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Chapter 2053 – Descending the Dragon

The ten great gobbledegook s of the Universal World.

The heavens, the earth, the stars, the stars, the stars, humans, beasts, demons, G.o.ds, and buddhas were all extremely special existences. Some had masters, while others were scattered throughout the universe.

Every single one of them had tremendous power.

In the Universal Large World, whoever obtained a set of gobbledegook would become the super ruler of a region.


If the ten gobbledegook combined, they would form an ancient huge painting. The painting contained a heaven-defying treasure, and the owner could become a Grandmaster!

The gobbledegook were scattered all over the place, in order to find one not only required luck, but also luck.

Long Fei obtained the two books through luck.

The sleeping beauty said excitedly, “You got the right answer, full marks, hee hee!”

“What a pity…”

“No rewards.”

Long Fei was shocked, “As expected.”

“What kind of gobbledegook is inside?”

The Sleeping Beauty said: “I don’t know about that yet, I can only guarantee that there’s a gobbledegook s book inside. However, I am not sure about its attributes.”

Long Fei said: “Just open it and see.”

Then, Long Fei was stunned again, and said: “Even powerhouse like the Evil G.o.d was unable to open it, so this black box is definitely not ordinary.”

The Sleeping Beauty said, “Opening it isn’t difficult. It just needs something.”

Long Fei immediately asked: “What is it?”

The Sleeping Beauty said, “The dragon’s blood possesses incomparable corrosive properties. It can open any mechanical box.”

“Giant dragon blood?” In Long Fei’s mind, the image of the gigantic dragon from the world of Dragon Coffin cultivation appeared. The gigantic dragon’s blood that the Sleeping Beauty had mentioned should be his.

The gobbledegook is an existence that can’t be destroyed with any kind of power. As long as you get the dragon’s blood, you can open the black box. The reason the Evil G.o.d can’t open the box is because he doesn’t know what box it is, and what is hidden inside.

Obtaining it from the other realms was a chance he could chance upon.

It was easy to get.

In the eyes of the Evil G.o.d, it was only a strange box, nothing special.

How would he know that it contained one of the ten great gobbledegook among the Universal Large World? If he knew, he would have never given it to Long Fei even if he was beaten to death.

Long Fei replied: “I understand.”

And then …

The Sleeping Beauty stretched her waist and said: “Master, if the ten great gobbledegook can be fused together, an ancient giant painting would appear. It contains a peerless treasure and whoever can obtain it will become the strongest Zhi Zun of the Universal World. This is the most tempting part of the ten great gobbledegook, so you must hide your gobbledegook well and not be discovered.”


“I’m sleepy. Master, I’m going to sleep.”

After she finished speaking, the Sleeping Beauty laid down softly and fell asleep. Without any prelude, it instantly entered the sleeping mode.

Long Fei felt a chill in his heart, “Among the ten great gobbledegook, there is actually such a peerless secret treasure hidden? Hehe… I seem to see a peerless treasure waiting for me. “

Long Fei’s idea moved.

He entered the Dragon Coffin cultivation mode.

“A huge dragon!”

Long Fei shouted. He needed the dragon’s blood, and he needed to know what type of gobbledegook was in the box.

“Roar …”

With a dragon’s roar, Long Fei’s eardrums almost burst open.

The huge dragon body appeared, and like a giant, it took over the entire sky. Two eyes that were s.h.i.+ning with a gold light stared at Long Fei, and said coldly: “What are you calling me for?”

Long Fei revealed a fawning smile, and said: “Can you give me a drop of your blood?”

“You want my dragon blood?” The colossal dragon was stunned.

Long Fei said: “Yes, a drop will do.”

The colossal dragon was so huge that a drop of blood was just a hair of nine oxen to him.

He would probably agree.


Just as Long Fei finished speaking, the t.i.tan’s eyes narrowed, and shouted coldly, “No.”

There was no room for negotiation.

“F * ck!”

“It’s just a drop of blood, is there a need to be so petty? It’s not like I want a basin of blood or your life. Long Fei said in annoyance.

The colossal dragon glared at him and said, “I am petty, just not good enough. How can I drop it?”

“Bite me.”

Long Fei: “I …”

If he could, Long Fei would go up and bite him, at least to get a drop of dragon blood. Looking at the scales on the colossal dragon’s body that was even larger than him, it was fine if he just thought about it.

Don’t break your teeth.

The colossal dragon saw that Long Fei had sagged and said: “You can have my Colossal Dragon’s Blood.

The martial arts training’s Steel Armor Beast mode had already been broken.

However …

Alchemy, artifact forging, formation …

All of these things are in a wasteful mode.

Long Fei said: As long as I break through these limits, will you give me the blood of a dragon?

The colossal dragon replied, “Correct.”

Long Fei clenched his teeth, and said: “Fine, you just wait and see, when I go crazy, even I am afraid of myself.”

To achieve a breakthrough in all of these supporting occupations was not an ordinary feat. Refining the divine pellets, forging the holy artifact, and carving the divine array was not an ordinary feat.

Moreover, the Divine level cultivation method was completely different from the Divine level cultivation method in the ancient world.

The higher the grade, the harder it was to refine.

However …

Long Fei never gave in. Since he said such words, he would do his best.

Never admit defeat!

The idea moved and left the training s.p.a.ce.

The colossal dragon mumbled to itself, “Long Fei, you have to be fully prepared. Universal Large World is completely different from this kind of small world.”

“I will make you an all-powerful existence.”

“This is the only way for you to stand firmly in the Universal Large World.”

Everything he did was not for Long Fei now, but for Long Fei’s future.

What did a drop of dragon blood count for?

Even if Long Fei wanted his dragon head, he didn’t care.

What he needed was for Long Fei to cultivate even more a.s.siduously. Although Long Fei was already working hard, it was not enough.

Everything he controlled now was like trash.

… ….

“This is so infuriating.” Long Fei panted heavily, and was extremely unhappy, “Isn’t it just a drop of blood?

Zi Yue looked at Long Fei’s furious expression and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Long Fei shook his head, “Nothing.”

At this moment.

The Sky Spirit suddenly stopped and said, “Boss, there’s a broken temple up ahead.”

Long Fei raised the center of his brows, his divine sense slightly moved as he said: “There is killing intent.”

“Everyone, be careful.”

Long Fei put aside the dragon’s blood and fully focused on being on guard. Even the Evil G.o.d said that the Deep Abyss Mountain was extremely dangerous, so it could be seen that this place was truly dangerous.

Han Ba said: “I’ll go scout first.”


Han Ba’s body sank, directly entering the ground and disappearing.

Li Yuanba said: “I’ll go take a look.”

Inside the broken temple.

Zhan Wushuang’s silhouette stared coldly at a monk, and said coldly: “Hand him over.”

The monk grinned and said, “This thing doesn’t belong to you.”


Zhan Wushuang scoffed coldly, “Eight King Kong, you must be a Dragon-Subduing Fist, right?”

“Go and bring down the ghost.


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