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Chapter 1456 – Bulls.h.i.+t Urine for Ten Hours

It was like Ultraman beating up a little monster.


Long Fei was that pitiful little monster, while the beast king question of G.o.d was the furious Ultraman.

Long Fei did not have the power to fight back, he could only run, run, run, running. He was very unhappy, but he could not do anything about it.




… ….

The scene was like the end of the world. It was unstoppable, unstoppable, and no one could resist this beast king question of G.o.d.

In this entire Secret World, he was the absolute king, the ruler!

“How much longer?”

Long Fei sweated profusely, and had to use all his strength to dodge the attack a few times. If this went on, he would really be unhappy, and this was the first time he was being crushed like this by a demon beast.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, he would have been the one to crush the demon beast.

The sleeping beauty yawned and said, “There are still a few more hours left.”


“Hours? Then how many hours do I have to run? ” Long Fei was startled, it was too uncomfortable.

The sleeping beauty giggled and said, “Master, you can also stop running.”

Long Fei trembled, and said: “Is that possible?”

The Sleeping Beauty said, “Of course you can, but you will be beaten into meat paste.”

Long Fei:…

“Can we still play happily now?”

If the golden cudgel’s power was not applied to him, escaping was Long Fei’s only option. He would only have a slim chance of survival if he used up the beast king question of G.o.d’s raging energy.

“I’ll escape …”

“I’ll run, I’ll run with all my might!”

Long Fei did not want to use the power of the golden cudgel.

This was his life-saving talisman.


He wanted to use the energy from the golden cudgel to deal with Zhan Wushuang, and use it to ruthlessly crush him.

If it was at full power, would it be able to crush Zhan Wushuang?

This was the power that was left to him.

Thinking about what had happened in this period of time, Long Fei felt extremely unhappy in his heart.



The Secret World was in a complete mess. The huge mountain range was blasted into a flat land, like a missile exploding wildly, completely unable to defend itself.

That power … Unparalleled in strength.

A fist struck down.

The ground cracked, and rubble flew everywhere. Half of Long Fei’s b.u.t.t was almost sliced off.

The chrysanthemum retracted, cursing out loud, “Your sister, is your father’s chrysanthemum so fragrant?”

The Sleeping Beauty giggled and said, “We’re about to catch up, we’re about to catch up. Master, quickly run! Master, quickly run!”

He didn’t seem nervous at all, just like a little girl.

Long Fei was speechless, he screamed with all his might, “Ah …”

The Sleeping Beauty seemed to have found a few flowers from nowhere and held them in her hands like a team. “Go master go, go master, go master, run master …”

Long Fei wanted to die.

“Fire Unicorn!”

“Come out!”

“Boss, I just came out not too long ago. I haven’t recovered yet. Let me rest a bit more.” The Fire Unicorn’s body curled into a ball.

He had gone out when he killed those demon beast.


He was Long Fei’s mount, how could he dare to disobey Long Fei’s orders?

Without waiting for Long Fei to speak.

The Ice Thunder Bird realized: “Boss, I also need to rest. Just now, I used the greatest amount of strength against that beast question of G.o.d, I was too tired.”

The Fire Unicorn said: “If I hadn’t tied it up, what kind of power could you have possibly used?”

The Ice Thunder Bird said: “Brother Qilin, what you said is not right. Do I, Ice and Lightning, still need your help?”

The Fire Unicorn said, “So what if you have twin elements of ice and lightning? I possess the Fire Qilin Sacred Blood, so the power of my Qilin arm can sweep through everything.

The Ice Thunder Bird said: “If you want to come, come. Do I have to be afraid of you?”

The two warbeasts were about to start their battle.

Long Fei was immediately speechless, “Alright, I’ll run by myself.”


Long Fei’s idea withdrew.

At this moment.

The Ice Thunder Bird and the Fire Unicorn looked at each other and laughed. They clapped and revealed a victorious smile.

It was as if his evil scheme had succeeded.

“Big Brother Qilin, isn’t this kind of thing for us to do bad?”

“Boss, it’s a bit too much to handle.” The Ice Thunder Bird muttered.

The Fire Unicorn laughed: “It’s alright, who’s the boss? I’ve followed him for so long, but I haven’t seen any dangers that could threaten him.


“Even if we were to leave, with our speed, it would still be useless.” The Fire Unicorn said.

It wasn’t because they were afraid.

Rather, their speed was slower than Long Fei’s.

If he went out, it would only create unnecessary trouble for Long Fei.

“Boss, you can do it!”

“Boss, you have to hold on!”

… ….

“Ahh …”

Long Fei started to run like a madman, he roared in his heart: “Don’t give me the chance, otherwise, I will make you taste the feeling of being chased.”

He was frantically fleeing.

An hour had pa.s.sed, and Long Fei had practically circled the entire Secret World once.

The Secret World that looked like a primal forest was now in ruins, it was just like the scene when a giant meteor crashed into it.

“Look, it’s Long Fei!”

“Hahaha… I’ve been chased to the point that I’m p.i.s.sed my pants. “

“What bad luck this is.”

“He deserves it. Who told you to offend an elder? He wouldn’t be able to take a small action.”

“He doesn’t seem to have killed any beast question of G.o.d yet?”

“To be hunted by such a powerful beast question of G.o.d, can he even kill beast question of G.o.d?”

“It looks like he’s going to stop here.”

“Everyone’s beast question of G.o.d is already in our hands, let’s hurry up and leave. Don’t waste time with this trash, he will definitely fail and die here.”

… ….

Only because a lot of people had been suppressed by the beast king question of G.o.d’s crazy attacks did they have the chance to kill it. Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to kill the beast question of G.o.d in such a short amount of time.

However …

No one thanked Long Fei.

Even if Long Fei had saved them from Ice and Snow Plain, no one would come out to help him now when he faced danger.

The wall was pushed by everyone.

No one was willing to help someone who had offended an elder.


This was the Chaos Realm, this was reality.

Help Long Fei?

A cramp had appeared on his head.

“Long Fei, accompany it and play. Let’s go.”

“In any case, your results are still at the bottom, so it’s reasonable that you’re at the bottom this time. No one will make fun of you, hahaha …”

“Hahaha …”

Everyone laughed.

Then, one by one, they left the Secret World.

Two hours later.

Long Fei was the only one left in the entire Secret World.

The beast king question of G.o.d was still crazily chasing after Long Fei.

Another two hours pa.s.sed.

The aura on the beast king question of G.o.d suddenly weakened a lot as the berserk aura disappeared.

He raged for nearly 10 hours.

Long Fei muttered, “How long more do we have to wait?”

His legs were about to break.

The Sleeping Beauty said lightly, “It’s about time!”

“Didn’t you comprehend the Fitted Soul technique?”


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