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Chapter 2402 – trap technique

After all, the power Immortal Master Liu Yuan had displayed was too strong.

It was not the power of this world.

Long Fei looked at the birdman who wore a full body of golden armor, and his appearance couldn’t be seen clearly, and muttered: “Looks like what she said was all true, this place really is a beast site.”

Transformers said: “What?”

Long Fei shook his head: “Nothing, hurry up and recover. There’s going to be a tough battle tomorrow morning.”


Transformers immediately entered into cultivation.

Long Fei raised his head and looked into the night sky. It was tranquil and peaceful, “Are you a demon beast from the dark world?”

“I need to make some more preparations.”

He glanced at the ‘Undead Powder’ that was still in his hands, “Just three minutes of ‘Undying Mode’ isn’t enough!”

And then …

Long Fei opened the system.

It had to find a way out of the system.

“Merchant Shop System!” Long Fei thought to himself as the System Merchant Shop appeared in his mind. It was the same as the previous one, where one item after another appeared in a list in his mind.

“No way!”

“No way!”

“It still won’t work!”

“Even if you have enough Exchange Value, you can’t exchange for holy artifact.”

Long Fei frowned.

A holy artifact could never defy the heavens, let alone a savage demon beast of the dark realm.

Long Fei carefully checked again, but he couldn’t find a way.

“Special System.”

Then, he looked at the special system mode.

“Double Attack Scroll, no!”

“Four times the normal rate isn’t good either!”


“What is this?”

Long Fei’s eyes shook, he found a special scroll inside the special item, “Trap scroll?”


“His Exchange Value is only one hundred points?”

“So cheap?”


The system was smarter than ghosts, it would be impossible for Long Fei to take advantage of it in his next life. Long Fei had a deep understanding of this.

“I don’t care!”

“I’ll exchange for one first and then take a look.”

The idea moved, “Exchange!”


“System Notification: The exchange of trap scrolls has succeeded, Exchange Value — 100 points!”

Long Fei took out the ‘trap scroll’ and walked into the forest.

After he left, the Avian’s eyes slightly opened. Looking at the direction Long Fei disappeared in, her wings moved slightly, and she quietly disappeared from her original position.

Even the Two-Headed King did not notice.

… ….

“A trap scroll …”


“See what kind of trap you are.” Long Fei walked to an empty s.p.a.ce and directly crushed the scroll. “Come, let this daddy see!”


“Arrangement complete!”

After Long Fei crushed the scroll, the trap was set up.

Long Fei looked at the caved in forehead that was filled with eight black lines, “I knew it, your sister … System, can you not scam me? “

“Do you think digging a pit with a pile of dog s.h.i.+t in it is a trap?”


“Aren’t you being too darned?” It’s only half a meter deep, do you want to kill the G.o.ds? “

Long Fei was speechless, and at the same time, tried to verify a fact, “The System is really deceiving me!”

“trap technique…”

“If there is a strong trap, then it will definitely be able to resist the Dark demon beast.”

“And it’s the easiest thing to level up.” Long Fei did not give up on the trap technique. It was just like an array formation.

“I’ll try again!”

And then …

Long Fei didn’t give up and once again exchanged for a ‘trap scroll’ and used it.

It was a half meter deep pit, and there was a pile of dog s.h.i.+t in it.

He was no different from what he was before!


The only change was that the second trap was a result of the first trap. The original trap was only half a meter deep, but when the two traps were added together, it would become a meter deep!

Long Fei frowned, he then fell into deep thought.

Following that …

Long Fei tried again.

It deepened by another half a meter!

“As expected!”

Long Fei’s eyes shone with a bright light, “If there is such a superposition, then it will be interesting.”

In an instant.

Long Fei jumped out again, looking at the sky, he thought to himself: “There isn’t much time left, I need to speed up.”

After Long Fei left.

The Avian descended again, and looked at the trap that Long Fei had set up. It had an indifferent expression, “Can a trap like this stop the demon beast?”

She felt some disdain.


Bird Person looked at the sky and muttered: “A new day has begun, and new demon beast will appear again.”

“He, a human, can’t even resist it!”

“Relying on him?”

“Will he really be my savior?” Bird Person was puzzled, she had become a prey in the beast site, and had also been a hunter before.

After having been reincarnated several times, she had been waiting for someone.

Someone who could get her out.

However… Now that a human had appeared, she could not see any hope.

Bird Person’s eyes flashed as he looked at the Savage Heavenly Peak. He clenched his fists tightly, “No matter what … I must rush out! “


The birdman’s wings moved, “Shua!”

He soared into the sky and disappeared.

… ….


“System Notification: The exchange of trap scrolls has succeeded, Exchange Value — 100 points!”



‘Exchange! ‘

Long Fei crazily exchanged, changing the Soaring Wings into Exchange Value, and then converting all his Exchange Value into trap technique, using all his Exchange Value!

Madness was like going berserk.

… ….

In the east, the sky was turning white.

At various peaks.

The voices of the powerhouse s rang out.

“The new day has begun. beast site can begin again.”

“Hahaha… I really look forward to it. “

“Today, we will destroy everything. That human and that strange bird.”

“Quick, quick, quick!” Today is my turn to be the banker, so hurry up and place your bet. No matter how much you bet, I will accept it all. Hahaha … “

Long Fei and the others could not hear what those people were saying.

No one in the world could hear it.

The Immortal Master Liu Yuan said slightly: “Isn’t this too cruel?”

“Immortal Master Liu Yuan, what do you mean?”

“d.a.m.n!” “Why didn’t you say it was cruel before?”


“What’s so cruel about us messing with us?”

… ….

Everyone began to criticize him.

The Immortal Master Liu Yuan said: “After all, every plane has the law and order of every plane. Does this disrupt the law and order of every plane?”

“Also, do you think it’s fair to use the demon beast from another world to fight against the three of them?”

As soon as he finished.

Everyone immediately laughed out loud, “Hahaha …”


“Is there such a thing as fairness in this world?”

“Do you think it’s fair that the G.o.d’s tribe controls all the inheritances power in the ancient world?”

“Immortal Master Liu Yuan, are you going to bet or not? If you don’t want to bet, then shut up. Don’t ruin our mood! “


There was no such thing as fairness!

Whoever had the toughest fist would be fair!

Otherwise, everything would have been for naught.

The s.p.a.ce between Immortal Master Liu Yuan’s eyebrows tightened, and said faintly, “I bet a hundred million grandmist crystals on that human winning!”


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