House bellowed, “Stop!”

A loud boom echoed out.

Lin Yuan’s sea of consciousness shook violently.

However …

Lin Yuan did not stop. He was the direct disciple of the King of Beasts and was deeply in love with him. Even if he killed Lin Yuan, he would be alright with the protection of the King of Beasts.

The key was!

Baili Tianhai had to die.

Therefore, he did not estimate that the Elder of Inner House would scold him like this, and still acted on his own, thrusting out with his sword.

This caused the Elder of Inner House to lose a lot of face, his eyes became angry, and he bellowed, “I said stop, did you not hear me?”


His words released a mighty pressure.

A thin layer of frost covered the surrounding 1,000 meters like the roar of a mad lion. As he spoke, he also covered the surrounding area. His face was thick with frost.

Long Fei’s pupils contracted, “d.a.m.n, what about Qing Zhi’s fruit power?”

Ice type power!

Very strong. A roar that carried the power of ice could be heard.

This wasn’t just an ice attribute, but also a power fusion of sound.

The area within a thousand meters was covered in frost, and the temperature plummeted.

“What incredible strength!”

Long Fei was secretly shocked in his heart.

Lin Yuan’s body was completely frozen, nailed in place without moving an inch.

The elder of the Beast Mountain Range stood up and said: “Brother Qin, there is no need to be so angry right?”


“Just now, killing an outer disciple was one thing, but now he wants to kill an outer disciple with the physique of an ancient ability. What does he want to do?”

“You think that you can do whatever you want just because you’re the disciple of the King of Beasts? This is the ancient antiquity, not a place of chaos! ” Qin Wancheng spoke in a heavy tone.

The Beast Mountain Elder nodded his head and said: “Brother Qin is right, Lin Yuan is too reckless.”

“I will definitely punish him when we return to the Beast Mountain.”


Qin Wancheng retracted his anger. Even the elder of the First Mountain was like this, so he didn’t say anything else. “Let him remember then.”

And then …

He retracted his aura.

Just now, his entire body had been frozen solid. If not for the fact that Qin Wancheng still had some energy left in him, he might have already died.

He then turned and bowed as he said, “This disciple will definitely remember the teachings of my dear Elder Qin, and will never forget them.”

Qin Wancheng was also remembered in his words.

He would definitely get his revenge!

Qin Wancheng didn’t mind. He looked at Lin Yuan and said lightly: “Little brother, are you interested in joining my Everlasting Peak? No matter what you wish to cultivate, I will provide it with my full power. “

He wanted Baili Tianhai to join the absolute peak of the formation, otherwise he wouldn’t have dared to offend the beast mountain to help Baili Tianhai.

Baili Tianhai bowed and said: “Thank you elder for saving me, and thank you elder for showing kindness, but I am a sword cultivator, and would like to join Sword Elf Mountain.”

“Hahaha …”

Sword Elf Mountain immediately laughed, “Brat, you have good eyes, you should join Sword Elf Mountain for your sword practice.”

“My Sword Elf Mountain just so happens to need people like you.”

“Hahaha …”

He looked at Qin Wancheng and laughed complacently.

Qin Wancheng looked at Baili Tianhai with displeasure as he sat back down on his seat.

He probably hated Baili Tianhai to death.

Baili Tianhai also knew this in his heart, but … Even if he was to be hated, he had to enter the Sword Elf Mountain. It had to be known that Liu Luoxi was the one who entered the Sword Elf Mountain, the one who got the moon near the water tower. He did not want to go to another peak, because he would lose a lot of opportunities this way.

Phoenix pouted and said, “Hubby, is he really going to pursue that beautiful big sister fairy?”

“Die by a hundred li. If he dares to dig your corner, I’ll definitely show him who’s boss!”

Long Fei laughed.

He couldn’t say anything about Liu Luoxi because he was unable to confirm that Liu Luoxi was his woman.

However …

He believed it.

If it was one of his women, then it didn’t matter if it was with a hoe or with a shovel. His woman would only go crazy for him, and no one would be able to touch her.

Lin Yuan returned to his seat, looked at Baili Tianhai, and thought to himself: “Sword Elf Mountain, right? Coincidentally, there are a few of my brothers over there. Offending me, it will be hard for you to even move an inch in ancient antiquity. “


“Next, Long Fei!”

outer door presbyter called out his name.

Phoenix’s face was filled with excitement as she said, “Hubby, I’ll be taking you as your master. Let me intimidate everyone.”

Long Fei laughed. Regarding his own blood vein …

He knew it was strong.

How could Long Batian’s ancient dragon body s not be strong?

Moreover, his blood vein might not be limited to just these.


His blood vein had never been detected before, and in his memories, his spirit blood had tested it many times, but none of the testing divine stones were able to detect his level of blood vein.

Looking at the excited expression on Phoenix’s face, Long Fei said in a bland voice, “I might have to disappoint you.”

Yang Dao patted Long Fei’s shoulders and said: “Relax, don’t be nervous. Whatever it is, I believe in you!”

Zhao Dahan gave a heavy shout as well, “Boss, do your best!”

Long Fei walked forward.

If it was another outer sect disciple, his eyes would be much more respectful, because he knew that if he was a little bit careless, he might offend the future inner sect Senior Brother s.

So he said very seriously: “Junior Brother, condense a drop of spirit blood onto the divine stone.”

Long Fei nodded and with a move of his palm, a drop of spirit blood’s blood fell onto the green divine stone.

spirit blood was sucked in.

Long Fei did not hold much hope, he knew what the result would be.


This time, it was a little unexpected.

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