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A LV 1 cannon emplacement can’t be beaten to death.

Long Fei raged: “Exchange for another ten thousand!”


“Not enough points.”

“Currently, player ‘Long Fei’ has 2190 points remaining, unable to exchange for points.”


“Why is there only 2000 points left?” Long Fei was puzzled. Two minutes ago, he still had 40,000 points, but now he only had 2000.

Long Fei sat on the chair.

「 System: What’s wrong with you?」

Long Fei: Can’t I have liver pain?

System: …

Then, the system reminded him, “Players can use holy artifact to exchange for points. Do you want to exchange for them?”

“Exchange your grandpa, are you still staring at my holy artifact?” Long Fei scolded, “I will not exchange even if I die.”

System: “If that’s the case, then please leave. We do not entertain poor people.”

He was being looked down upon!

Being despised by the dragon, and now being despised by the System.

Long Fei really wanted to smash the Fis.h.i.+ng Machine, and said angrily: “Who is the poor guy? Didn’t you see that laozi still has one more bullet to shoot? “

“Are you blind?”

System: …

That golden dragon wriggled its tail and proudly danced again, “What a joke! Come hit me! Come hit me! Come quickly and hit me!”

It was completely controlled by the system.

Long Fei wanted to cry, but no tears came out, “Ten bets, nine bets, all of this is just a trap, f * ck you, System, why do you have to trick laozi like this?”

“Today, I finally understand.”

“Sigh …”

Long Fei exhaled helplessly.

“Come hit me! Come hit me! What a joke! Come hit me!”

That golden dragon had a cheap look as it stared at Long Fei and wriggled its tail.

Long Fei really wanted to exchange the holy artifact for something so that he could kill it. No matter what, he had his bottom line.

Long Fei stood up, and stared at the golden dragon: “Good, you have guts, you are awesome.”


Long Fei’s fist struck the b.u.t.ton and shot out the last bullet. He turned around and left and said fiercely: “I won’t come here next time even if I die.”

At this moment.


“Awoooo …”

Miserable screams suddenly rang out.

It was incomparably miserable, just like the screams of a chrysanthemum that had been destroyed with a mace.

And at this moment.

Long Fei suddenly turned around, and saw that the golden dragon, which he had initially been extremely proud of, had now become distorted and incomparably painful, “That shot just now …”

“Hahaha …”

“Grandson, even you have such a day. You make me feel proud, make me feel proud, hahaha …” “You’re a d.a.m.n tease, teasing laozi and teasing me again.”

“Have you enjoyed yourself?”

“Hahaha …”

Long Fei became excited, and thought: “My luck is really good, being able to kill a golden dragon with a cannonball, what luck!”

“Hahaha …”

Too excited.

To Long Fei, this was definitely the only thing that happened.

“Awoooo …”

The golden dragon let out another scream and its body exploded with a loud boom.


“Congratulations to player ‘Long Fei’ for obtaining ‘Skill + 1’, please select your skill.”

“Congratulations to player ‘Long Fei’ for obtaining ‘Level + 1’.”

“Congratulations to player ‘Long Fei’ for obtaining ‘Divine Dragon’s Soul’.”

“Congratulations to player ‘Long Fei’ for obtaining ‘Fire Knife’.”

“Congratulations to player ‘Long Fei’ for obtaining ‘Luck + 10’.”

… ….

“Skill Level + 1.”

“Player level + 1.”

Long Fei looked at the experience slot, “Aren’t you giving me 40 million free experience? Hahaha… “Awesome.”

Weapon: Fire Knife

Rank: First Rank of Heaven Stage

Long Fei didn’t bother looking at the attributes as he muttered, “Too trash, you can’t form a three blade flow with Qiu Shui and the dragon salyer. You have no qualifications at all. Exchanging points …”

“Forget it, let’s wait first.”

“10 points of luck attribute, this attribute is too strong.” Long Fei grinned, although he could not see the Luck attribute, he could also not feel it.

However, as far as gamers were concerned, that was just it.

Its existence was very sharp.

To be able to drop so many good items during this period of time, the Luck attribute of the Spiritual Void Ring would definitely be of great use. In addition to the 10 points of luck, the drop rate and damage in the future would also increase.

In the end …

Long Fei looked at a ball of soul and muttered, “Divine Dragon’s Soul? Ancestor, do you know what this is? “

The system cannot identify it.

He could only ask the forefather.

Yan Huang ancestor was currently cultivating, so he had to cultivate as well. Otherwise, his remnant soul would disappear. When he heard the four words “Divine Dragon’s Soul”, his eyes suddenly opened as he excitedly said, “Good stuff!”

“Huh?” Long Fei asked: What’s the best way?

Yan Huang ancestor said: “In the Sky Martial Continent, the Divine Dragon’s Soul can be considered a top holy artifact, but it will still depend on how to use it.”

“Kid, you have two choices now.”

“The first is for you to fuse with the Dragon G.o.d’s Soul, your soul will no longer be suppressed by any powerhouse’s pressure in the Tianwu Continent. If you cultivate to the great perfection stage, you can transform into a Divine Dragon, you can be said to be an unrivaled existence in the entire Tianwu Continent.”

“Also, let the dragon salyer fuse together. This way, the dragon salyer will evolve at twice the speed it can.”

“The fusion of the two is incomparably difficult. It isn’t as if you only need the Divine Dragon’s Soul. You also need something else to coordinate with it. I will tell you just what these things are.”

“Choose a knife, or choose yourself?”

Two choices presented themselves in front of Long Fei.

Was he a blade?

Long Fei asked: “Ancestor, who will be stronger?”

Yan Huang ancestor was startled, he didn’t think that Long Fei would ask such a question. He laughed out loud: “Let me be honest, you can fuse with the Dragon G.o.d, and the blade can also fuse with the Dragon G.o.d, moreover it is the true Dragon G.o.d’s Fury. Right now, the ‘Dragon Spirit Killer’ released by the dragon salyer is not even one billionth of the Dragon G.o.d’s power.

When faced with a problem, he would probably choose to merge them himself.

Becoming a Dragon G.o.d, how cool is that?

Long Fei said without any hesitation, “I choose to let the dragon salyer fuse together.”

Yan Huang ancestor trembled again, and said in a serious tone: “Brat, you have to think this through, once you are certain, you will not be able to change it, transforming into a dragon G.o.d, even the strong war king warriors will yearn for, do you want to give up?”

“Give up.”

Long Fei still did not hesitate, and said: “The dragon salyer is the legacy and faith of my Long family, if he can become the number one Divine Weapon in the Sky Martial Continent, with the Dragon G.o.d guarding the Long family, then the Long family will be invincible, no one will dare to bully him.”

He wasn’t thinking about himself, but about the Long family. [].

Right now, the Long family seemed to be the hegemon of this region, but in the South Horizon Region, it was nothing at all. It was an insignificant existence that could be wiped out by any sect.

Long Fei wanted the Long family to become the strongest family in the Sky Martial Continent.

dragon salyer s were the belief of the Long family. If he could become the strongest G.o.dly weapon, then it would bring more benefits to the Long family than if he could become the Dragon G.o.d.

“I choose the dragon salyer. Ancestor, please begin!”

Chapter V.


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