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Enraged, he directly went berserk.

The glow on the Boss’ body turned from gold to dark red. In this situation, the Boss’ strength, speed, and attack attributes would be increased by twofold.


In terms of defense, it was reduced by twofold.

The power unleashed by the ancient strong was extremely terrifying and unstoppable.

His speed was once again so fast that no one could react to it.

At this moment.

Murong Xiong’s eyes turned sinister. He wanted to charge forward, but… It was too late.

On the other side.

The aura around Li Yuanba’s body was also violently churning, and he wanted to rush up as soon as possible, but… It was similarly too late!

“Brother Yuan Ba?”

“Yuan Ba?”

Seeing Li Yuanba rus.h.i.+ng out, the s.p.a.ce between the two of them tightened, and their gazes fell on Long Fei’s body at the same time.



The two King Kong suddenly moved as well.

Xiao Bai and Bing Huo also moved.

However …

No matter who it was, they were unable to catch up to the falling ancient strong’s attacks in terms of speed.

In other words …

No one could block this attack for Long Fei.

presbyter of G.o.d’s tribe laughed proudly, “So what if I can refine a high level divine treasure? What did this world rely on? It’s not a weapon, but a fist! “

“You are merely a piece of trash from the Warrior Realm.

“Hahaha …”

“Hahaha …”

Who else could resist the ancient strong’s attack?

Not to mention a dregs of the Warrior Realm, even a peak Overlord powerhouse would not necessarily be able to withstand a single blow.

How could the power of the ancient world be enough to contend against the power of the ancient world?

“Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, tremble!”

“Hahaha …” presbyter of G.o.d’s tribe laughed loudly.

Long Fei’s brows shook, then said indifferently: “You’re right, this world does not rely on artifact forging, but on fists.”


As he said that, Long Fei’s lips curled, “Do you think your fist is as big as my fist?”

He raised his eyes.

He turned his gaze to ‘Zhentian’ in the sky and laughed softly. “It has always been you who has been attacking. Now it’s time for my divine treasure to explode.”

“Sun Soul!”


Long Fei moved and activated his Heavenly Treasure.

All the power in the world surged.

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“Weng …”

An ear-piercing hum exploded. In an instant, the strong light blinded everyone’s eyes, and the entire G.o.d’s design attic was enveloped in the strong light.

It was incomparably powerful.

Long Fei was a divine treasure refined using the horcruxes family’s Refining Technics, at the same time… There was a Forging Soul in the divine treasure.

What surprised Long Fei was that the released Forging Soul was actually Yang Soul.

the third ranked among the ten great Forging Soul s, the super artifact soul.

How could its power be comparable to the power of the ancient world?

The blinding light enveloped everything.

No one could open their eyes, not even the ancient strong who had pounced on them.

“What is this?”

“It’s too hot. Is the sun going to explode?”

“Ahh …”

“This is too hard to bear.”

“It’s as if the entire world is on fire.”

… ….

The people on the G.o.d’s tribe’s side all looked in pain, their bodies were trembling nonstop, they did not dare open their eyes, and when they did, they felt as though they would be blinded by the intense light.

“Ahh …”

“Ahh …”

Many people cried out in pain.

ancient strong, who was flying towards him, belonged to the special species that had not evolved well. Like a mutated human, he felt an intense light and his eyes widened in anger.

In that instant.

“Ahh …”

He let out a painful cry, and his eyes began to emit black smoke.


He had become blind in an instant. How intense was this light?

However …

ancient strong did not stop. Furthermore, when he opened his eyes earlier, he saw the location of Long Fei.


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The sky darkened, and it was as if the power of a whole new heaven was crus.h.i.+ng towards Long Fei.

Long Fei’s body slightly sank, and said in a displeased tone: “f.u.c.k, fighting if you can’t win in a match, for something like the MMP, you still want to kill me?”

“Sun Soul, suppress!”

Long Fei felt very uncomfortable.

His cultivation was too low, if not for the protection of the body of taoti, he would have been smashed to smithereens by now.

If this palm attack landed.

He definitely wouldn’t be able to stop it.

He was now an ant, and the ancient strong was as big as an elephant.

The difference in power was simply too great.


Even so, Long Fei did not take a step back.

The power in the Boundless Heaven changed once again as a shadow flew out.

ancient strong slapped his palm down, “Die!”

He roared.

In an instant, the shadow flew out, superimposing on Long Fei’s body. The shadow changed, becoming a giant, G.o.dlike existence.

He blocked the attack with a palm strike.




The two forces clashed.

Roars came from all directions and the G.o.d’s design attic s were almost unable to endure it as several mountains fell to the ground.

The cracks in s.p.a.ce continued to spread out.

Everyone present was trembling in their hearts. They could not even stand steadily. The fear of death a.s.saulted them, as if it was the end of the world.

Many people were so scared that they directly kneeled on the ground.

Miserable screams rang out.

In the sky.

ancient strong’s huge palm print was still pressed on the ground in mid air.

The shadow of the Sun Soul on Long Fei’s body did not move at all.

The power disappeared and the light dimmed.

The crus.h.i.+ng pressure on the plaza weakened. Many people raised their heads to look at the sky and gulped down their saliva. The scene before them was like a battle between G.o.ds.

He could only look up, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

Everyone stopped.

Even the three Great Vajra, who had been madly rus.h.i.+ng forward, stopped in their tracks.

They were also shocked.

Because …

At this moment, ancient strong’s body was cracking.

“Crack …” Kcha … “Bang, bang …”

His body was cracking like a stone statue, first with his palm, and then with his palm, the giant palm slowly turned to ash.

Then there was the huge body.

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The corner of Long Fei’s mouth raised upwards, and secretly laughed, “MMP, it’s fortunate that Zhen Wu Tian absorbed so much power just now, if not this move would have been very hard to deal with.”

Long Fei’s Refining Technics was very strong.

However …

Refining Technics could only be strong in the Refining Force, his cultivation was still in the Warrior Realm, and in the Universal Realm, he was an existence at level ‘1’. So no matter how strong the divine treasure he refined was, it was useless if he did not have the strength to activate it.

However …

Just now, Zhen Wutian had crazily absorbed the energy released by the black lotus, and only then could he see the scene of the Sun Soul possessing the body.

The power of the Sun Soul crushed the darkness element, completely suppressing it.

Of course, it wasn’t that Long Fei couldn’t block this palm, it was just that he still had the power of the Taotie, just that … That would expose him too much.

This palm attack was something the body of taoti could endure, and he himself would probably be injured as well.

“Hualala …” Long Fei looked at the hundreds of meters long wound on ancient strong’s head, which was shrinking crazily. He smiled and said excitedly, “It’s going to explode!”


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